Owl Chat

DMSoft: *everyone is free to join the extremely short short
DMSoft: "Hello, cranes!"-you see Gin Longfoot
Altharid: (brb)
Sidhe: "Gin, good day. Found your way to us for once?"
Baltasar looks up from the puzzle box he was fiddling with. ((let's assume i was visiting))
DMSoft: "yeah, I need a favor."
DMSoft: "Hi Baltasar, thanks for saving me."
Sidhe smiles to him and gestures inside.
DMSoft: "Well, it's my sister's owl."
Baltasar nods at the halfling.
DMSoft: "It's on a bookshelf in that library."
DMSoft: "I can't reach it."
DMSoft: "It won't come down."
DMSoft: *you see his sister is behind him
Altharid comes back to the library to do some psionic research
Baltasar: "And none of the librarians have thrown it out yet?"
DMSoft: "Can you help me get it down?"
DMSoft: "no, they don't seem to care."
DMSoft: "the nice lady Ohba said she was too busy"
Baltasar: (( how high up is it, assuming it's in the same place ))
DMSoft: *100'
Baltasar: "You'd think they'd care about a big bird shitting on their books."
Sidhe: "I haven't been there yet - I'll go help you get him down."
DMSoft: "Oh thank you very much!"
DMSoft: *Gin begins going to the library
Baltasar: "Ok, I've got a way to do this…"
DMSoft: *his sister waits with goody
Sidhe retrieves Mekila to ride that way.
Baltasar: "I'll levitate up, and use a Suggestion on it."
DMSoft: *mali is still at teh river btw
Baltasar: "Sound good?"
Sidhe: "I was just going to ah, ask it. Baltasar, approach."
Sidhe: (will save balt.)
Baltasar narrows his eyes at Sidhe.
Baltasar: (( what kind of effect is it? I've got situational bonuses ))
DMSoft: doe gin need a will save?
Sidhe winks to be clear it's a demonstration.
Sidhe: ((command spell))
Sidhe: ((language dependent, mind affecting))
Sidhe: ((enchantment))
Baltasar: will save: [1d20+13] => [10,13] = (23)
Sidhe: ((hmm language dependent could be a problem))
Baltasar: "Somehow, I don't think so."
Sidhe: "Let's go with your plan then."
Altharid observes the scene briefly… then continues his research
Baltasar: "Can you cast Suggestion?"
DMSoft: *you are in the library
DMSoft: *you see the bird
Baltasar: "Cause it'll be easier to levitate you up, then you cast, while I keep you steady."
Sidhe shakes her head.
Baltasar frowns, "Alright, wish me luck."
Baltasar begins rising slowly toward the owl, stopping about 15 feet away.
Baltasar: (( please tell me it doesn't freak out or anything ))
DMSoft: *when baltasar approaches within 20', it flys to another shelf
Baltasar: (( how close? ))
Sidhe checks with Gin's sister what commands the owl knows normally, while keeping most attention on Balt.
DMSoft: *baltasar sees a tiny winged cat where it was
DMSoft: (20')
DMSoft: (it's 50' from you, sorry)
Baltasar narrows his eyes at the cat, before casting Suggestion on the bird.
DMSoft: "Hahahaha, too slow!"-the cat says and vanishes
DMSoft: [1d20+2] => [7,2] = (9) will
Baltasar asks the owl to go to Gin
DMSoft: the bird goes to gin
DMSoft: "wow, thanks!"
Baltasar lands as quickly as possible.
DMSoft: "wait…what's this."
Baltasar: "Hmm?"
DMSoft: "what's this thing?"-Gin holds up a ring he took off the owl's claw
Baltasar holds his hand out for it, "Can I take a look?"
DMSoft: "gin hands the ring to you. it's is magical"
Sidhe: ((hey, suggestion's language-dependent too. :P))
Baltasar uses Identify on it (Artificer's Monocle)
Sidhe takes a look at the ring, letting Balt work out what it is.
Baltasar: (( owl was animal companion, has tricks, probably understands orders to go or come ))
Sidhe: ((yeah, so command could have worked if you weren't suggesting things. :) ))
DMSoft: (i'll let it slide)
Baltasar: (( true… ))
DMSoft: (this is extremely mini quest)
Baltasar: (( wish sidhe had done the casting then ))
Altharid: ((heh war troll form at 12th lvl is just so tempting))
Baltasar: (( balt isn't fond of heights ))
Altharid: ((its a shame that metamorphosis makes Form of Doom almost obsolete))
Baltasar: (( turns out, they don't have many in the underdark ))
Sidhe: ((lol. happened one way or another.))
DMSoft: "keep the ring, thanks for teh bird."-gin returns to the cranes
Baltasar: (( err, what is the ring? ))
Sidhe: "Glad we could be of help. Baltasar, does it do anything?"
DMSoft: (ring of featherfall)
Baltasar: (( lulz ))
DMSoft: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic-items/rings/ring-of-feather-falling
Baltasar drops it into Sidhe's palm.
Baltasar: "Yep, feather fall enchantment."
Sidhe: *takes a look at it* "Ah, very useful up here. Might it be helpful with your levitation?"
Baltasar shrugs, "Not gonna bother. I'm actually enchanting my boots with a spell to fly."
DMSoft: *a knowledge buster comes up to sidhe
Baltasar: "Mostly because it's a hell of a lot faster than walking."
DMSoft: "oh, is that a ring of feathfall?"
DMSoft: "I'll offer to buy it from you for…um, say 1210 gp"
DMSoft: "I have been looking for one of those."-buster
Baltasar snorts at this, "That's a rip-off. It's worth at least 1500."
DMSoft: "I only have 1300 gp to my name Mr. Malich"
DMSoft: "I don't relish falling to my death, but I also like to eat."
Baltasar shrugs, "Just sayin', it's not an equitable trade."
Baltasar: "Up to her though."
DMSoft: *the buster waits patiently*
Sidhe: "Hmm… well I was hoping to keep it until I got a more calibrated device for. Can you wait a time?"
Sidhe: "I imagine there are ways to bring food up here beyond jumping off."
DMSoft: "My offer will remain"(be sure to note it in the wiki, and he only wants that specific ring balt)
Baltasar: (( hmm… ))
Baltasar: (( probably has something to do with pewey ))
Baltasar: (( we'll see eventually ))
DMSoft: "I mean that if I pay you everything I have, I won't be able to afford food"
DMSoft: "the ring is in case I fall off a shelf"
Sidhe: "That's understandable."
DMSoft: "Nobody has fallen yet….but I'm sure somebody will eventually"
DMSoft: "it's funny that you found the exact ring I wanted. Praise Pewey"
Sidhe: "Heh. It's not perfectly suited to me. I'll likely return later. If it's not a fair price…I'm sure we can work something out."
Sidhe smiles to him, slipping the ring on.
DMSoft: (is there anything else you guys need to do?)
Sidhe determines if leaving library is simple.
Baltasar shrugs
DMSoft: (you can just leave normally)
DMSoft: *outside the library, sidhe notices a line to the side
Sidhe goes to investigate the line.
Baltasar returns to his quarters, beginning another project.
DMSoft: *sidhe sees people tieing ropes to thier legs and jumping off the library grounds*
DMSoft: *the people are then pulled up and untie the ropes*
DMSoft: *it seems to be recreation*
DMSoft: http://blackmarches.wikidot.com/gale-breeze
Sidhe: "Hmm… that look like fun, Mekila?"
DMSoft: "would you like a ride?"-gale
Sidhe looks down at the troodon, who seems uninterested, and dismounts.
Sidhe: "How much is it?"
DMSoft: "10 gp, but for you, 5 gp because you are small."
DMSoft: "less mending for the ropes"
Sidhe: "Hmm… well it looks like a fun experience to have at least once."
DMSoft: "okay then, we'll tie this around your legs."
DMSoft: *she begins tying a rope around your legs
DMSoft: *the rope is….perception check
Sidhe: [1d20-2] => [19,-2] = (17) me, [1d20+6] => [17,6] = (23) familiar, who is holding on for dear life
DMSoft: *sidhe notices the rope is spidersilk
DMSoft: *the same kind she has been weaving, but stretchy
DMSoft: "Are you ready to jump little one?"
Sidhe has been weaving stretchy spidersilk. most of it is.
DMSoft: *it's super stretchy*
Sidhe makes sure belongings are secure, and mostly on Mekila.
DMSoft: (is your dino jumping too?)
Sidhe: (no.)
DMSoft: (okay)
DMSoft: "well, just jump off"-acrobatics diff 5
DMSoft: (you can take 10)
Sidhe goes to jump! taking 10 for 13.
DMSoft: *Sidhe begins to fall….VERY SLOWLY
DMSoft: *eventually the rope gets stretched alittle.
DMSoft: *all in all, it was very undramatic
Sidhe swims through the air and plays around while the featherfall lasts (60'?)
DMSoft: *yeah, you didn't get enough inertia going
DMSoft: *you notice those without rings are bouncing more
DMSoft: *they hall you up*
DMSoft: "So, do you want to ride again?"-gale
Sidhe pretends she is flying with her wings and then stumbles getting back to land.
Sidhe: "Heh, mm no that was good for now."
DMSoft: "I noticed you didn't fall fast."
DMSoft: "Shame really"
DMSoft: "I have a ring that makes you fall faster, if you want to try it."
Sidhe: "Maybe next time."
DMSoft: "well, it has been a pleasure doing business with you."
DMSoft: *sidhe notices discarded silk ropes in a pile
Sidhe undoes her silk rope to place in the pile.
DMSoft: *these ropes seem to be used (that's what i mean by discarded)
DMSoft: "oh, that rope is still good"
DMSoft: "don't put it with the bad ones."
Sidhe nods and looks for a good discard pile instead.
DMSoft: *sees a pile of ropes that are being mended by a low level sorcerer
DMSoft: "hey, you wouldn't happen to know how to restore stretchyness in these ropes?"-gale
DMSoft: *gale hands sidhe some used rope
Sidhe: "Is that what he's doing? I know how to do that…"
DMSoft: *the rope is exactly the same as the kind you have been weaving*
DMSoft: (gale is a girl btw)
Sidhe has been weaving nothing but armor, so is confused
Sidhe also was speaking about the sorcerer.
Baltasar: (( mending? ))
DMSoft: (kk)
DMSoft: (established that mending wont' do it)
Baltasar: (( ahh ))
DMSoft: "yeah, these ropes just fall appart after a while"
DMSoft: "take a look"-gale
DMSoft: *hands sidhe a used rope
Sidhe studies the ropes [1d20+8] => [19,8] = (raft: weaving
DMSoft: *it falls apart into strands
DMSoft: (you think the silk she is using is special and different than yours, but the used rope is teh same as yours for some reason)
DMSoft: "I just end up throwing these ropes out. Nobody wants spidersilk that's only mildly stretchy."
Sidhe: "What did you use to make the ropes?"
Altharid: (testing)
Altharid: (darn bug again)
Altharid: Disconnecting from server…
DMSoft: "Spider silk from a Giant spider."
Altharid (exit): 14:03
Altharid (enter): 14:03
Sidhe: "That's more like this normally." *holds up the used rope* "Anything else?"
DMSoft: "The spider I use is special, it's green and purple. I don't know the name."
DMSoft: "I call them bungie silk spiders."
Sidhe: "Well, maybe you can look in the library for information on it."
DMSoft: "I can show you some"
DMSoft: "over here."*she motions you to the side of the library
Sidhe: "All right, I'll take a look."
Sidhe follows.
DMSoft: *you see a farm of spiders on the back wall of the library*
DMSoft: *there are 100s*
DMSoft: *there's a sorcerer and a druid cultivating them*
Sidhe makes a prayer to saint arachne of the proud under her breath.
DMSoft: "yeah, we could give them a break if we could find a way to restore the ropes."
Daemon: ((hey alth))
Altharid: ((hi))
DMSoft: *sidhe sees the druid fishing birds out of the webs and replacing them with insects*
Altharid: ((I'm Duralan on the BM btw))
DMSoft: *the druid releases a bird*
DMSoft: "Sometimes birds get in the web."-gale
DMSoft: "I would really like to have less spiders."
Sidhe: "You can probably sell the used ropes still after mending, they're excellent quality even without the stretchiness."
Daemon: ((oh lol..thanks for the offer))
Sidhe: "Not relevant to restoration, but something to think on."
DMSoft: "Sell them?"
DMSoft: "I have no buyers"
DMSoft: "Nobles prefer teh silk of worms"
DMSoft: "That's what they told me at least"
Sidhe: "Heh, well if you're just throwing them out, we'd certainly take your extras."
DMSoft: "oh, that's what the noble garment guy said"
Sidhe: "Is this the one who said nobles prefer the silk of worms?"
DMSoft: "One of them, yes"
DMSoft: "Do you think he was lying?"
Sidhe: "If someone says both of those things, you're being scammed my dear."
DMSoft: "Oh my. Well, I am more concerned with my spiders than money. I do a good business already."
DMSoft: "would you like to take this basket of used ropes then?"
Sidhe: "Certainly."
DMSoft: "do you have a means of hauling it?"
DMSoft: *she notions to a basket with 100lbs of silk ropes.
Sidhe: "Mekila should be able to take it, though it might be a touch awkward."
Sidhe: "I'll walk beside her."
DMSoft: *she helps you load Mekila
DMSoft: "Oh, I was hoping you would take 2 of my spiders."
DMSoft: "just in case something happens. this way they won't go extinct"
DMSoft: (know nature)
Sidhe: "Just let me know how to care for them."
Sidhe: [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5) untrained
DMSoft: (lol)
DMSoft: "oh, well, they are just like normal giant spiders. They also can interbreed with them and are the dominate species"
DMSoft: "but these are pure ones"
DMSoft: (the only mechanical difference is these ones make extra stretchy silk)
Sidhe: "Sounds like I can just put them in the spider room then. I'm probably going to get eaten one of these days."
Sidhe notes the diet of the spiders, being insects and birds
DMSoft: "they are docile"
DMSoft: "they won't eat a person"
DMSoft: "they have a calming effect on other giant spiders too. It's nifty"
Sidhe: "Good, that is a relief. Let's see if I can convince them to come with me…"
DMSoft: "tho I wouldn't want to mix those lesser spiders with mine"
DMSoft: *the druid will help you get them home
Sidhe: "Thank you."
Sidhe fits the basket to Mekila and accepts the aid.
DMSoft: "No, thank you. It's a pleasure to meet another arachnid lover
Sidhe smiles.
DMSoft: *sidhe returns to her house*
DMSoft: (thus ends the "
DMSoft: get down owl
DMSoft: adventure
DMSoft: Balt, you still there?
Sidhe is still not willing to harvest silk or poison directly from any spider but her future familiar, lol.
Altharid: [back from AKF…. did anything significant happen ?)
DMSoft: sidhe gets 750 xp, and balt gets 500 xp. Treasure was the silk and the ring
DMSoft: I established more of my npcs
Altharid: (experienceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, arrrr should have participated)
Daemon: ((oh are there any animal shops in the town we were in last night?))
Baltasar: yeah
DMSoft: (there are)
DMSoft: (need to buy something?)
Daemon: ((oh..yeah a snake for my familliar))
Sidhe: ((I'll be working with Baltasar to make a gauntlet with a wand chamber of eternal wand of featherfall (just buy that), then dividing the profit from sale of the ring.))
Sidhe: ((yeah. I bought a magebred troodon. oh you call that.))
Sidhe: ((just pay 100gp.))
DMSoft: (balt, did you see your xp?)
Daemon: ((100 gp for a snake?))
Baltasar: (( yup, 500xp ))
Baltasar: (( thanks ))
Sidhe: ((for a familiar. um, unless you're pathfinder, I think they might do it dfferent))
Daemon: ((whatever….i dont have much else to spend it on))
Altharid: ((wonders what kind of feat his psicrystal should take))
Altharid: ((hmm maybe weapon finesse to actually have chance when aiding another in attack ?)
Sidhe: ((lol.))
Sidhe: ((bind vestige of course.))
Altharid: ((seriously with 1 str and 10 cha… there are hardly any useful feats))
Sidhe: ((we should get to know each other. *wing* ))
Sidhe: *wink
Altharid: ((maybe shape soulmed))
Altharid: ((darn it does not have con))
Altharid: ((gotta check Tome of Magic Then))
Sidhe: ((there's a feat to wisdom it. also bind vestige.))
Altharid: ((yeah its called: Undead Meldshaper))
Altharid: ((constructs do qualify if I remember correctly))
Altharid: ((*do not))
Sidhe: ((ahh.))
Sidhe: ((bind vestige has no prereqs. simple as convincing me to show you a seal.))
Altharid: ((so bind vestige… weapon finesse would suck anyway as I will be using metamorphosis on my psicrystal from 10th lvl))
Sidhe: ((ronove's seal: psicrystal of feather fall))
Hephaestus Johnson (enter): 14:31
Altharid: ((man … I'm surprised by the potential of my build… initially thought that I would end up as almost one trick pony))
Altharid: ((grapple))
Altharid: ((also on 10th lvl I'm getting infestation :P))

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