Phoenix Clan


The Phoenix Clan is known as the most skilled with magic in the empire, and also as the most peaceful. They have schools of magic associated with each element, including the empire's only school dealing with Void magic. The clan families are Agasha, Asako, Isawa, and Shiba. The clan colors are red and orange.



Lion Clan


Dragon Clan


Ascended Phoenix



# Adventure Date Actions
1 Rokugan plots: The Oracle-descended Princess 07-10-2012 One of the clan's members… failed to go past the 'fire element' part of The Oracle-princess' trials.
2 Eight-and-half-a-tails (part2) 07-15-2012 Got allied with the Champions of Io as… a mean of compensating for the …non-intentional but STILL misguidance of the Ascended Phoenix.
3 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 1 08-04-2012 Aided the draconic side of the conflict with their potent weather and elemental magic.
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