Phaethons possess the following racial traits:

• Strength -2, Wisdom +2.
• Humanoid (elf, fire):Phaethons are humanoids with both the elf and fire subtypes. They are immune to fire, but are vulnerable to cold and subject to any spells or effects that target fire creatures.
• A phaethon’s base land speed is 30 feet
• Low-light vision:Phaethon do not have the elvensight of their wingless cousins, but are still capable of seeing twice as far as a human in dim light.
• Flaming Wings:As a free action that does not draw an attack of opportunity, a phaethon can manifest a pair of fiery wings that enable him to fly. These wings may also be used to cause fire damage in unarmed combat. A phaethon who makes an unarmed strike while his wings are manifested inflicts 1d6 points of fire damage in addition to the standard unarmed damage. A phaethon who is involved in a grapple may add this damage to any other damage inflicted on the opponent as a result of a grapple check. A Phaethon who uses his wings to inflict additional fire damage in a round cannot also use them to fly in that round. Manifesting his wings is a supernatural ability with an effective caster level equal to the phaethon’s character level for the purposes of antimagic and dispel effects.
Level 1: Glide, 20ft forward for every 5ft of decent at a speed of 60ft. Can't glide with medium or heavy load.
Level 6: Fly 60ft Average for a number of rounds equal to your constitution mod. Min, 1 round. Can't fly with heavy or light load. Or while Fatigued or Exhausted.
Level 12: You're no longer limited to your constitution mod for use. It's now no more exhausting then walking or running.

• Automatic Languages:Common, Elven. Bonus Languages:Celestial, Draconic, Dwarven, Ignan, Sylvan.
• Favored Class: Monk. See page 221 for a Phaethon monk alternative class feature and page 223 for the elder phaethon prestige > class.
• Level Adjustment: +0

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