Pamela Ibis

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Race: Young Ghost Magic-Blooded Unseelie Fey Solar possed Muse
Class: Domain Wizard 4
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Appearance: A little girl with white hair and childsh look. Her hair is generally tied with pink ribbons, and wears a faily large cloth.

Personality: An Mischievous Child, hardly know how to discern evil from good. Although not spoiled, will often attack as the epitome of
guidance and inspiration.

Background:Pamela lived quite happily with her parents, The Emir of Old Castle Darnten. While receiving formal magic training, she had a bigger talent on liberal arts, to the point were things gets done by the power of he personality.

Those happy days were brought to an by some kind of disaster. Most of the denizens were killed including herself and her parents. Along time later for unknown reasons, maybe some major disturbance in the castle
caused her to be brought back from limbo. Wandering aimlessly and clueless the adventures of this little ghost began.

What mysteries surrounds the disasters?
why is she on the material plane again?

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 07/02/2012 0 192 Dagger - -
2 Cleaning up a God's Mess 02/12/2013 1920 0 - Merry times with other lowbies and demon chickens.
3 Inexperienced Challenge at Bor's Coliseum 03/03/2013 1238 - - "You are the Leader as Long as you OBEY my oreders."
4 Descent into the Abyss (Child Edition) 05/03/2013 300 - - "Eek, bugs"
5 Descent into the Abyss (Child Edition) Part 2 03/06/2013 1215 - - -Rage Quit-
6 Infested Necropolis, revisited (continuation) 03/06/2013 1460 1300gp - -Had to leave, party in a pinch-
7 Enter the Djinn 03/06/2013 2000 5kgp - -Had to leave, party in a pinch-
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