Character Sheet: Link
Player: Ruduen
Race: Young Magic-Blooded Celestial-Blessed (Solar) Metal-Clad (Gold) Clockwork Automaton Incarnate Construct Flesh-Warped Dream Totem Animal Drunk Dread Vampire Incubus
Class: Godling 1
Alignment: Neutral Evil

A rather calm-looking, attractive young lad, he sometimes looks confused but usually has a hesitant smile.

He tries to keep to himself, though he tends to attract attention due to his slightly odd appearance and slippery memory.

Background: Opie's birthplace is unknown, but he knows enough that he was dropped off, a trace of unknown blood in his veins early on. He had always been raised as if he would be bound for great things, and he believed it after once hearing his adopted parents speak of a prophecy in his life.

But that changed when he was captured when he wandered off from home. His unusual blood was discovered, and he endured years of painful experimentations by unknown captors. Though they changed and altered his body in numerous different ways, it was only later that he discovered the majority of the experiments were to discover what they could do to his soul, still under the protection of the celestial.

The last conscious memory he has is waking up with the his captors' lab in ruins, not a body to be found. He took off, only starting to discover the multitude of changes they made as he tried to find his way home.

Membership: None

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