Overseer Mk III

Race: Psiforged
Class: Ardent 11/Dungeon Lord5*
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Description: Constructed roughly 100 years ago and programmed to serve as the commander of the complex's security staff.

Seeker Base, complex's governor

*Not in the presented order; (qualifies for Dungeon lord with some tricks); uses Tauric Belt Artifact Component


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Ordinary Dragonportian Grocery (part1) 07-02-2013 Following the accidental reactivation of the complex the creature's projection chatted briefly with the holder of Kimonto's staff… that being Kimonto of course.
2 Ordinary Dragonportian Grocery (part2) 07-03-2013 Appeared for few moments more and briefly conversed with the party.
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