Phantom Dragonport


A strange, fog-obscured and depopulated demi-plane which otherwise resembles Dragonport.
The only distinct feature of its (compared to the original Dragonport) are winds which blow clouds of azure-hued dust.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Dark Current 08/24/2013 The party unknowingly (at least initially) ended up in this dimension where they run into a group of similarly entrapped githyanki and a strange phantom being (or projection ?). Later they boarded the derelict ship known as Dark Remnant I… only to run into some complications.
2 The Dark Current (part2) 09/04/2013 The game's setting, the party kept exploring Dark Remnant I … with warring degree of success.
3 Dark Current (part3) 09-07-2013 Same as above except with more… poltergeist-alike behavior.
4 Dark Current (part4) 09-12-2013 As above but with more golem-suits found onboard the gigantic vessel that is Dark Remnant I.
5 Dark Current (part5) 09-18-2013 Another battle takes place onboard Dark Remnant I though the party feels like its getting closer and closer to the resolution of the whole issue of leaving the strange dimension.
6 Dark Current (part6) 09-26-2013 Finally left by the party by the means of employing Dark Remnant I after having cleared it up off the entities which were haunting it.
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