Race: Human
Class: Alchemist 6
Alignment: N

Description: Patrick is a very handsome man who acts a the head cook at Tabernacle Tavern.


"You can't handle the soup."
"Nobody puts Baby in the corner."

Dragonport Thieves Guild


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Tabernacle Stooge 4/13/2012 Wouldn't server Arashi Taikou soup. Attacked by Zykraav. Bossed around by Rayne Kitty.
2 Tabernacle RP 1 4/14/2012 Cooked up more Manly Man Soup.
3 Tabernacle Plomps 04-16-2012 Hid in the kitchen while the ooze consumed some of the party.
4 Dustomancy Tabernacle Style! 5-5-2012 Hired the party to clean out the evil dust bunnies.
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