Phylactery Wars


After the creation of the Council of Liches, Ra-men used as much information and negotiation to retrieve as much of the legacy of Acererak as he could. Eventually he learned the secret of The Hallows following the destruction of Durge and long study of its potent magical artifacts.

Using The Hallows, Ra-men unleashed a wave of betrayals against nearly all members of the Council of Liches. Now, Ra-men had an effective method of stealing the phylactery of rival liches. Battles and betrayals ensued as other liches tried their own methods at duplicating The Hallows.

Eventually Ra-men obtained the phylactery of enough of his rivals while they obtained only two of his. A regular lich has only one phylactery, but Ra-men was a dry lich, with his former organs placed into canopic jars, which form a phylactery set of no less than 5 pieces.

Because of this Ra-men dominated his former rivals. In turn the Council of Liches was disbanded which led to the wake of the College of Necromancy.


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