The Holy Order
Wolf Guard


Black Lions - Order dedicated to establishing Law and Order in Dragonport, no matter the cost
Seafaring Merchant Guild - League of Merchants who band together for their common interest in the import and export of exotic goods primarily by sea.
The Book Wurms - A society of clerics and librarians who call the Floating Library home.
The Sanctified Minds - An order of psionicists and divine casters hellbent on protecting the innocents from evil psionic creatures.
The Blades of Ire - an elite subgroup of the above-mentioned organization
Brotherhood of the Cowl - A brotherhood of Wizards, Psions, and Cerebremancers dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and the acquisition of magical and psionic power.
Three's Caravan Service - A small time caravan run trying to get started in Dragonport.
Cult of the Inner Eye - A cabal of more than shady aberrant psionicists
The 13 Phoenixes - A group of arcanists well versed in the sublime way
The Claws of Orcus A cult worshiping one of the demon lords
The Black Company - A koboldish mercenary team
Dragonport Thieves Guild - Very old organization dedicated to the promulgation of theft and acquirement of illicit goods
The Iris -A group of body-for-hire mercenaries that operates throughout the world.
Division 6 - A secret division of The Iris dedicated to assassination
East Injia Trade Company - A trade company originally started by Mali Ohba, but is now under new management.
The Winged Livery - A stable dedicated to Pegasi on the outskirts of Dragonport.
Freelance Detective - A group where they will take any request from anyone who need help.
Kenji's Regime - A group of people who accept Kenji as their lord and King.
Dragonport Demolitions - the people who clean up the mess.
Dragonport Archivists - People who archive the government records, history of Dragonport, and general worldly knowledge in Dragonport.
Edarusk Tribe - A small tribe of kobolds currently on the outskirts of Dragonport. Known to be thieves, and to be proficient with traps.
BMBBA - The Black Marches Blood Bowl Association.

Defunct Organizations

The Jets - A criminal gang located in the Dragonport Port District
Order of the Lion Guard - Former Chivalric order dedicated to the common good
College of Necromancy - Secret organization with wide and nefarious aims within and outside of Dragonport
The Crew - The Governing Body of Dragonport
The Silver Cranes - A guild of adventurers; currently in its infancy.
The Veiled Society - Secret cutthroat organization rumored to exist within Dragonport
Dragonport City Guard - Government organization hired by The Crew to preserve Order within Dragonport

The Krayzen Outscapes

The Blood Brothers -An outlaw group run by 4 brothers
Bor's Cult - A cult that worships Bor Heavychain


The Hive - A group of aberrant horrors controlled by The Overmind
The Fighting 54th - A Fleet of Ex-Military Halflings who occaisionly patrol The River Ferlgar


The Lost Asherati
Red Lizard Kings
Dunesturm Tribe


Blood Wolves



Tax Collectors - Tax Enforcers/ Collectors In Masbath.
The Legion- Standing Army Of Veruin.
Masbath Army - Standing Army Of Masbath.

Hunter's Guild - A mercenary group that takes bounty jobs of all kinds.


One Tail Clan
Great Spirit Wolf Clan
Lunar Clan
Western Ravens
Pyon-Pyon Hengoyokai Gang

The Astral Plane


Io's Blood Isles

Council of Wyrms
Champions of Io
Eyes of Chronoepsis


Order of Freedom - A failed Rebellion
The Seekers - A mysterious evil power-group with equally elusive goals
The Keepers - A loose association of scholars

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