Ophelia St. Laraine
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Character Sheet
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Race: Human (Vampire)
Class: Wizard
Alignment: True Neutral

Appearance: Ophelia is a demure and formal looking child who has not quite reached the full maturity of her teens in physical appearance. She has blonde, smooth and long hair as well as a pair of golden eyes. She emits an air of nobility and has a rather domineering sense of prescence about her. She's relatively short sized and her measurements are quite petite.

Personality: True to her nature the 'child' acts much like an adult raised in nobility. That which hides behind the facade of her demeanor is rarely seen as those close to her are few. She has a fierce determination that moves her towards her goals and she does not enjoy being toyed with or babied. She does have a childish side that often comes out if teased too much or provoked….or even flustered.

Background: Ophelia is a child of noble lineage, she has always been highly independent more out of circumstance than preference as her parents have utterly left her to her own devices and even given her a home as well as her own servants so that they may deal with her. In turn she fired all the maids and grew accostumed to being served and attended to by those she would conjure in her loneliness. She would later find herself kidnapped by vampires which lead to the beginning of her tragic tale. As the years have passed and she has grown older in mind, she laments the loss of those things dear to her, particulary the light of the sun and the freedom to wander at her whims. To this day, ten….twelve years later she seeks a way around the ailments that her vampiric state induces though she fights with her dual nature of human and beast, helpless to stave off her hunger, though since she's too physically weak she only goes after animals she can kill easily. Her path as a magi is not easy, even as her grandmother has taught her the basics, she does not help her lead her life otherwise(as far as she herself knows) and thus while her power grows slowly, it does not quite have as much direction should she find someone from whom she can learn from.

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Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation note the date the character was made 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 What your character buys on his birthday goes here
3 A mysterious visit 11/26/12 525 0 Feather(?) None Umuuu……there was a tasty foxy at the door when I woke up and she liked to stick her nose into things, but she was nice so I let her in and we drank tea and she talked a lot about fire and love, then when I went to get a midnight snack, I got caught and there were TWO tasty foxies! But she said it was ok for me to eat if I was a good girl, so I ate and then she hugged me and we flew around, the moon was pretty and my tummy went full.
4 A turn of unfortune(Prologue) 11/26/12 1500 1100gp 9sp 5cp None N-no….it hurts….stop it…I feel cold……please…..Maria….Kiyomi…..save me…
5 Trouble at the St.Laraine Estate (part 1) 11/28/12 3300 None
6 The Wheel of Adventure 11/30/12 4800 1000 None
7 Hiding in Plain Sight 12/3/12 2850 None
8 The Wheel of Adventure #3 12/3/12 2800 1000 None
9 The trappings of...(???)(part 1)+epilogue 11/30/12 5266 1000 None
10 Excavation (Part 2) 12/07/12 4550 3038 None
11 Secret Wars 2 12/09/12 18,000 None
12 Excavation (Part 3) 12/10/12 5513 8844 None
13 Excavation (Part 4) ?????? 3206 2944 None
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