The Owlery is a business owned by Nanny Grow and run by Sally Worth. Due in part to the recent success of the Larry Dotter book series, and the literacy program of the Floating Library, business has been booming. Owls are used to transporting personal messages but aren't very good at it.


The Owlery is located in the Northern most part of Dragonport Merchant District. This is a prime location.


Barn Owls: 300-500 gp each. All of these owls are trained to deliver messages and packages weighing up to 3 lbs. to a single location. The buyer selects the location by placing a nest and letting the owl stay there. Owls are not homing pigeons, so they have trouble getting home. It takes an owl ten times as long to get home then if it had flown in a strait line. Assume an owl flys 30 mile per hour.

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