Race: 'Nagate'
Class: Sorcerer
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Orichiko stumbled upon the war-torn lands with a vastly different goal in mind ^^. Tis rather exceedingly hard for a nagate of her heritage to find a suitable husband as rarely anyone can reach her demiplane house in the first place. After finally devising a way to leave her home on the elemental plane of fire she found the material plane to be… quite cold in fact (*shiver*). Maybe here she will find her prince charming ? Hmmm ? Isn't that a castle on the horizon ? Hohoho~

(Orochiko's the Bloodstained Age form of the White Witch)


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Doomcape exploration (part5) 02-15-2013 One of the 'doomed (not really in this case it seems) souls of the past'. Airy assumed this identity during the Darnten Siege.
2 Doomcape Exploration (epilogue) 03-24-2012 In the vision shown after the Darnten Siege dreamscape dissipated Orochiko harassed the Wandering Saint, whom she found cute, to such extent that he banished/chained her in a form of a divine guardian of what would be later known as the Obscured/Wounded Isles where she became worshiped by the locals not unlike a deity in spite of not deserving such in the first place. Over the course of ages she developed a split personality which took, in her vanity, such treatment for granted.
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