Orrery Of Light

Orrery of Light:

Price: -
Slot: -

Caster Level: 50
Aura: Overwhelming Conjuration (Healing), Overwhelming Evocation, Overwhelming Divination
Activation: See text
Weight: See text
An ancient artifact bearing a slight reminiscence to an orrery paired with an intricate system of lenses made from crystals not found in the current day and age (powered by exquisitely dense positive energy) whose origins and original purpose is shrouded in mystery.

The device appears to be quite an asset when employed against beings powered by negative energy, however it requires vast investment of power in order to utilize it in such manner.
Constant effects (without powering up):

  • Positive Energy Aura (Spell compendium, p161). Radius 20ft.
  • Life's Grace (Spell compendium, p131). Radius 20ft

Activated Effects

  • Glorious Evocation:
  • Flood of life :
  • Divida :
# Adventure Date Events
1 Return to the Great Unknown (part2) 07-23-2012 Acquired by the party after learning of the item's location at time (negative energy plane) deep inside the abandoned research complex.
2 Divida Draconis 08-04-2012 Used to purge (???) Nerull's curse from Syrius' soul-chakra… making him more of a being tied to the positive energy plane.
3 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 1 08-04-2012 Employed for the first time against the living dead in… eons. Proved to be a truly potent tool against such.
4 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 14 08/18/2012 Used in order to save Tad Martin from his grisly fate… to be precise the one of serving as Ra-Men's living phylactery.
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