Character Sheet: Link
Player: Ruduen
Race: Young Werehawk Horned Devil-Bound Anthromorphic Magebred Owl
Class: Erudite 2
Alignment: True Neutral

Generally remains in full hawk form, and looks like a well-trained but unassuming brown hawk. If in hybrid or owl form, he looks like a relatively well-groomed bird.

He tends to remain quiet, but is usually very aware. He keeps looking around constantly, and is usually sharp and fierce when necessary.

Background: Owen was originally an owl, bred primarily for nighttime scouting missions. He originally ran a few successful tasks for his original owner, before being bought to be used as part of some magical experiments. He was originally brought in as an experiment to try to create a controllable lycanthrope - It was hoped that a bird would be unable to spread the condition, due to a lack of teeth. However, the experiments were shaky, and after his owner moved to a more desert locale, it was difficult to receive any other owls for experimentation. Hawks were used instead, but while they allowed for more experimentation, the result was still unstable.

When his owner was almost out of options, he resorted to dealing with a devil for the successful completion of the project. It succeeded, but his owner soon died after, trying to fulfill the devil's contract. As one who was involved in the terms of the contract, Owen is also influenced by the power of the devil behind it… But it is unknown if he is still bound by a contract as well.

Membership: None

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