Pewey Spirit

Pewey Spirit

Descriptors: Draconic
Classes: Incarnate
Chakra: Crown, soul
Saving Throw: None

A tiny wurmling tome dragon flies around your head and moves with you.

You have a special soul connection to Melville Pewey, either by blood or deed. This soulmeld calls on that link to bring forth a wisp of his soul.
You gain a +4 insight bonus on Use Magic Device and Linguistics checks and can make those checks untrained.
Essentia: Every point of essentia you have invested in your Pewey Spirit increases the insight bonus by 2.

Chakra Bind (Crown)

The wyrmling makes funny faces at random intervals and appears to be more substantial.

You gain the effects of the spell Magic of the Dragonheart as long as this soulmeld is bound. In addition you count as having one additional draconic feat for each point of essentia invested in your Pewey Spirit when determining the effects of that spell.

Chakra bind (Soul)

The wyrmling becomes a crest on your chest.

You may take 10 on all knowledge, UMD, and linguistics checks regardless of circumstances. In addition you may take 10 on an additional mental based skill for each point of essentia invested in your Pewey Spirit.

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