Phobos/Night Terror
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Phobos - before and after absorbing Alexander Uhsbane's Shade

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Player: Duralan
Race: Necropolitan Forged Half-Fiend Primordial Half-Giant (Duralan's note: by RAW it works, if you have questions then feel free to PM me)
Class: Cloistered Cleric 1/Barbarian 1/Wuxian Sage 2/Fighter 2 (hit and run and dungeoncrasher variants)/Warblade 4
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Appearance: Without a more thorough inspection Phobos could be confused with a towering armored figure, however if one was foolish enough to do so then the true, unnatural and eerie nature of the being would be revealed. The unlucky individual would notice sooner or later that the being is 'just' a suit of armor animated by an undetermined semi-corporeal malicious presence.

Personality: Hatred, malice, bloodlust…all directed at the other undead beings whom the entity resents as its cursed 'unlife' is directly derived from their actions. The presence will do all that has to be done in order to annihilate all guilty of granting it this terrible and tortured form of 'existence'. Some remnants of the lawful spirits who gave it 'life' made it somewhat honorable, yet because of the ordeal of such horrible demises even those who were so pure got twisted within their new and terrible form.

Background: Phobos is nothing more than a vengeful spirit which initially materialized as a caller in darkness after most members of the Order of the Lion Guard were slain by Ra-Men's minions. Due to the hallowed nature of the keeps grounds the entity could not maintain its form and in order to preserve its barely stable existence it possessed a suit of armor formerly belonging to Conrad Voltaire.

Membership: College of Necromancy forced via Ra-Men's rebuke

Soul-Shard - Sentient Weapon (item familiar mind-blade)


"Vengeance given form ! Revenge of the sacred ones ! This is 'us' !"

"No mercy for the wicked ! Tremble !"

"Curse YOU ! Ra-Men !!!"

"Soul-Shard ! GIVE ME STRENGTH !"

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 02-07-2012 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation: Buying 02-07-2012 ??? -195 Greatsword Desecration (near altar), Black Sand (from the Sand domain) precast
3 The Boogie Man 02-08-2012 1470 None (but see DM coin use) None None Confronted villainous undead…and not-yet-undead individuals… the truth is still obscured…concealed from me. They shall pay for their nefariousness ! For injustice ! (DM coin use during fight to gain lvl, APs, and save the char from his demise, got WBL of a 2nd lvl char, 6 coins remaining after this operation).
4 Downtime: Buying and Selling 02-09-2012 ??? -1775 Large Masterwork Greatsword, Steadfast Boots Greatsword Bought and sold the respective versions.
5 Octagon 7 02-10-2012 1375 2000 None None Fought in the arena for money…for power.
6 Free for All 1 02-15-2012 2488 ??? 2 summoning strips ??? Encountered a being … who apparently shared goals with me…trusting someone ? A foolish concept ! Vengeance needs no allies… justice shall be done… my way ! Even then he held power… it is so regrettable that we would be a no match for him…nor the college in this pathetic, battered state. Slain 'eye-monsters' which could detect me … and then acquired summoning strips, tried to show a cleric of Pelor the injustice which befall on me….us…only to be interrupted by Pelor's proxy…tskkk those down there would certainly use… such intervention…hypocrisy I sense !
7 Downtime: Buying and Selling 02-16-2012 ??? -800 +1 Item of Str Large Masterwork Greatsword Bought and sold the respective items.
8 DM Coins use 02-16-2012 ??? ??? ??? ??? 8 coins spent to buy 2 feats (blade of fury and extra rage), 0 coins left after this operation
9 The Black Lions 02-15-2012 2330 ??? ??? ??? The vengeance given form found more clues… the Black Lions ? What a disgrace ! Pathetic fools … perished just like that… because of their blindness… utterly ridiculous…focusing on mere thieves while the real threat is lurking ? No mercy. No regrets.
10 Octagon 8 02-18-2012 1550 5000 ??? ??? Fought in that … ridiculous place once again in order to face both worthy adversaries and rewards which would fuel my plans.
11 Downtime: Buying 02-20-2012 ??? -3400 Whirling mind blade hilt None -.
12 Gathering Allies 02-22-2012 2735 ??? ??? ??? Stalked Quinn and made sure that his 'meatshield' supply would not be depleted…too fast.
13 Syrius's Questions 03-03-2012 500 ??? ??? ??? Observed the other adversaries of the college messaged Kamigawa with the whereabouts of Silver Paw's body.
14 Impromptu Investigations 03-04-2012 ??? ??? ??? ??? Slain vicious…fey. Failed to guard…one ally. I feel regret. Again. Torture it is. I will make THEM feel it too.
15 The New Crew 03-04-2012 500 ??? ??? ??? Witnessed the doing of one man… who brought Fredrick Uhsbane back to the world of living… They seek to resurrect the champion…but his soul bound is by the curse of undeath…
16 East Injia vs the College pt 1 03-05-2012 31 880 none Belt of Battle (with +3 str enhancement) ??? Stalked Kamigawa discovered the existence of Mali Ohba. Taught miserable minions of the undead a lesson. Even the aspects of Nerull himself stood no chance against the wrath of mine…CURSE YOU Ra-Men.
17 Ghastly Issues 03-06-2012 ??? ??? ??? ??? (Acted as an NPC) gave Kamigawa clues which helped him in finding Silver Paw
18 Crab Battle 2 03-09-2012 4320 ??? ??? ??? Unleashed the boiling rage within me on…some giant undead crabs.
19 DM Coins use 03-09-2012 ??? ??? ??? ??? 4 coins spent on improved sunder. 0 coins left after this operation.
20 East Injia vs the College pt 2 03-09-2012 9619 +40 000 and 7,5 k item from Ra-Men ??? Answered the summons of Mali Ohba. Foolish she is indeed yet I …we could not resist the chance to slay more aspects of that despicable entity. CURSE YOU Ra-Men… sooner or later I will grow powerful enough to wrest the control of yours…and then YOU WILL PAY TENFOLD !
21 Downtime: Buying and Selling 03-15-2012 ??? -10500 Cloak of Turn Resistance, +1 str item Bought and sold the respective versions.
22 The Demon Attack Part 2 03-16-2012 10 025 none ??? ??? Detected malice, demonic one, slew the overlord of his abyssal minions… curse you Ra-Men !
23 DM-coin Use 03-27-2012 none none ??? ??? 4 coins used to buy Item Familiar for the mind-blade. Soul-Shard has grown sentient. Used weapon ability for keen. 0 coins left after this operation.
24 Downtime: Buying 03-27-2012 none -22,5k gp +4 Amulet of Health none +3 str bonus on belt of battle got bumped to +4.
25 Retraining (started after TDM part 2) 04-04-2012 none TBA none none Whirling frenzy retrained into regular rage, Pounce retrained into fast movement (tis a nerf for those not aware of it).
26 Assault on Lion's Pride Keep 04-04-2012 25 860 + 8000 ??? ??? Finally ! The time has come ! Those who sought to purify gathered ! No better time for me, for US, to intervene ! Pathetic "Black Lions" … there's no JUSTICE in their swords ! Ra-Men, you twisted wretch … tarnishing his image ! Mocking HIM even in DEATH ! With the final blow we are… what …n-n-n-e-ffariousnesssss is t-h-i-sssss……

Night Terror Log

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
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