Operation Log

Altharid: (testing)
Altharid: (good)
Ichai just finished upgrading his sheet
Redemption (Shadow Host): ((Hopefully this game is for characters level 1 and above, or is this for higher levels?))
Altharid: (err the minimum lvl is 5)
Altharid: (unless the almighty DM allows lower lvls)
Redemption (Shadow Host): ((vv then I shall wait))
Ichai: that's up to soft, but between alth and balt, a level 1 might be safe
Redemption (Shadow Host): ((And watch))
Ichai: if a little less than useful :Redemption (Shadow Host): ((I still got action points))
Altharid: ((I can dimension swap two times so..)
DMSoft: if you are standing on the ground and level 1, I pity you
Altharid: (sign a protection contract with Alth)
DMSoft: you can join level 1
Ichai: (( it's a shame i don't have Persistent Spell yet ))
Altharid: (heh)
Redemption (Shadow Host): ((Yay! lol I am a lavel 1 Cleric, I can heal here and there…))
Ichai: (( could hit you with a persistent fly or alter self or something ))
Altharid: (oh can.. Balt merge my belt of healing with my belt of battle before session ?)
DMSoft: where's kajhera?
Altharid: (I got this on sidhes session)
Ichai: i suppose
Altharid: (I will check in the BM room)
Altharid: (will it cost anythin ?)
Ichai: lemme update my page
Redemption (Shadow Host): (( href="http:www.dndsheets.net/view.php?id=27595">Father Ferghuson ))
Ichai: nah, i'll just take the leftover essence
Altharid: (good)
Altharid: (it was 1d8 for one charge, 2d8 for two charges and 3d8 for charges ?)
Ichai: 4d8 for 3 charges
Sidhe (enter): 20:07
Ichai: it's a 750gp item, right?
Altharid: (yes 750 gp)
Altharid: (oh sorry 500gp to create)
Altharid: (ok 2d8 for one charge, 3d8 for two charges, 4d8 for three charges)
(31662) N of Nerul (enter): 20:08
DMSoft: (i'll have to learn grid next week)
Altharid: (hmm once again ichai… 500gp and 40xp to create)
Altharid: (I forgot that we convert xp to gold)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to Sidhe…
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host)…
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to Ichai…
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to Duralan…
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Or should I use my sorcerer?))
DMSoft: (use whomever you want)
DMSoft: *it's midmorning and the fog has lifted off of the port. You find yourselves in the Water Dragon Inn*
Altharid will finish his shift soon
DMSoft: "Altharid, Porkins should be here shortly…Did you remove all the bugs from the kitchen?"-griswol
Altharid: "That should be all of them… and these are no mere… bugs"
DMSoft: "Well, they won't be my problem any more."-griswol
Altharid sighs deeply
Altharid: (did I catch more of these tea men with my usual tactics ?)
DMSoft: (you caught 10 pieces)
Sidhe feeds a strip of meat to a raven, troodon curled under the stool. She watches the bar around her thoughtfully.
Altharid: (ok so I will give them to Balt… for further analysis)
Baltasar: (( someone remind me to actually do something with those ))
DMSoft: *Altharid managed to find a copy of the new Larry Dotter book*
Altharid finishes his shift after some dish washing and other stuff
Altharid packs his stuff… .including the book
DMSoft: *Porkins arrives and is greeted by Griswol*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) is nowhere yet to be seen around the Water Dragon Inn. There is but a grin walking past the fog on the way to the Inn, jingling of small chains and footsteeps the people outside of the Inn.
DMSoft: *they go to the back*
Altharid enters the main tavern room via staff door
Altharid notices Sidhe
Altharid closes in then bows a little
Altharid: "Greetings… Spellweaver"
Altharid: "I suppose that you have not met…. her…"
Altharid: "Since last time we… met"
Baltasar waits invisibly outside for bit, until a patron opens the tavern door, then slips inside.
Sidhe: Good day … no I have not, but did receive an omen she was well.
DMSoft: "So we have an agreement then."-Griswol shows Porkins through the bar area.
Baltasar decloaks on his way toward Sidhe's table, nodding hello to the two of them.
Altharid: "You did ?"
Altharid bows a little bit
Sidhe nods back to Baltasar.
DMSoft: "I see you have addressed my main issues admirably."-Porkins to Griswol
Altharid: "Using your devices… to their fullest… I see"
Altharid: - to Balt
Baltasar: "Didn't really feel like having to kill a bunch of guards to get to the bar."
Baltasar: "Too early for murder."
DMSoft: *Griswol Pours Porkins a drink*
Altharid grins
Baltasar: "So what are we talking about?"
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) is but a standing shape in the outline of the squatter town of Dragonport. His clothes expensive, cleaned, although his face was but unshaved, stuck with a chessire grin that cut through the fog to the entry doorway of the Water Dragon Inn.
Altharid: (Altharid is waitng for his modded belt of battle)
Baltasar: "Oh and…"
Altharid gives Balt a hefty amount of gold
Baltasar withdraws the package, handing it over.
Sidhe looks at Baltasar for a moment, considering.
DMSoft: "Ah, my good man, come in"-griswol to father
Altharid: (in a small bag as it includes other valuables than gold)
Altharid tries his new device on
Altharid: (actually he just equips it)
Altharid: "Good… as usual"
DMSoft: "This truly is the high traffic area I was hoping for."-Porkins to griswol
Baltasar says quietly to the other two, "Wasn't he opening a tea house? And now he's buying a bar…"
DMSoft: *Griswol is looking through the doors at Father Ferg
DMSoft: "Are you coming in or not noble sir?"-griswol
Altharid: 'I do not care… as long as the pig reigns… I shall avoid working in here' - telepathically both to Balt and Sidhe
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks to Griswol, there is a moment of uncalled for silence as he makes his way inside, looking at the place and possibly how the surroundings. He lifts up some sort of device over his shoulder and rests it there. A long wooden walking stick to all. "Don't mind'f I do…" says the man with a softened chuckle, his eyes hidden beneath the hat.
Baltasar appraises the figure in the doorway suspiciously upon hearing the word noble.
DMSoft: "Ah, what do you want to order?"-griswol to father
Sidhe follows Baltasar's gaze, eyes lifting.
Baltasar mutters to Sidhe, "A shave and a haircut?"
Altharid: (Father Ferguson can notice a tall figure dressed like an iconic pirate… but some details are concealed by bandages here and there… the human seems to be projecting an unnatural… unsetling aura)
DMSoft: "The cook's not in, so Ale it is!"-griswol to father F
Altharid notices the new guy
Altharid: (there might be a different cook in WDI… Alth is only part-timing in here)
DMSoft: "I wish you well, we shall finalize in the morning."-Porkins gets up to leave, brushing by Father F
DMSoft: (griswol fired the main cook)
Altharid: (I see)
Baltasar: "I bet you thirty pieces of gold Porkins doesn't last a week at this place."
DMSoft: *you all see Barby come in the door, drunk*
Altharid grins again
DMSoft: *he takes a swing at porkins*
DMSoft: *porkins evades easily and walks away*
Altharid watches the scene in amusement
Sidhe: "Hm … you have yourself a deal."
Baltasar: "Ok, I'll give him 9 days."
Altharid: (if Barby is about to fall then Alth does not let him too)
Altharid: (*to)
Sidhe picks up her pint of mead to sip.
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) voice is somewhat foreign he makes his way deeper as he walks past some of the shadier characters of the Inn…his boot's heel clacking against the floor loudly he looked at Altharid, with a hardened grin that just showed his gums. It was forced and rather disturbing. He finally made it to the counter. "Ale it is, brother, my pa always sayss…." he slams his hand over the counter "Ale be the good way to start the day's work….and I am mighty tired….but this day I got a lot of workin's to do!"
DMSoft: "I got leaflets here, Leaflets!"-Gin can be heard outside
Altharid: "Greetings… customer… I also despise the pig" - the last part in whispers so Griswol will not hear it
DMSoft: *Griswol gets Father F an Ale..in a clean glass no less*
Baltasar: (( Ferg, i'd suggest cutting down your message size, it'll be hard to keep up otherwise ))
Altharid: (that was to Barby)
DMSoft: "tea house to open at water dragon inn old location"-gin can be heard yelling
Baltasar: "Ok, let me revise that bet. Porkin's is gonna last a day."
Altharid: "TEA HOUSE ?!"
Altharid 's eyes start burning with crimson red energy for a brief moment
Altharid returns back to Sidhe and Balt
Sidhe: "Yeah, no bet."
Altharid: 'Shall I help you with the bet…' - telepathically to Baltasar ?
Altharid: (heh synchronization)
Baltasar shakes his head at Alth, "Nope, I've got dibs."
DMSoft: *you hear chattering about Dragon Slayers making trouble in the Mire*
Altharid: "We've got that ridiculous job to do…"
Altharid: "You know… which one"
Altharid: - to Sidhe and Balt
Baltasar: "What, taking over the world?"
Sidhe: "Ah… right… perhaps…"
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) picks up the glass, not really giving the glass itself a second look even in the shady looking restaurant. the Priest chugged the ale down hard, under the hat, his eyes flash at Altharid, watching his eyes go red. He then slammed the glass down on the counter as he hears some of the chattering going on.
Altharid: "…"
Sidhe: "… send the pig to their headquarters."
DMSoft: *you hear more chattering about how the Dragon Slayers are looking for recruits.*
Sidhe looks over at the slam of glasses.
Baltasar: "It's a joke, Al."
Altharid: "Radu" - to Sidhe and Balt telepathically
Altharid: "I see"
Baltasar: "I have mixed feelings about that."
Baltasar: "On the one hand, the Radu are assholes."
Baltasar: "On the other, so are the Slayers."
Altharid: "What are you planning?"
Sidhe: *murmurs* "Prefer the first myself."
Baltasar: "Which kind of prefer?"
Baltasar: "And do remember that destroying one group doesn't mean we can't destroy the other as well."
Sidhe smiles with a slightly distant look.
Sidhe: "The company of."
Altharid: 'The order … might be important'
Altharid: 'Or even critical'
Baltasar: "Well yeah. If we do the Slayers first, we stand a chance of getting paid by the Radu."
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) rests his walking 'stick' against the counter, as he decides to rest down hearing some more talk about the Dragon Slayers. He picks up on some of the talk that is going on between Baltasar, Sidhe and Altharid.
Baltasar: "Oh, and don't the Radu have some shiping interests?"
Baltasar: *shipping
Altharid detects Father's creature type and int score automatically when he comes within 30ft
Sidhe: "Hmm yes, though I believe those have suffered a setback or two…"
Altharid: "They hired us… to solve their 'business issues' after all' - telepathically
Baltasar: "That'll just make them easier to practice on."
Altharid: "Shall we employ… our recent …'acquisition' "
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Father Ferghuson is actually a human, his Intelligence score is 6))
Sidhe looks at Baltasar with a slight frown, uncertain.
Baltasar: "That's the idea."
Altharid: "Assuming that they are also using similar… modes of transportation"
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((He is close enough to detect that))
Altharid: ((hmm ok))
DMSoft: "I can't believe he's selling!"-barby yells
DMSoft: "Tea house my ass!"-barby
Altharid: "… so true"
DMSoft: "Hasn't he heard that everybody threw out their tea in swampside?"-barby
Baltasar: "So, Slayers today, tomorrow… the world!"
Sidhe: "As much as I would like to think someone could make a better counteroffer… well we heard what the *offer* was…"
Altharid: "… that sounds…. inspiring"
Altharid: (to Balt)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) slides the glass towards Griswol "Another one…" he asks as he cleans the side of his face with the sleeve of his robe. It is rather long and it extends all the way to his feet. There is a chain running down his neck, with a wooden symbol. Humble and elegant.
Baltasar: "Seriously, we should get a move on."
DMSoft: "so what are you doing in the city?"-griswol gets another ale
Baltasar: "Unless we want to postpone until evening."
DMSoft: "If you're looking for work, those folks get all the action"-griswol to father F
Altharid: "Does not matter…."
DMSoft: *griswol notions to the other pcs*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) grabs the next one "Mostly, my Father's work…" the man says with a chuckles as he grabs the ale noticing them getting a move on "You don't say?" he says as he looks at Baltasar, Altharid, and Sidhe.
Altharid: "I will need… to… analize… certain amounts of data " Alth blushes… but it is not visible under the bandages… by data he meant the latest book written by Mali
Sidhe: "Mm, my ears are burning lads."
DMSoft: "It was a pleasure if I don't see you again Altharid, Baltasar and Spellweaver"-griswol
Sidhe looks over at the gesture.
Baltasar calls back jokingly, "Piss off, you cheap-ass sellout."
Altharid: "…"
Baltasar: (( err, brb ))
Baltasar: (( like 5 min ))
DMSoft: *altharid begins reading the best Larry Dotter book so far*
DMSoft: *eventually he happens upon similarities to Mali's disaperance*
Altharid uses telepathy on Griswol for the first time…. "And vice-versa… former… employer… I hoper her body is worth it" - snickers
Altharid: *hope
Sidhe: "Indeed, Griswol. Stay in touch."
DMSoft: *the book ends with the death of a character, a twilight vampire who befriends Larry.*
Altharid: ((oh noes :P))
(31662) Karma (exit): 20:48
Sidhe: ((the maenad shall die! okay not making him then))
Sidhe … watches Altharid read. It's a strange thing.
Altharid: ((indeed… it is))
DMSoft: *eventually, Atharid reads the publisher information*
DMSoft: *it's a different publisher than the last 3 books*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) seemed clearly out of shape in a blurr of darker shadows and deeper shades, he finishes another ale mug quickly and with lightning speed, slamming it against the table watching the gentlemen and lady get a move on. He lifts up his hand and slowly begin scratching his unshaven beard, then tilting his hat down some more as his grin continued to extend from one cheek to the next.
DMSoft: *father can make a perception check*
Sidhe: (the result: we seem to be not getting a move on very well)
Altharid: (is there an address or something … of that publisher ?)
Sidhe: "… I think we're postponing."
DMSoft: *nope, just a random house*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) continues looking into the distance. (Perception [1d20+3] => [20,3] = (23))
DMSoft: *father notices a bug run through the door towards the back room*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) tries to step on it before it can make it to the back room.
Altharid: "Ahh one more thing" - Alth stops reading
DMSoft: (attack roll)
Altharid hands Baltasar some more tea man in a Jar
Sidhe looks up from her knitting, she took it otu at some point.
Altharid: "More samples"
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): [1d20+1] => [14,1] = (15)
DMSoft: *you hear a tiny scream as you squish what you thought was a bug*
DMSoft: *closer inspect reveals it is tea shaped like a man*
Altharid: ((heh I just noticed… the whole evil trio is present :P))
DMSoft: (you may have enough tea to make jets to fight)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) boot quickly makes it to the floor, he twists his heels rather sadistically, he looks at the tea shaped like a man, grabs his stick, and scrapes the thing out of his heel with the hollow tip "Well lookie this…" he says as the hollow metal tip examines the little tea shaped man
DMSoft: *it is very small, bug sized. It isn't moving any more*
DMSoft: *perception checks for those not in the bar*
Sidhe: "So, we going by land or by sea?"
Baltasar: (( back ))
Altharid: ((I have given you more samples Balt))
Altharid: ((in a jar… those tea man))
DMSoft: (if you are in the bar, you notice father has a man tea as well)
Altharid snickers
Baltasar: (( we're in the main room, nearish to the bar ))
Altharid: "Its not my problem anymore" - grins
Altharid: "…"
Baltasar shrugs at Sidhe.
Altharid: (that was in response to Father's actions)
Baltasar: "Either way, it'll be difficult getting there unnoticed."
Altharid: "Shall we split up then … no… we are not numerous enough… but SOON we shall be…."
DMSoft: *Griswol can be heard packing in the back room*
Baltasar raises an eyebrow at Alth, "Do you practice sounding ominous?"
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) decideds not to take a second look at the thing, whatever it might be, it sure as heck it looked like a vermin "Sir, you might wanna keep yer Inn a little more clean…" He looks at the dead tea man at the tip once more, then scratches his head under the hat grinning wildly "I remember when my paw rid of some of them vermin in the attic, it should not be hard" he laughs recalling the storeaway rats.
Sidhe: "They're looking for recruits, many people will be going there…"
Altharid: (when Alth says 'SOON' his voice changes briefly and his eyes burn… in violet…. strange)
DMSoft: "what's that, did you find bugs?"-griswol yells from the back
Altharid ponders a little after hearing what Sidhe just said
Altharid: "Infiltration…."
Altharid: "Fabulous… concept"
Sidhe looks toward her raven.
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) drops his walking stick to the ground, the device seemed rather complex, built with a trigger akin to a crossbow "Eh…" the Priest says sighing as his walking stick and the corpse of the tea man squishes against the floor turning the tea man into further mush.
Sidhe: *softly to bird* "May have to leave you home dear … I know."
DMSoft: *the tea is mysteriously fine looking*
DMSoft: *not mush, just man-tea*
Altharid: (Altharid detects your familiar's type… and int)
Altharid: (whether he wants it or not)
Sidhe: (outsider [evil, lawful, dragonblood] => evil, lawful, dragonblood, int 10)
Sidhe: (whoops lol)
DMSoft: (lol, did you say dragonblood?)
Altharid: "Your servant… has changed" - to Sidhe telepathically
Sidhe nods to Altharid.
DMSoft: "I bet it's them dragon slayers chasing the bugs into the city from the mire!"-griswol yells from the back
Altharid: "He (?)…. has some draconic blood" - better leave him somewhere
Sidhe: "Lati kept falling ill after those … explosions; she wanted to return to her native realm."
Sidhe nods again to the second telepathic statement.
Sidhe: "Let's stop by my place before we go…"
Baltasar: "So, what's the plan?"
Altharid nods
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at the doorway "Do not mind it, Syre, I left the coins there on the counter, I shall be on my ways" he laughs with a partially red face warmmed from the drinks. His heels clack as he makes his way through the front door, he takes a hard look at Sidhe's familiar, attempting to guess what it was.
Baltasar: "Apply to join the Slayers, then slaughter them in the night?"
Sidhe has a raven familiar.
Baltasar: "Or apply to join the Slayers, and kill the leader when we meet him?"
Altharid: "We shall perform the first part… not sure about the latter"
Baltasar: "There's also plan C"
Sidhe: "… We could try more … subtle techniques …"
Baltasar: "But I'd need to build a trebuchet."
Baltasar: (( seriously, plan C is bombardment ))
Altharid: "How much time … such endavour would require ?"
Sidhe considers looking over Baltasar and Altharid.
Altharid: (Alth is asking seriously)
Baltasar: "Surprisingly little."
Baltasar: "I'd just need the materials, which is just a bunch of wood, and then I'd cast a couple spells and be done."
Sidhe: "There may be no need for killing anyone."
Sidhe: "But a trebuchet is a good thing to have … available."
Sidhe: "… I think."
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) attempts to find the Dragon Slayers through the clearing mist of Dragonport.
Baltasar: "What's the idea that doesn't involve killing?"
DMSoft: *father ferghuson stumbles upon a squad of 10 dragon slayers who are looking for recruits*
Altharid: "I suppose that it would… involve the so called 'diplomacy' "
Altharid: "I prefer… other ways"
DMSoft found the F12 macro key
DMSoft: "Would you like to join the dragon slayers?"-recruiter
Sidhe: "They may have come for a particular goal, that taken care of, they will move on."
Baltasar frowns slightly.
Sidhe: "I would advise gathering intelligence before acting."
Baltasar: "What exactly did Radu want us to do though?"
Altharid: "To make them leave"
Altharid: "As they are bad for business"
Sidhe: "Get them to leave… and they said it could be without violence."
Altharid: "To quote my memory bank"
Sidhe: "Their diviners did, rather."
Altharid: "Tskk… pesky mages"
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at the recruiter laughing a bit on the inside "Tell me, does your father work in mysterious ways?" the man says while he pulls his hat down as the recruiter asks
DMSoft: (you guys can make a local knowledge check diff 30)
Sidhe flicks a drop of mead at Altharid for this.
Baltasar: know:local [1d20+15] => [14,15] = (29)
Baltasar: (( ooooh, so close ))
DMSoft: "No, my father is old and doesn't fight dragons any more."-recruiter
Sidhe: ( [1d20+2] => [6,2] = (8) aid other? xD)
DMSoft: (enough to know dragon slayers are a world wide thing)
Sidhe: (nope)
Altharid: (use your familiar)
Altharid: (if he has the ranks)
Baltasar: (( err world-wide, or just widespread? ))
Sidhe: (he … can't talk in raven form!)
DMSoft: (world-wide, this is just a pirate town)
DMSoft: (pirate metropolis, sorry)
DMSoft: (you also gathered enough info to know this is a small expendition for them)
Sidhe: (also, no, not local ranks, but [1d20] => [6] = (6) aid anyway)
Altharid: (… the dice gods are not with us today)
Baltasar: (( if they're a world-wide organization in medieval fantasy, they're bigger than the catholic church ))
Baltasar: (( unless you mean the known world ))
DMSoft: (pretty much bloodthirsty for dragons, multiplaner and focused on this world)
Baltasar: (( oh damnit ))
DMSoft: (think harmonium from planescape)
Baltasar: (( h8 @ multiplanar organizations ))
DMSoft: (they have a hard on for this prime at the moment…unless)
Baltasar: (( ok, then can we assume I haven't been seriously thinking about attacking them ))
DMSoft: (you can attack them just fine)
Baltasar: (( cause if i'd known how big they were, and balt clearly did, i would have been treading a hell of a lot more carefully ))
Sidhe: ((I lack enough sense motive to get your jokes))
DMSoft: (you didn't make a high enough check)
DMSoft: (sidhe gathered it just from what the radu said)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at the recruiter under the shadows of his hat "Ah, well your Father be old or not…" he chuckles loudly "…he be watching ye…so…you have been looking for recruits…them boys in the bar, they sure seemed interested in joining…" he states with a grin "Tell me…" he asks "Where would I be able to speak to your commanding officer? I'aya'think that we have something important to speaksa about." he says rather comically with his smile still intact. He shows a rather large badge over his shoulder, his uniform carrying a Shield and a Dragon very close symbol to the Dragon Slayers
Baltasar: "Well fuck, so what's your plan?"
Baltasar: "Cause I've got nothing."
DMSoft: "have you slayed a dragon in mortal combat."-recruiter to father
Sidhe: "Gather intelligence."
Baltasar: "Also, in the event that they have in fact taken Mali, what do we do?"
Altharid: "… I shall enter Overdrive Mode and rend them all"
Altharid: "If thats the case"
Sidhe: "I believe she is in better than that situation."
Baltasar: "Oh? Do tell."
Altharid: "At least their… local detachment"
Altharid: "I cannot maintain…. it for….. extended periods of time"
Sidhe: *quietly* "She visited my familiar in a vision and told him to offer reassurance she was safe."
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) remembers the things crawling under the floorboard once, when his Father looked at him and voiced to him. "Son, look at that." he stated as he looked under the boards, a flight of small stairs. "Yessum pa?" he states while putting his finger over his mouth, he looked around 5 years old. It was a lizard, scaley with small wings "You got to shoo it Son."
Baltasar raises a skeptical eyebrow, "And you actually trust that thing?"
Altharid instantly focuses on Sidhe
Sidhe: "Yes, I do."
Altharid: "Vison… her ?" - asks Sidhe telepathically
DMSoft: "So, have you slayed a dragon?"-recruiter
Baltasar: "Just watch your back around it. Even bound, they'll stab you in the back for any gain."
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) remembered the broomstick and the splinters, the green blood running through one end to the other and his hand covered in green blood. He shakes it off and smiles at the recruiter "Yessum."
Sidhe: "He has never met her and gave details he could not know."
DMSoft: "Well, then you are in my man! Let me take you to Lightbringer!"-recruiter
Baltasar: (( note: balt doesn't trust outsiders in general, not just devils ))
Sidhe: "Then I trust there is no gain."
DMSoft: *the recruiter takes father to see Lightbringer in a tent near the serpent mire*
Altharid: "… shall I acompany any of you… during that 'information-gathering' of… yours ?"
Baltasar: "So I guess we should start asking my contacts?"
DMSoft: "Ah, a new recruit! Do me a favor? Get these guys to join (describes other pcs)"-lightbringer to father
Baltasar: (( i've got the highest gather info bonus, so… ))
Altharid: (*accompany)
Sidhe: "Joining them is as sound a plan as before. But contacts, as well."
Altharid: (Alth meant being a bodyguard or something… he has 6 cha and penalties to gather info)
Sidhe nods to Altharid.
Baltasar: "Alright, let's head out."
DMSoft: *father realizes that he's describing 2 of the guys in the bar*
Baltasar stands and stretches before beckoning to the others and heading for the door.
Altharid follow Balt
Sidhe finishes her mead, raven slips into saddlebags and she hops on Mekila, following after.
Baltasar: (( ok, i'm gonna infuse a Skill Enhancement(Gather Info), then make a gather info check ))
Altharid breathes deeply and focuses himself
Baltasar: Gather Information on what the Slayers are here for, and other possible ways to get them to leave: [1d20+26] => [10,26] = (36)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) held the walking stick over his shoulder as he followed the recruiter, the symbol, grinning as his tall shape makes it to the tent "Uh?" he looks at it rather surpriced, left hand holding the walking stick."Recruiting'em?" he says rather surprised "Why…this be sounding more fun than ever…" he chuckles loudly as the Lightbringer gives him instructions, his grin seems saddistic of course, not a normal feel of a man of the cloth. "I guess that our talk shall wait…. yess, my Father he guides me in the most amusing ways"
Sidhe is going to drop off Velnias at home, where he can hide properly before talking to too many people, and meet up soon.
DMSoft: (they are here to slay a black dragon, but are having trouble with one of it's guardians)
Baltasar: (( are they, in my estimation, equipped to deal with a Green Dragon Wyrm? ))
Baltasar: (( my estimation from what i've learned with my gather info ))
DMSoft: (this task force, yes, easily)
DMSoft: (they have a giant of imense strength and skill)
Baltasar thanks the various people, and rejoins Altharid.
Baltasar: "Ok, outright assault is off the table."
Sidhe rejoins the two as well. or was with alth.
Baltasar: "However, an exchange of favors might work."
Altharid: "Ohh ?"
Baltasar: "Apparently, they're having trouble getting at the black dragon the lizardmen worship."
Altharid: "We still need to recover that young dragon" - telepathically to Balt
Altharid: "Black dragon… what does it breath ?" - continues telepathically
Baltasar: "Odds are, the problem is a question of technique. In which case, we may be better equipped to deal with that."
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) takes out a blade from under his priest robes, gets to one knee and starts to recite a prayer "Father, which are thou in the clouds, hear this and forgive me for the sins I have comitted, bless me on this day, for it shall be the day to bring your rath upon those who have sinned, let your will, be gathered like a bolt, to strike those of unholy nature. Blessed be thee, thine word, thine power, thine light, thine strike. Amen."
Baltasar: "Black Dragons breath acid."
Sidhe: [1d20+10] => [7,10] = (17)
Sidhe: (er know: arcana)
Altharid grins
Baltasar: "Anyway, we should consider attempting to enlist them in helping us deal with the green dragon."
Baltasar: "In exchange for us opening the way to the black dragon."
Altharid: "We shall see how that cloak of yours will perform"
Altharid grins savagely
Baltasar: "Everyone wins, they get to kill two dragons, we get the Slayers, Radu, and the green bitch off our backs."
Altharid: "Dragons are indeed worthy adversaries…."
Baltasar: "Well, I suppose the dragons won't be winning…
Altharid: "That Wyrm…"
Altharid: "Is there a possibility that it may be divining…"
Altharid: "And learn of our plans ?"
Baltasar: "We can also see about wrangling a share of the treasure from them."
Baltasar smirks slightly at Alth's question.
Altharid: (all of the stuff said telepathically)
Baltasar: "Just don't say anything about it outloud."
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) locks the blade at the tip of his walking stick. He slowly but surely makes his way back to the Inn once more, his tall, omnious and clean shape a dead giveaway. Everyone in the inn could hear him come in a mile away draggin his walking stick and the blade at the end with loud sounds echoing against the streets.
Baltasar taps his new collar. "I'm immune to it though."
Altharid: "Fair enough"
Baltasar: (( thank god for mind blank ))
Altharid: (telepathically)
Sidhe looks thoughtful.
Altharid: "I shall develop a similar abilty… then"
Sidhe: "I may have some difficulty."
DMSoft: "I got a flyer about a tea shop"-gin to father
Baltasar: "Well, you should be fine if you don't actually talk about it."
Baltasar taps her on the head, "Getting in there is a lot more difficult than just eavesdropping."
DMSoft: *gin hands father a paper with tea shop written on it. Pork-bucks*
Sidhe nods.
Baltasar: "So, shall we head into the swamp?"
Altharid: '…"
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) scraping of the blade against the ground proves to be rather obnoxious and loud "Ho?" he looks at Gin unsure about what was he talking about "Pork-bucks…hmmm the tone, seems devine…"
Sidhe: "Is that our first destination?"
Altharid: "If thats your plan… then yes… your intellect appears to be superior to the one of mine"
DMSoft: (father can run into the other pcs if he wishes)
Baltasar shrugs, "It's where the Slayers are. We need to talk to them to get things started."
Baltasar: "Unless you'd rather take the boat."
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) walks to the room where Sidhe, Altharid, and Baltasar were sitting, they could hear his blade scrapping against the floor as he slowly made his way there.
DMSoft: (those 2 guys are the ones that lightbringer wants to recruit)
Baltasar: (( fyi, we're currently outside, between the docks and inn ))
Baltasar: (( so pretty close ))
DMSoft: (kk)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Oh I shall need to track them, to find out where they are))
DMSoft: (go right ahead, survival 10)
Baltasar: (( sidhe, alth, i'm asking for actual input here ))
Sidhe: ((well, a pc is about to run into us))
Sidhe: ((with … pertinent information))
Altharid: ((yup…))
Baltasar: (( RP input ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) attempts to search these individuals, the ones that he noticed before around Dragonport, starting from the Inn itself. Survival [1d20+3] => [14,3] = (17)
Altharid: ((Ahh I see))
DMSoft: (you all see and hear the priest from before)
Altharid: "I cannot wait till I get chance… to wrestle a dragon again"
Altharid grins savagely
Baltasar eyes the man's fixed bayonet.
Altharid notices the familiar man
Sidhe: "I would not mind the second… hm, you again?"
Altharid: "What …. do you want… human ?"
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) overhears what Baltasar was talking about, not really picking up the talk from Radu. "Well this is your Blessed day…" he says with a grin still plastered across the face, it was disturbing an unusual for a man to smile for this long "Who I am? I am but a Son, however who I am…it is of no importance…" he says poiting the walking stick at the side as he opens his hands while he speaked.
Sidhe watches the man, with curiosity.
Baltasar: "And yet, that's not what he asked."
Baltasar: "Either answer the question, or bugger off."
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at them from under the hat "It is the news, the fortunate news I bless to your ears. You are wanted to join the ranks of the Dragon Slayers." his teeth gritted
Baltasar raises both eyebrows this time.
Sidhe: "… Lead on my good man."
Altharid: "Ara ?" - Altharid's manner of voice keeps changing slightly (Sidhe notices that with ease)
Altharid: (altharids hair has taken a slight red hue recently)
Baltasar: "You don't say. I suppose you wouldn't mind telling us who sent you?"
Altharid: (sense motive [1d20+5] => [12,5] = (17)0
DMSoft: *he's being honest altharid*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at Baltasar "Ho?" his smile chokes a bit "Then this be a darn shame." he says while he lowers the walking stick with the blade at the end
DMSoft: *father knows that lighbringer was the leader he was taken to*
Baltasar: (( ferg… that doesn't really folliow from my last question ))
Altharid: "I do not sense deception" - to Balth telepathically
Altharid: "He shall bugger of though… if he remains cheeky" - continues
Altharid: (telepathically)
DMSoft: *lightbringer*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Lets see can I do a skill challenge to oppose the sense motive))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Should I be bluff?))
DMSoft: (are you bluffing?)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((*I be using))
Altharid: ((err you were not bluffing… so it is meaningless))
Baltasar: (( why would you want to bluff? ))
Altharid: ((I was checking if you were not bluffing… and seriously long comments are good for play-by post on forums… not here))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((No my task was clear I do have some other motives, why they need to join…))
DMSoft: (if you want to tell them bob slob sent you, you may bluff)
Altharid: ((we have spend already 2 hours… on arguing about the plan))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((lol no this is true))
DMSoft: (for the sake of time, he manages to tell you everything)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at them "I am Father Ferghuson"
Altharid: ((lets just up the tempo..k ?))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) "The order wishes you to join, follow me if you please…"
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) takes them back to the tent
Sidhe: "I am Sidhe …" *follows.*
DMSoft: *father leads you to lightbringer door, dragon slayers bow to altharid and baltasar as they pass*
Sidhe: (hm)
Altharid follows if Balt follows
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) grins at the Lightbringer "These are…the fellars you seeked if I am not mistaken."
Sidhe: (yep scroll thing)
Baltasar does accompany ferg to the swamp
DMSoft: "Ah, my word, I've only be trying to find you lot for weeks!"-Lightbringer says with opens arms as he stands from behind his desk*
Altharid: ((what does mindsight detect ?))
Baltasar: (( ferg, i gotta tell you, you're acting hella suspicious, and if you were an NPC, we'd probably already have dumped you in the harbor for trying to trick us ))
DMSoft: (the tent is lavishly decorated with dragon skulls)
DMSoft: (he's 14 int, aasimar with wings)
Baltasar: (( even if you weren't actually trying to trick us. Simply because you're acting that suspiciously ))
Sidhe: ((I dunno, I've just found him very odd))
DMSoft: (there's a hidden person in the corner who has int 32)
DMSoft: (human)
DMSoft: (there are 30 dragon slayers outside)
Altharid: (they have someone with … a supernatural level of intellect…) - telepathically to Balt
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) was too amused by what was happening that he decides to arch back, he was whole heartedly interested in all three of them
Altharid: (points out mentally to the place when that person is hidden)
DMSoft: "thank you father…."-lightbringer(tosses 500gp bag at father)
Sidhe: "Good day sir." Sidhe smiles, keeping back a bit because it was the other two bowed to by people.
Baltasar raises a skeptical eyebrow at Lightbringer
Altharid: "…"
DMSoft: "Ah, have you slayed a dragon as I hear these two heroes have?"-lightbringer to sidhe
Baltasar: (( also, do i know who this dude is? ))
Altharid waits till the leader starts talking
Baltasar: (( either from the gather info check earlier, or a knowledge check ))
Altharid: "I can wrestle with dragons…and win if that matters"
DMSoft: (he's some outsider guy with armor….knowledge planes dc 40)
Sidhe: "No, not myself. I merely aid the skills of my companions for the most part."
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) catches it with a qucik swipe. "The Father of Lightning blesses ye."
Altharid: "Not with the biggest ones… for now…that is"
Baltasar: (( ahh, 1 rank higher than my max check ))
DMSoft: (he's obscure and not well known)
DMSoft: (very young, early 20s)
DMSoft: "So, I need local help to get this dragon!"-lightbringer to group
Baltasar: (( well, i can definitely tell that he's not actually 20 years old, cause i can auto-ID aasimar ))
Baltasar: "We're listening."
DMSoft: *he motions to a map of the mire on his desk*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) symbol came to light, he had a symbol that was similar to the dragon slayers. How he got here and what he really wanted was far from graspable.
DMSoft: "there's some kind of creature killing our men here."-lightbringer
Baltasar glances at it, making note of any markings or notes.
DMSoft: *he points to a place above a lake near dragonport southeast*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looked at the lightbringer.
Sidhe: [1d8] => [6] = (6)
Sidhe does a mental crossreference.
Altharid: ((tries to remember the map with autohypno)
Altharid: (auto succeeds)
DMSoft: *that lake is the same lake that feeds your wells sidhe*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) keeps note of the map, ask anothe recruit if he can get a copy of it.
Sidhe: (even though I'm NE?)
Baltasar: "And so what does that mean for us?"
DMSoft: (yup, aquafer remember?)
DMSoft: "I need you to identify and remove the thing that's killing my men so we can kill the dragon!"-lightbringer
DMSoft: "I'll pay of course."-lightbringer
Baltasar frowns slightly
Baltasar: "We'll address remuneration after we work out the more important facts."
Altharid observes the situation carefully
Baltasar: "For example, I've seen your complement here. If the lot of you can't take out this threat, what makes you think we can?"
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) lookst at the lightbringer "The Father….he works hard to bless my arm, and to put infront of me…what needs to be done, His work." he looks at the three.
DMSoft: "Be careful of those silly dusk lizards and kobolds."-lightbringer
DMSoft: "Well, these men are young and untrained."-lightbringer
Altharid: "Kobolds ?" - snickers
Baltasar: "And you brought them on a dragon hunt?"
DMSoft: "they are focused in dragon slaying…and this isn't a dragon as far as I know"-lightbringer
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) says at the three "My work may be with you." he grins while scratching his beard.
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) ticks at the sound of the word 'Kobolds'
Baltasar: "I'm pretty sure that if you're capable of taking down a dragon of any power, you're more than capable of slaughtering a pack of minions."
Baltasar: "So we'd really like to know what's actually going on."
DMSoft: "Ah, so you've heard about our giant and specialist?"-lightbringer
DMSoft: "they say it's beneath them."-lightbringer
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at Baltasar his head cocking as he manages to bring out a good point.
DMSoft: "Or at least she does"-lightbringer
Baltasar: "Prima donnas. Though I suppose that's a fair point."
Baltasar: "A couple more questions though."
DMSoft: "the boys are here to learn mostly."-lightbringer notions to the guards outside
Baltasar describes the lizardman tribe we fought a while back, "Are those the ones you've been having trouble with?"
DMSoft: "Yes, but they are trivial"-lightbringer
DMSoft: "so are the kobolds from that old fortress in the ground"-lightbringer
Baltasar nods thoughtfully.
DMSoft: "Not to mention your whole city is full of muck-bloods"-lightbringer
Baltasar: (( so basically, these are the kobolds and lizardmen we've already beaten the shit out of ))
DMSoft: "I even heard there's a dragon caller….we'll have to kill that one."-lightbringer
DMSoft: (yup)
Altharid wonders if these are the same ones he fought recently… the ones who were employing sharks
Sidhe: ((sorry back))
Baltasar: "But those two tribes, they're the only things you're having trouble with and want us to deal with?"
Baltasar: sense motive vs lying: [1d20+16] => [7,16] = (23)
DMSoft: "Well, that's beside the point. Once we kill this black dragon, we have other matters to attend to"
Baltasar: (( basically, i'm trying to check whether we're up to it or not ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Hmmm they will not be pleased to see you all again))
DMSoft: (one sec)
Baltasar: (( i mostly don't want to be attacked by a band of half-black dragon war trolls that lightbringer conveniently forgot to mention ))
Altharid: ((he those can get immune to damage lulz))
Altharid: ((*heh))
Baltasar: (( cause that would raise my rates considerably ))
DMSoft: [1d20+20] => [19,20] = (39)
DMSoft: that was diplomacy
Baltasar: (( i swear to god, your dice cheat or something ))
Baltasar: (( cause i like never get above a 10 ))
DMSoft: well, he's not leaving anything out
Altharid: ((technically pcs are immune to diplo… but whateva))
Baltasar: (( good deal, that was my main concern IC and OOC ))
DMSoft: *he goes on to tell you that he thinks it's one big monster*
Baltasar: (( alright, down to haggling ))
Baltasar nods thoughtfully
Sidhe pretty much listens quietly, so her speech, even moderated, doesn't betray her feelings. also because I missed part.
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((meh I should have used diplomacy :P))
Baltasar: "Well, I'm sure we can deal with this."
Baltasar: "However, we'll need some help ourselves."
Baltasar smirks, "But I'm fairly certain you'll be interested."
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) holds unto the blade closes his eyes and slowly murmurs prayers.
DMSoft: "Just dispose of the creature(s) and I'll reward you handsomely"
DMSoft: "what do you need?"-lightbringer
Baltasar: "How would you like to make this little expedition twice as successful?"
Baltasar: "Because I know where you can bag yourself another dragon."
Baltasar: "An even more ancient one at that."
DMSoft: "Oh, this is excellent."-lightbringer
DMSoft: "Point it out on this map."-lightbringer takes out a world map
Baltasar: "There's a green wyrm on a small island a couple days out from Dragonport."
Baltasar drops his finger on it.
Baltasar: "She's enslaved a tribe of ogres, and has been spawning as well."
DMSoft: *altharid feels the 32 Int slip away*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at Baltasar under his fedora, listening in to him.
Baltasar: "The dragon we killed a few weeks ago was actually her child."
DMSoft: (you just killed her and she didn't stand a chance for future reference)
Sidhe listens, watching the map.
Altharid tells Balt via telepathy that the supernatural intelligence has vanished
Baltasar: (( we just killed who? ))
Baltasar: (( the dragon or the 32 int? ))
DMSoft: (the green dragon)
Altharid: ((the wyrm :P:))
Baltasar: (( i was hoping ))
DMSoft: (yup, she died right about…now)
DMSoft: (also int checks)
Baltasar: (( scry and fry ftw ))
Baltasar: int check: [1d20+9] => [4,9] = (13)
Sidhe: [1d20+2] => [7,2] = (9)
Baltasar: (( fucking balls ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) finishes the prayer and makes it closer to the map the lightbringer.
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): [1d20] => [1] = (1)
Baltasar: (( i seriously wish i could just take 10 on these checks ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Nice lol))
DMSoft: *altharid gets a +5 bonus*
DMSoft: *since he realized the mind vanished*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((I also take a -2 on that, negative intelligence))
DMSoft: (lol)
Altharid: ((hmm int check [1d20+6] => [6,6] = (12)))
Baltasar: (( i mean honestly, i've got this literally god-like intelligence, and i can't get more than a 13 ))
DMSoft: (is that with the +5 altharid?)
Altharid: (heh the whiseperer aids [1d20-1] => [5,-1] = (4))
Altharid: (yes… I have only +1 int mod)
DMSoft: (lol, you guys are no fun…so I'll give it to balt)
Baltasar: (( :\ thanks i suppose ))
DMSoft: (after altharid tells you the mind left, you realize they are not really here to kill the dragon)
Baltasar: (( just blame python's RNG ))
DMSoft: (the black dragon)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) dozes off not really paying attention to what the hell was being said, drifting off into memories of the past laughing about them, perhaps feeling a little drunk from the ale.
DMSoft: (they must be here for some other reason)
Altharid: ((he so true Balt))
DMSoft: "so, will you do this?"-lightbringer
Baltasar nods his acceptance.
Altharid: (btw I should have detected the type of the hidden person aswell)
DMSoft: (human)
Altharid: (ok)
DMSoft: (i told you that btw)
Altharid: (ahh sorry missed that)
Baltasar: (( i would want to bargain about the price for the job, but we've already taken a while ))
DMSoft: *you are shown to the swamp*
Baltasar: (( DM, can i make another check to try and figure out what they're actually there for? ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) sees really nothing wrong with this "Lighting shall strike their hearts if them souls be Heretics. Paw said, those that hurt others shall be hurt themselves…yep"
DMSoft: *you notice dragon slayers with poles poking around the muck*
Baltasar: (( sense motive, diplo, gather info, or something else? ))
DMSoft: (you already gathered info outside the organization, now try withing)
DMSoft: (dc is now 25)
Baltasar strikes up a conversation with their guides.
Baltasar: gather info: [1d20+18] => [15,18] = (33)
DMSoft: "So, are you gonna help us find the thingy?"-guide
DMSoft: "I think it's a myth myself."-guide 2
Baltasar: "Oh certainly. Though it would help a little to get a second perspective on it. What do you think about it?"
DMSoft: *the guides describe an object with 3 dragon god's symbols on it*
Baltasar: (( err, three dragon gods or a dragon god's three symbols? ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) triest to recall some local knowledge on the creature, from what he heard on the streets before
DMSoft: (three dragon gods, io, bahamut, tiamat)
Altharid: ((lol where the hell is Gato now ? xD))
Baltasar: (( thought so ))
DMSoft: "Well, we're gonna look in this last area and move out."-guide 2
Baltasar: (( do i recognize this thing? it'd be know:arcana or know:religion, right? ))
DMSoft: "Assuming you kill whatever that thing is"-guide 1
DMSoft: (religion dc 40)
Altharid: (hmm use guidance of the cheesevator)
DMSoft: *the guides lead you to the edge of the shore of the lake and notion to the north*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) is stumped to know what this thing really is.
Baltasar casts Guidance of the Avatar on himself to help refresh his memory.
Sidhe: [1d20+6] => [20,6] = (26) / yeah
Baltasar: knowledge Religion: [1d20+39] => [1,39] = (40)
Sidhe: ((natural 20 :( ))
Baltasar: (( ok… LMAO ))
Sidhe: ((balt…))
DMSoft: (it's the trifecta of the dragonheart which was though just a legend)
Sidhe: ((I need to kill you now xD))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((LMAO))
DMSoft: (and yes, gato has it, but you don't know that)
DMSoft: (if they were to find it, it would possibly let them murder dragons easier than they do now)
Altharid: (heh)
Baltasar: (( honestly… not seeing a problem with that ))
Baltasar: (( except for the fact that Balt wants it ))
DMSoft: *the guides high tail it back to the camp*
Tark (enter): 22:27
DMSoft: *you stand near a lake with trees in it. the area is a bog. there are no signs of life*
DMSoft: *it is mid-day*
Baltasar activates Detect Thoughts and scans the area.
DMSoft: (range on that?)
Altharid: "What shall I know about those black dragons… besides of that they… breath…acid" - tlepathically to Balt
Baltasar: (( 60ft ))
Tark (exit): 22:28
DMSoft: nothing is detected
Sidhe dismounts, looking down into the lake.
Baltasar: "Ok, huddle up."
Baltasar describes black dragons in brief detail for the uneducated in the group
DMSoft: *perception sidhe*
Sidhe: [1d20-4] => [20,-4] = (16)
Baltasar: "Basically, don't let it close with you, and stay out of its frontal range.
DMSoft: *you notice there are lines in the lake bed aboute a foot across, they look unnatural*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) gets off the horse and cocks his musket, with the bayonet attached.
Altharid uses Touchsight if warned
Sidhe: "There are lines in the lakebed about a foot across. Unnatural."
Baltasar: "Ok, eyes open. I'm gonna take a look."
Altharid Altharid uses Touchsight
Altharid: (60 ft range detection)
DMSoft: *she points them out and they don't seem to crisscross, but go on in a long line 1'wide by many feet long*
Baltasar takes flight and skims out over the water, peering into the lake and at the surroundings.
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) casts Detect Magic…see if there is anything odd
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+27] => [8,27] = (35)
DMSoft: *nope, no magic*
DMSoft: *you see the lines curve around an area about a mile across*
Baltasar: (( what check to id them? ))
Baltasar: (( if any, of course ))
DMSoft: (you can make a knowledge nature or arcana)
Baltasar: know arcana: [1d20+23] => [16,23] = (39)
DMSoft: (actually, it's planes)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) keeps Battle Rage on with a smile to his face.
DMSoft: (but good enough to realize it's some kind of bulette)
Baltasar: (( so [16+19] => 35 ))
Baltasar: (( assuming i keep my previous roll ))
DMSoft: (a landshark and a big one at that made these marks)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((bulette -_-;))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at Baltasar "What do you see, Son?" he asks as he stands behind him a bit too close.
Baltasar swoops back to the group, not landing.
Altharid: ((Balth is invisible now… I guess))
Baltasar: (( nope, just flying ))
Altharid: ((ah I see))
Baltasar: "Ok, looks like we've got a landshark. So… this is gonna get iffy."
Altharid: "How big… is that 'landsharl' of yours ?"
Baltasar: "Al, keep a watch on the land. You'll feel it before we see it, cause they tunnel."
Altharid: *landshark
Altharid: "Tunnel…I see"
DMSoft: *balt knows it's huge*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) "Imma not gonna mind to keep this thing as a trophy…yep, them thing is like one of the stories my Paw used to tell me."
Baltasar: "And it's probably a good 20 feet or bigger
Baltasar: "Emphasis on bigger"
Baltasar: (( sidhe, i can make you some plant-based poison. The bulette has a +11 fort save at least, can you think of anything that would be slightly reliable? ))
Sidhe nods nervously.
Altharid: ((maybe magical beast bane would be nice… at least for your crossbow))
Baltasar: (( alth, it has a +25 grapple check at least, anything you want? ))
Altharid: ((I can get my check to 40))
Altharid: ((given some time))
Baltasar: (( so that's a no ))
Baltasar: (( soft, mind if we plan OOC for a minute? cause this will be pretty dangerous ))
Sidhe: ((black lotus extract, I think you need to get into animal for higher than 20))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Not much that I can do, just shoot it, and some swapped healing))
Altharid: ((I can also create some constructs with schism and use them as dimension swap locations))
DMSoft: (do what you need to do)
Baltasar conjures a bubble of Black Lotus Extract and lets it drop into a flask, handing it to Sidhe.
Sidhe: "Contents?" *accepts the flask, tying it readied for application to her belt*
Sidhe checks the contents.
Baltasar grins slightly, "Not quite as good as I'd like, but Black Lotus should do a little damage."
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Eeek I really better stay away from this thing
Baltasar: (( also, my computer just decided to start scanning viruses, so i'm lagging really bad ))
DMSoft: *the ground trembles alittle bit*
Baltasar: (( one sec ))
Altharid: ((I have detected something… trembling)) - to the others telepathically….
DMSoft: "it talks to minds…"-altharid hears in his mind
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks around "Them shark thing be coming…" he cocks his Musket attempting to get a good foothold himself.
Sidhe gets her crossbow out, poisons and readies a shot.
Altharid: "Curses… telepathy detector… shutting telepathic channel NOW" - to the others
Altharid: (init ?)
DMSoft: "where is it's mate?"-telepathic voice to altharid
DMSoft: (nope, you have no idea where it is)
Altharid: (I have touchsight running, 60ft range)
DMSoft: (lol, that's nice)
Altharid: "…" - keeps being silent
Altharid tries to detect something with his extrasensory abilities
DMSoft: (tremor and telepathy at much better range than you)
Altharid: (great)
Baltasar infuses Bane(Magical Beast) on Sidhe's crossbow, Greater Armor Enhancement on Alth, Sidhe, and Ferg's armor, and uses Concurrent Infusions on his own weapon, granting Bane(Magical Beast), Fiery Weapon Enhancement, and Magic Vestment for himself
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((lol this is the so called guardian…great))
(31662) Karma (enter): 22:48
Altharid equips guisarme
Baltasar: (( the armor enhancement is a +5 AC bonus for all three of you ))
(31662) Karma (exit): 22:48
Altharid: "Just give me a signal… I shall enter the Overdrive Mode… then… try to stay out of my range"
DMSoft: *altharid gets the impression he is being watched, but it keeps on asking where his mate is.*
Altharid 's eyes start to burn in crimson menacingly
Altharid: "Mate… what kind of … mate ?" - responds after few moments
Altharid: "More details required"
DMSoft: "the mate it has with it just moments ago."-voice
Sidhe glances towards Altharid with puzzlement briefly.
Altharid is clearly confused
DMSoft: (int check altharid)
DMSoft: (dc 10)
Altharid: (err maybe I can get some bonus from autohypno use ?)
DMSoft: (you can get a bonus because it's using a power you have)
DMSoft: (+5)
Altharid: ([1d20+5] => [15,5] = (20))
Altharid: (or rather 21)
DMSoft: (it's mindsighting you and the rest of the pcs, but can't see balt, but could see him before because it also has tremor sense)
DMSoft: (he's flying)
Altharid: (ahh I guess I know now… OOC)
DMSoft: *altharid knows and he also knows it will not attack you guys now*
DMSoft: *it's not that dumb*
Altharid: "Target…. not hostile… for now"
Altharid: "Sentient"
Baltasar idly adds Frost and Shock to his weapon as well.
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((for now :P?))
DMSoft: *the ground quakes alittle and gets less noticeable as if it's moving off*
Altharid: "Yes I have been receiving some telepathic broudcasts"
Altharid: (it is trying to leave….this way - to the others - telepathically)
Baltasar: "Lead on Macduff"
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) follows closely, looking around to see if there is anything else, the grin on his face slowly vanishing.
Altharid follows
DMSoft: (who's leading?)
Sidhe: "Hm … could you return them Altharid?" *get back into saddle… follw*
Altharid: (Alth tells telepathically to the others what the creature said to him)
Baltasar thinks for a moment, then touches back down.
Baltasar whispers to Alth, "Which way's it going?"
Altharid: "If you are refering to the broadcast… yes we could… communicate"
Altharid points out the direction
Sidhe puts both hands on crossbow again at the pause
DMSoft: (can altharid tremorsense?)
Altharid: (psicrystal has something… akin)
DMSoft: (range?)
Altharid: (gotta check it though)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at Altharid, puzzled "Hmmm why is the damn thing talking to you and not us?" Ferghuson was confused still not understanding waht Alharid was.
DMSoft: (who's in front by the way?)
Baltasar: (( alth is, with balt close behind ))
Altharid: (darn it … the sighted ability is no good)
Altharid uses Vigor on himself
Altharid: (hides the display)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Lol not me, I am just in behind Altharid and close to Sidhe.
DMSoft: *altharid finds the first hole, reflex dc 20)
Altharid: (shares with the crystal)
Altharid: (curses thats my weakest save…xD)
Altharid: (touchsight should help… or maybe not ?)
Altharid: (with the detection of that hole ?)
DMSoft: (you feel not much touchy, the hole is made by something that thinks in 100' terms
Altharid: (err so should I make the save or … not)
DMSoft: (basically, the hole is a trap under your radar)
DMSoft: (so yes)
Altharid: (good)
Altharid: (err no good)
DMSoft: (as in, you dig out a tunnel 80' below ground to collapse the top, like a minehole
DMSoft: (so, reflex)
Altharid: (so I will get to fall even though I have detected it ?(
DMSoft: [2d6] => [5,3] = (8) falling damage
Altharid: (or have I interpreted it wrongly)
Altharid: Saving Throws: Reflex [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11)
Baltasar: (( alth, you haven't even made the save check yet ))
DMSoft: it's just a pit trap that is earth collapsing
Altharid: (ok I have vigor online)
Altharid: (so 22 temp hps remaining)
Baltasar: (( DM, can i make a reflex save to catch him? ))
DMSoft: so you take some falling damage and are in a 20' pit
DMSoft: (sure)
Baltasar: reflex: [1d20+11] => [17,11] = (28)
Baltasar: (( not bad ))
DMSoft: (balt pulls back altharid)
DMSoft: (there is a 20' pit)
Altharid: (I use guisarme… to aid myself… so as not to drag Balt with me)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((He does not get hur then?))
Baltasar: "Watch your step"
Altharid: "I shal adapt then"
Baltasar peers into the pit, checking out the bottom.
Altharid orders psircrystal
Altharid: (to go in the front)
Baltasar: (( is it just a pit, or is there a tunnel? ))
Altharid: (we both have touchsight and vigor online)
Altharid: (share powers is nice)
DMSoft: it's the same as the soil he was standing on, the pit was the earth below it filling in
DMSoft: just a pit
Sidhe: "Somehow I doubt he would collapse pit traps we would…" *looking at the psicrystal*
Altharid: "I have not expected that"
DMSoft: "It follows. It goes away now."-voice to altharid's mind
Altharid: "I shall not fall for the same trick… twice"
Altharid: (broadcasts the message to the others)
DMSoft: *the ground starts to tremble again*
DMSoft: *it seems to be moving away, towards the north*
Baltasar grins.
Baltasar: "Well, let's start chasing.
Altharid: (knowledge psionics if that may be a phrenic creature)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) watches the pit trap collapse. "Hmm this damn sucker got himself traps? What this thing be…it be smart…."
Baltasar: "it's not like it can outrun us underground."
Altharid: Skills: Knowledge (psionics) [1d20+12] => [13,12] = (25)
DMSoft: (knowledge is planes altharid)
Sidhe: "Ask it why it kills the slayers."
Altharid: (ahh I see)
DMSoft: (it's some kind of fancy large bulette)
DMSoft: (huge)
Altharid: (Alth broadcasts the messages to the others instantly… should he receive any)
Baltasar: (( alth, you're in the lead, cause you're the only one who knows where it's going ))
DMSoft: *the ground will continue to quake if you chase it to the north*
Altharid: (the psicrystal is always in the front… it also has 30ft speed)
Altharid: (effects online on both of us… touchsight….. and vigor)
DMSoft: (eventually you come to a clearing and the quaking stops. You notice you are well outside the mile area it had marked)
DMSoft: "It has friends, you chase no longer!"-altharid hears in his mind as the ground starts to quake massively
Baltasar readies an action to take flight again if something shows up
Altharid: [imm action] => imm action
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) remembered wombat burrows, how he got stuck inside one as a child, not pleased at all.
Altharid: Grip of Iron (imm action) *You can hear within your mind sound of metal bars bending under someones superior grip*
Altharid: … linked to (expends psionic focus)
Altharid: Astral Construct (1 round) *Altharid leans back and spits a small globe of glowing ectoplasm which instantly takes a shape of humanoid figure with glowing red eyes and hair*
DMSoft: Int 2, magical beast x2 altharid
Altharid: (if it is possible)
DMSoft: (you can feel them coming from below)
Altharid: (altharid warns the others should they not notice the trembling)
DMSoft: 2 bulettes break the surface just as altharid completes his cheese
Sidhe: _yeah … dismount and ready a shot with the thing_
Baltasar jumps 30 feet into the air.
Altharid: (init ?)
Baltasar: initiative: [1d20+16] => [14,16] = (30)
DMSoft: intiative [1d20+2] => [13,2] = (15)
Baltasar: (( yeah, i had a readied action though ))
Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+7] => [12,7] = (19)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at the Bullets in utter shock, plastering a fearful grin [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15)
Baltasar: (( also, knowledge:planes to figure out wtf template these things have? ))
DMSoft: (sure thing just roll it for now)
DMSoft: (they are normal bulettes)
Baltasar: (( thought you said they were fancy or something ))
Sidhe shoots at the first bulette, then boosts init of altharid +5 [1d20+8] => [1,8] = (9) attack [1d6+poison] => 1d6+poison damage [1d20+9] => [17,9] = (26) init
Altharid: (huge… how close to me ?)
DMSoft: (the boss is)
Altharid: (hmm so I have 23 init now)
Sidhe: (I'd roll the damage again, but er, yeah)
Crismon (enter): 23:14
Crismon (exit): 23:14
DMSoft: (you missed sidhe)
Sidhe: (damn straight :P)
DMSoft: they are huge and both going after altharid
Baltasar: (( anyway, init order is me, sidhe, alth, ferg, and bulette? ))
DMSoft: bulettes
DMSoft: yes
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Should I try and shoot at those things?))
Baltasar takes two shots at whichever one looks more dangerous
Baltasar: +1 Bane Magical Beast Heavy crossbow: [1d20+8+5+3] => [7,8,5,3] = (23), Damage [1d10+3+7d6] => [9,3,2,1,4,5,6,2,2] = (34)
DMSoft: (sure, they aren't after you nontelepathic guy)
Baltasar: +1 Bane Magical Beast Heavy crossbow: [1d20+8+5+3-5] => [11,8,5,3,-5] = (22), Damage [1d10+3+7d6] => [3,3,1,5,4,6,5,1,2] = (30)
Baltasar: (( :D ))
Baltasar: (( love my crossbow ))
DMSoft: (that one is very hurt)
Sidhe repeats the process, seeking to redeem herself! [1d20+8] => [9,8] = (17) + bane attack, [1d6] => [6] = (6) + poison damage
Altharid: (7d6 ?)
DMSoft: miss sidhe)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): Touch [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22) damage [1d12] => [2] = (2)
Altharid: (ok astral construct should now appear)
Baltasar: (( +2d6 bane, +2d6 witchlight reservoir, +1d6 flaming, +1d6 frost, +1d6 shock ))
Baltasar: (( infusions ftw ))
Sidhe: ((with bane? what is bane to attack?))
DMSoft: (father hits it easily…for damage)
Altharid: (it attack stuff with his 10ft reach)
Baltasar: (( bane is +2 attack, +2+2d6 damage ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((For like 2 lol which is insignificant))
Sidhe: ((so 19))
Altharid: ([1d20+13] => [19,13] = (32)[1d20+13] => [17,13] = (30))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((I use my move action to reload))
Sidhe: ((and [6+2+2d6] => [8,2,4] = (14) damage))
DMSoft: (still a miss sidhe)
Altharid: (2 slams)
DMSoft: (unless touch?)
Sidhe: ((… no. I am throwing the flask next round, or an egg so help me mammon))
DMSoft: (altharid kills the hurt one)
Altharid: (does AC hit the wounded bulette ?)
Altharid: (32 and 30 on attack rolls)
Altharid: (that was my construct… now my turn)
DMSoft: (oh, I thought that was damage)
Altharid: Expansion (std action) *Altharid for a moment projects crimson aura which envolopes him and in a blink of an eye the character grows to a size rivaling that of the giants*
DMSoft: (k, they hit)
Altharid: Ectoskeleton (swift action) *Altharid pierces the Astral Construct next to him with his bare hand and assimilates its essence… in a blink of an eye the manifester grows long red hair and his eyes starts blazing with the same color*
DMSoft: (altharid's gonna want to make a reflex save)
Altharid: (altharid grow gargantuan)
Altharid: (extra standard action from belt of battle)
Altharid: (wait what … reflex ?)
DMSoft: (the earth is giving out from all the heavy)
Altharid: (great)
Altharid: (I am gargantuan now though)
DMSoft: (that's nice)
Sidhe: ((okay, perhaps I'll cast fly on a friend instead xD))
Altharid: ([2d8] => [3,1] = (4) overchannel damage)
Altharid: (does not matter as I will gain new temps from ectoskeleton)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Anyone hurt yet? lol))
Altharid: (Ref save [1d20-1] => [20,-1] = (19))
DMSoft: (can you roll damage on the bulette from the construct please?)
Altharid: (NAT 20)
Altharid: (ok)
Altharid: ([2d8+19] => [2,8,19] = (29))
DMSoft: (also you manage to get away scott free)
Altharid: (minus one)
DMSoft: (k, it's still up then)
Altharid: (ok now I grapple the guy)
Altharid: (I have natural 20ft reach)
Altharid: Grapple: Ectoskeleton Grabbing [1d20+14] => [4,14] = (18) melee touch
DMSoft: k, but you had to reflex away from the 100' hole
Altharid: (err I have still 5ft step available)
Altharid: (and 20ft reach)
Altharid: (so no full attack ?)
DMSoft: (the 20'x20' 100' hole)
Altharid: (I have avoided it)
Altharid: (nat 20)
DMSoft: (that you made by becoming super big)
DMSoft: (yeah, you had to move to not fall in)
Altharid: (so whats the situation now)
DMSoft: (you are just out of reach of both of them
DMSoft: you can 5' step if you wish
Altharid: (errr even if I move ?)
Altharid: (I have 40ft rach with myu guisarme then)
Altharid: (*reach)
DMSoft: (k, attack then)
Altharid: (is full attack possible ?)
Altharid: Attacks: Expansion II Ectoskeleton +1 Guisarme [1d20+15] => [9,15] = (24), damage [6d6+19] => [6,4,4,6,3,4,19] = (46)
DMSoft: (you wasted time with the reflex save)
Altharid: Attacks: Expansion II Ectoskeleton iterative +1 Guisarme [1d20+10] => [3,10] = (13), damage [6d6+18] => [1,2,3,5,4,6,18] = (39)
DMSoft: you kill the hurt one
Altharid: (so only one attack then)
Altharid: (kk end of my turn)
DMSoft: *the bulette leaps at you altharid*
DMSoft: [1d20+15] => [15,15] = (30)
DMSoft: [1d20+15] => [16,15] = (31)
DMSoft: [1d20+15] => [19,15] = (34)
DMSoft: [1d20+15] => [18,15] = (33)
Altharid: (dimension swap with whisperer)
Altharid: (if that would make me avoid some attacks)
Altharid: (he has hardness 8 baby)
DMSoft: how's whisperer's ac?
Altharid: (and 30 temp hp from vigor… should survive it)
Altharid: (26)
Alpharius (enter): 23:27
Baltasar: (( alth, don't forget your +5 AC from my infusion ))
Altharid: (has savnok bound)
Altharid: (yes but I have -4 dex and -4 size now)
Alpharius: Disconnecting from server…
Alpharius (exit): 23:27
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Yeah his shape change))
DMSoft: (2d6+40
DMSoft: (2d6+4)
Altharid: (and I have +13 armor bonus from ectosketon)
DMSoft: [2d6+4] => [6,5,4] = (15)
DMSoft: [2d6+4] => [3,3,4] = (10)
DMSoft: [2d6+4] => [6,4,4] = (14)
DMSoft: [2d6+4] => [2,4,4] = (10)
DMSoft: that's the damage from the claws if they hit
Altharid: (26 ac so they all hit)
Altharid: (-8 damage on each)
Altharid: (hardness 8)
Altharid: (so 7/2/6/2 -> 17)
Altharid: (still has 13 temp hps)
DMSoft: (k, now make a reflex save for yourself)
Altharid: (heh I shall call him 'force field' )
Altharid: (ehh again ?)
Altharid: (kk)
DMSoft: (you just moved didn't you?)
Altharid: (wait… even though I am flying ?)
DMSoft: (dimension hip hop)
DMSoft: (you're flying eh?)
Altharid: (yes I have moved)
DMSoft: (nevermind then)
Altharid: (yes I have chosen menu b option from ectoskeleton)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((He stays fly, no lie)
DMSoft: (the bulette is on whisperer then)
DMSoft: (you guys go)
Altharid: (heh spent 30 pp already)
Baltasar fires at his original target again: +1 Bane Magical Beast Heavy crossbow: [1d20+8+5+3] => [19,8,5,3] = (35), Damage [1d10+3+7d6] => [1,3,2,4,2,4,1,6,2] = (25)
Baltasar: (( is it still up? ))
DMSoft: the one that is uninjured is now injured
DMSoft: the other one is dead
Baltasar: (( oh wait ))
Baltasar: (( aww ))
Baltasar: (( lemme confirm the crit anyway ))
Baltasar: (( i want to blow it up ))
Baltasar: +1 Bane Magical Beast Heavy crossbow: [1d20+8+5+3] => [6,8,5,3] = (22) Crit confirm
Baltasar: (( oh yeah ))
Baltasar: (( 50 damage, one shot ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): Attack [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14) Dmg [1d12] => [11] = (11)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): the attack is touch, that seems like a no
Sidhe tries her crossbow one more time, unwilling to throw the flask at one bulette after the first was taken out fairly quickly [1d20+10] => [10,10] = (20) attack, [3d6+2] => [2,3,3,2] = (10) damage + poison
Baltasar takes his second shot, at the still living one: +1 Bane Magical Beast Heavy crossbow: [1d20+8+5+3-5] => [5,8,5,3,-5] = (16), Damage [1d10+3+7d6] => [4,3,2,5,6,2,3,5,6] = (36)
Altharid: ((heh you guys should be freaked out now… heck I am gargauntan…)
DMSoft: [1d20+11] => [11,11] = (22) fort save
Baltasar: (( bah, miss ))
Sidhe hopes to decrease its fortitude save against massive damage!
Dark Voice: (I should be using this alias now)
Baltasar: (( and damn, it saved :\ ))
DMSoft: (saves for massive damage)
Sidhe is used to altharid being scary buy now
Dark Voice: (ok… my turn now ?)
Dark Voice: (can I full attack it with 20ft reach ?)
DMSoft: (sure)
DMSoft: (sure)
Dark Voice: (good)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((I missed I take it lol))
Dark Voice: (I am grappling the beast)
Dark Voice: Grapple: Ectoskeleton Grabbing [1d20+14] => [3,14] = (17) melee touch
DMSoft: (no, you hit father)
Sidhe: ((so 20 not-touch missed?))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Oh really?))
Dark Voice: Grapple: Ectoskeleton Grabbing [1d20+14] => [10,14] = (24) melee touch, (x1) Primary Grapple [1d20+36] => [9,36] = (45)
Dark Voice: Grapple: Ectoskeleton Grabbing [1d20+14] => [19,14] = (33) melee touch, (x1) Primary Grapple [1d20+36] => [5,36] = (41)
Dark Voice: Grapple: Ectoskeleton Grabbing [1d20+14] => [15,14] = (29) melee touch, (x2) Secondary Grapple [1d20+31] => [5,31] = (36), [1d20+31] => [1,31] = (32)
DMSoft: he is grappled
Dark Voice: (err disregard the other ectoskleton grabbings)
Dark Voice: (ok roll opposed checks… I deal damage x4 times)
DMSoft: (his touch is insanely easy father)
Dark Voice: (once from estabilishing.. then pin…. then 2x damage)
DMSoft: (I can't beat that)
Dark Voice: (so 3x damage)
Dark Voice: (ok)
Sidhe: ((big creatures tend to have lot more natural AC than touch AC Father))
Dark Voice: Grapple: Ectoskeleton Grabbing [1d20+14] => [12,14] = (26) melee touch, Spiked Armor [3d6+10] => [1,5,5,10] = (21)
Dark Voice: Grapple: Ectoskeleton Grabbing [1d20+14] => [3,14] = (17) melee touch, Grapple damage [1d8+10] => [1,10] = (11)
Dark Voice: Grapple: Ectoskeleton Grabbing [1d20+14] => [3,14] = (17) melee touch, Grapple damage [1d8+10] => [5,10] = (15)
Dark Voice: (it is pinned)
DMSoft: yup, but alive
DMSoft: one more hit ought to do it
Dark Voice: (ignore the ectoskeleton grabbing thing… I forgot to uncheck the checkbox)
Baltasar: (( my turn? ))
Dark Voice: (ok its turn)
DMSoft: it can't break the pin
Baltasar: (( or bulette's ))
DMSoft: so yeah
Baltasar takes a last shot: +1 Bane Magical Beast Heavy crossbow: [1d20+8+5+3+2] => [8,8,5,3,2] = (26), Damage [1d10+3+7d6] => [5,3,5,4,2,4,2,4,1] = (30)
Dark Voice: (ok)
DMSoft: it dies
Baltasar: "Boom. Headshot."
Dark Voice keeps dismembering the creature even though it is not moving anymore
Baltasar drops to the ground, breaking his fall at the last second.
Dark Voice starts laughting maniacally
Baltasar: "So, Al… think you want to chill out there?"
DMSoft: *you all hear a low hum in the ground*
Dark Voice stops… as the tranformation fades
Dark Voice morphs back into…
Altharid: "…"
Altharid is panting heavily
Baltasar listens intently at the hum.
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) laughst at the Dark Voice, utterly apalled at the sickening spectacle he cringes his teeth at the destruction.
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+27] => [17,27] = (44)
DMSoft: *it's changing frequencies*
Altharid: "… this is the Overdrive Mode"
DMSoft: *it's very loud*
Sidhe turns her attention towards the hum, and… casts fly on herself…
Altharid: "Do not approach me… when I am in it"
Altharid flies up if ectoskeleton is still online
DMSoft: (balt looks up and sees 2 black figures in the sky flying towards the group*
Baltasar: (( sorry, brb 5 min ))
Baltasar: :(
DMSoft: (the group notices 2 young black dragons in the sky above)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) triest ot hide for cover, to the nearest rock or debris from the destruction.
Altharid: (Altharid leaves The whisper on the ground to serve as a teleportation beacon)
Altharid: (or flies down if the duration of Ectoskeleton - 8 rounds - is about to end)
DMSoft: it's been about 1 minute since the last bulette was killed
Altharid: (so Alths on the ground)
DMSoft: the dragons responded via fly by an arrow
Altharid: (buffs online: vigor, touchsigt)
DMSoft: yup, and you hear more voice in your head as the ground quakes and hums
DMSoft: "you go away now."
Altharid broadcasts the message to the rest
DMSoft: "you no taking that which we not have."
Altharid: ("What shall we do ?" to Balt)
Altharid: (telepathically)
Altharid: (hmm we will have to wait for balt to progress further)
DMSoft: (do we?)
Altharid: (I do not feel like acting in his place)
DMSoft: (you can't talk to it for yourself?)
Altharid: (I can…)
Altharid: (I assumed that it may be hostile)
DMSoft: (maybe sidhe should have spoken up before)
DMSoft: (aggressive negotiations)
Sidhe: (I said something earlier no?)
Altharid: (did Balt tell us about the draconic artifact thingy ?)
DMSoft: (yeah, you said something about asking it questions)
DMSoft: (nope, but it's protecting something obviously….or was)
Sidhe: "Ask it what we want! Wait."
Altharid: "I shall act as a relay then"
Altharid acts as a telepathic bridge between Sidhe and …. (?)
DMSoft: (it doesn't need you, it just doesn't bother with nontelepaths or things with less than 18 int)
DMSoft: (and it couldn't even see balt)
Sidhe: "What is it it does not have?"
Altharid: (I will act as a relay anyway as I am not the best negotiator anyway)
Altharid: (*delete one anyway)
DMSoft: *sidhe hears in her mind "not have the serenity"*
DMSoft: "that which the black loves, that which the silver loves, that which the red loves"
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at Sidhe, Altharid, and Baltasar up in the sky "And ask it what the heck does it want!"
DMSoft: *it goes on to name chromatic and metalic dragon types*
Sidhe repeats this, then raises an eyebrow towards Father
DMSoft: "I watch, but stranger takes it from water. I stay back"-voice to sidhe
DMSoft: "I have no more, you leave alone!"-voice
DMSoft: *the humming starts to grow less violent. the dragons fly to a higher altitude*
Altharid: (heh Gato… lol…)
DMSoft: "you leave now or I kill. plenty more down here."-voice to sidhe
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at Sidhe "What does the damn wombat want? Be it by Heironeuss himself I shall get a hoard of Priests to sanctify this location, by black powder if it just causing shinanigans"
Altharid: "…"
Sidhe: "… Us to leave."
Altharid: "I would advise against calling 'the entity'… this way" - to Father
DMSoft: *the humming stops completely and the dragons fly off
DMSoft: *the ground is silent and you don't feel anything…it is quiet*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((I love playing low intelligence score priests :P))
DMSoft: (so what do you guys want to do now?)
Altharid: "…"
DMSoft: (feel free to make trouble)
Altharid: "The Dragonslayers… will not be… satisfied… until we slay… that huge… 'Bullete'"
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at the other three "Now, why are we in this hole in the first place, heathens?" he says rather non-chalant
Baltasar: (( ok, back now ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at Altharid "So the damn wombat is the thing we are chasing?"
Altharid: "Says the one who has taken us to the Slayers"
Altharid: "I have no clue… for now"
Altharid: "From what Baltasar said…"
Altharid: "And from what I have detected.. normal 'Bullets' are just…. beasts… with a bit of magic in their blood"
Altharid: "This is why they are physically efficient"
Altharid: "Yet the entity"
Baltasar: (( sorry, trying to catch up, reading the log ))
Altharid: "Is at… different lvl"
Altharid: (*level)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) holds his musket up and over his shoulder "My paw always said to look back and take a step back… is this what the Dragon Slayers want?"
DMSoft: *you stand in the clearing and there's a pit in the middle that altharid avoided. it's quiet*
DMSoft: *the thing hasn't moved or said anything since contacting sidhe*
Baltasar: (( ok, up to speed ))
Baltasar: (( DM, can the bulette hear us speak? ))
DMSoft: (nope)
DMSoft: (unless it's telepathy with you specifically)
Baltasar: "Well, the Slayer captain wanted the bulettes gone. There's still one left."
Baltasar: "I say we finish the job."
Sidhe: "How do you propose we go about this?"
Altharid stretches a little
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) grins with his eyes watching Baltasar from under the hat "Seems good to me…" he says quickly loading another bullet to his musket.
Altharid: "We need to get rid of that favor-web with Radu…" - telepathically to Balt
Baltasar nods at Alth
Baltasar: "Well, I suppose we could try and lure the bulette out."
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) thinks very hard "We could just use a bait for the damn thing…what do they eat again?"
whispering to Sidhe, you recall he said there's plenty down here
Baltasar: "Only problem is, it's not just an animal. It has intelligence. If someone was shooting at you, then tossed a box of pastries to you, would you leave your hiding place?"
Baltasar: "Anyway, I think I know what it's been talking about."
Altharid: "Pastries" - Altharid thinks and the his thoughts shift to Mali for a moment… then he refocuses himself… psionically
Altharid: "Care to share… some of your… insights ?"
Baltasar: "The Slayer soldier mentioned that device, I recognize it. It's a dragon artifact.
Sidhe: "With the … others down there… and the missing … thing?"
Baltasar explains briefly about the Trifecta.
Baltasar: "And I'm just a little suspicious about this Bulette having lost something, and the Slayers trying to find something at the same time."
DMSoft: *basically he describes a holy symbol that a 3 gods put faith in*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) tries to picture the Trifecta with the symbols of the three dragons "Some damn false idol of sorts."
Baltasar: "How much would you like to bet the bulette had the trifecta, and the Slayers have been trying to track it down, but can't find it."
Altharid: "Still….it 'HAD' it…"
Baltasar grins slowly.
Baltasar: "So we should talk to it then."
Baltasar: "Find out how it lost it."
Altharid: (it said what happened to Sidhe)
Baltasar: "Think you can convince it to come to the surface? So I can speak to it face to face?"
Baltasar: (( oh, oops ))
Altharid: (albeit in vague way)
Sidhe seeks to impart the information again! erm, help soft? I can't remember specifically except where I was there so that overrides
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at Altharid "That will get the damn wombat out of its bat cave…" he really needs more of a lesson on nature.
Baltasar: "Can you ask it to describe the stranger who took it?"
DMSoft: (a stranger took it from the water.)
DMSoft: (it didn't see him, just tremor sense and mindsight)
DMSoft: (and tremor sense was off due to him being on the dam)
Baltasar: (( can it describe his size, weight, mind? ))
Baltasar: (( cause knowing even that will help narrow the field ))
DMSoft: (mind, he can tell you gato's int, but not that he's a dragonforged)
DMSoft: *the bulette tells sidhe it's intelligence)
Baltasar: (( that's fine, we'll just be on the lookout for a retard :P ))
DMSoft: (gato's)
Altharid: (gato has 11 int)
DMSoft: (so be on the look out for things with 11 int)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((not my retard, hey mine is underwhelming))
Sidhe seeks to convey that it is the high side of perfectly average for a human intelligence
Baltasar: (( glad i have Detect Thoughts… ))
Baltasar: "So… we're looking for a fairly average brain inside an unknown body."
Baltasar: "Ok, I think it'll be easier to just look for the artifact itself."
Altharid: (mindsight also detects type)
Altharid: (construct (living, dragonblood))
DMSoft: (yes, but it was obscured by the artifact itself)
Altharid: (ok)
Baltasar: "So now we have to decide if we're gonna kill this thing or not?"
Baltasar: "For that matter, whether we can kill it or not."
Sidhe: "Think the slayers will take us at its word about the … missing … goal?"
Altharid: "Artifacts….it sounds… powerful'
DMSoft: (can you guys tunnel?)
Sidhe: "And it claimed to have many more allies. Though its sending of them to get killed makes me wonder …"
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((I think it is better if we head back and talk about the artifact with the Lightbringer, any of you could squeeze some more info, then we can bait out the Voice))
Baltasar: (( i can cast Burrow, but i'm trying to figure out what to do first ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((And find Gato I guess))
Baltasar: (( also, i'd rather NOT get trapped down there with it ))
Baltasar: (( even if i can totally just Dimension Door away ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Yeah it is not our terrain, we got to drag it outside and outsmart him))
Sidhe: (we have two dead bulettes, and an artificer… this should be enough material to do many things but))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Get him on our terrain))
Baltasar: (( also, my big question is, do we even want to kill this thing? ))
DMSoft: (good question)
Baltasar: (( was it even the one attacking the slayers? ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((We need to ask the Lightbringer and confirm this))
Baltasar: (( Sidhe/Alth, ask if it was the one attacking them, or if that was the lesser Bulettes ))
DMSoft: (probably…but it's not attacking you probably because of balt)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Plus figure out about the artifact))
Baltasar terrifies the shit out of monsters.
DMSoft: (who it sees spiratically)
Baltasar: (( sporadically? ))
DMSoft: (it's just that he can't see you unless you stand on the ground)
Baltasar: "Ok guys, I'm going to try a bluff.
Baltasar: "Try and draw it out, then we'll subdue it."
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Hence why it can see me, but I am too 'dumb' to really pose a threat to this thing))
Baltasar: "I'll start walking away, and take flight after a hundred feet or so
Baltasar: "Then I'll fly back, see if it comes up."
Altharid: "I shall act as relay then…. if it will be eager to communicate"
DMSoft: (so is that what you're doing?)
Baltasar starts walking away, infusing Merciful on his crossbow, and swapping out his witchlight reservoir.
Altharid: (if vigor is not online I activate it as soon as he hears the voice… hides the display)
Baltasar walks for 6 rounds at 40ft/round
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Ok I guess we shall be not gathering info))
Baltasar: (( so 240ft away, then take flight ))
DMSoft: (still invisible?)
Baltasar: (( nope ))
DMSoft: [1d20+17] => [3,17] = (20)stealth
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) cocks his gun ready to fire at any incoming wombats, still on the ground the thing probably senses him, but regardless it stays where it is at, getting to some higher ground atop of the rocks, still finding possible cover.
Baltasar: perception : [1d20+27] => [20,27] = (47)
DMSoft: *you notice the 5 lizard men who fire arrows at you but miss*
Baltasar: (( kool-aid man's voice: "Oh yeah!" ))
Baltasar takes flight and cloaks.
Baltasar: init: [1d20+16] => [10,16] = (26)
Altharid: (is Balt only in combat ?)
DMSoft: (are you going to kill them?)
Baltasar: (( unsure actually ))
Altharid: (he has merciful on his crossbow)
Altharid: (it should be stilla active)
DMSoft: (no combat is required, they are level 1 baddies)
Baltasar: (( oh, good point ))
Baltasar: (( yeah, i'im just gonna shoot them with merciful ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Oh my turn lol))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((To do something actually…))
Baltasar: (( a single shot will drop them way into negative nonlethal damage ))
DMSoft: (he's 240' from you guys and some random lizards are firing at him)
Baltasar: (( want to actually run the combat? ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Hopefully not letting you guys waste resources…))
DMSoft: (no, it's not required)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Well they are kind of waste we got bigger landfish to fry))
Baltasar: (( ferg, no offense, but i'm gonna drop these guys in 3 rounds, before you can even get over here :\ ))
DMSoft: (you knock them out easily)
Baltasar: (( soft, my average damage is 36.5 nonlethal ))
Baltasar: (( so it'll be MANY hours until they wake up ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Doesnt nonlethal after a while becomes lethal?))
DMSoft: *the bulette hasn't moved*
Baltasar scans the swamp with Detect Thoughts for any others
Baltasar: (( no, it doesn't ))
DMSoft: (you detect kobolds, lots of them)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Like beyond a point? Oh then nevermind I am confusing it with Pathfinder))
DMSoft: (they seem to be moving toward the sunless citadel to the west)
Baltasar: (( Soft, just want to point out that i'm well beyond the bulette's tremorsense range ))
Baltasar: (( unless it has a ridiculous increase to the standard bulette ))
DMSoft: (I know, he's not moving)
Baltasar: (( also, what are the kobolds thinking? ))
DMSoft: (he can't detect you when you fly)
Baltasar: (( DC 21 will save vs Detect Thoughts ))
DMSoft: (kill dragon slayers)
DMSoft: (traps are nice)
Baltasar: (( oh neat ))
Baltasar: (( but just to confirm, the Slayers hired us to take out the bulettes, not the lizardmen or kobolds, right? ))
DMSoft: *he stopped detecting you the second you stepped away from altharid btw*
DMSoft: (yup)
Baltasar: (( hmm, kk ))
Baltasar flies back to the others.
Baltasar: "He still quiet?"
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Well he did say that it was some large creature we had to deal with, the Kobolds are whatever))
DMSoft: (yup)
Baltasar: "Ok, my only thought now is to go in after him."
Baltasar: "Al, you think you can drag it to the surface?"
Altharid: "Lets see" - telepathically
Altharid: "We might bluff it…. and tell that we will tell it where the trifecta carrier is … or something similar" - telepathically
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Maybe ask about the artifact, or suggest it or get within range and force it to get up mentally or so))
Altharid: "It seemed to be …. obsessed with it" - continues
Baltasar: "Ok, try that then."
Altharid: "Sidhe… guide my words…." - to Sidhe telepathically
Sidhe nods and offers Altharid words.
Altharid tries to seek telepathic contact with the creature
DMSoft: (it's out of range)
Altharid: (darn it…)
Altharid: "Curses….out of… range" - to the others telepathically
Altharid: 'Maybe I shall descend down this… tunnel ?" - to the others
Sidhe sighs.
DMSoft: (the pit is 20x20 100' deep)
Altharid sends The Whisper down… he has 20ft climb speed
Baltasar: (( is it a pit or a tunnel? ))
DMSoft: (pit)
Altharid: (the whisperer is buffed with vigor and I can swamp with him… should the worst happen… I have 1 mile telepathy range with him)
DMSoft: (after about 60' you start to pick up signs of it)
Altharid: (*swap)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((The creature can detect you even if you cant…the thing has a deeper reach…I think it will know…it also told us to stay away it will be aggressive))
Altharid: (we just want to communicate with it)
Altharid: (I activate touchsight again if it is offline and use it on the crystal)
DMSoft: "go away, I hibernate now."-voice to sidhe
Altharid acts as a relay between the whisper and the creature
Altharid: *the Whisperer
Sidhe repeats this puzzled
DMSoft: *altharid detects more minds near it, monterous creatures int 3*
Altharid: (Altharid also reports that)
Altharid: (whats the type of the boss ?)
DMSoft: (outsider, int 12)
Altharid: (Alth reports everything)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at Sidhe and Altharid "This dang thing be stupid…just fetch it out…get it to come on out to the grass…"
Altharid: "It is smarter… than you" - snickers
DMSoft: "go away!"-voice to sidhe…the ground starts humming
Altharid: "I can detect efficiency of ones circuits without problme you see'
Sidhe: "Let us speak with you. We can help you find what you have lost."
Altharid: *problem
Baltasar infuses Bane(Outsider) on his crossbow
DMSoft: "I need not find it, it do fine on it's own."-voice
DMSoft: "I try to sleep, you leave us."-voice
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) screams out ot Altharid "What the heck do you mean, heathen?" he looks at Altharid with a grin hidding anger, he did infact not understand how a wombat could be smarter than he is
Baltasar: "Mr. Ferghuson, do be quiet."
DMSoft: *the ground humming starts to fade*
Sidhe: "Do not return to the lake. It is only danger and what was there is not left to guard."
Baltasar grunts irritably.
DMSoft: "I sleep, you friend of swamp, I sense"-voice
Baltasar: "So I take it we're not going to get this one?"
DMSoft: "they no friend of swamp."-the voice links you to balt and altharid
Altharid: (Altharid would answer if he was not acting as a relay)
Baltasar: "Heh, no shit."
DMSoft: "you leave me alone, I tell you were dragon leave stuff?"-voice to sidhe only
Sidhe: "It is my home and not theirs. Will you not return to the lake?"
DMSoft: "I no go back there, this home!"-voice
Sidhe: "… I think we could manage that."
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at the others "We would need a damn crane to haul this thing…"
Sidhe: *to baltasar* "If it does not return to the lake, the guardian is no more, we have done our job."
Sidhe is a master of logic.
DMSoft: *the bulette shows sidhe an image of a tree she saw on the way here…inside there's a sack of jewels*
Baltasar nods in agreement
Baltasar: "Kinda wanted another trophy, but this is fine."
Baltasar begins investigating the bulette corpses, considering what to take.
Altharid: (after the conversation is done the Whisperer climbs back)
DMSoft: (they make great armor for newbs)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at Baltasar "Heh, a Bulette mantlepiece, makes a good dinner decoration."
Altharid: (one of the bullets is a bloody mess)
Altharid: (thank Dark Voice for that)
Sidhe: "Thank you. Let us depart … also, the claws … don't take too long or say all that."
Baltasar settles on a canine tooth from each, as well as the largest claw from each front right foot.
Altharid: (bulettes)
whispering to Sidhe, this is one of those rare cases where an overpowered pc scared off the bbeg
Baltasar: (( how much does a bulette weigh? and how long would it take to skin it? ))
Baltasar: (( or otherwise prepare it for turning into something valuable ))
DMSoft: Bulette Bulwark (Shield)
Aura Faint abjuration; CL 9th
Slot shield; Price 9,157 gp; Weight 15 lbs.
Fashioned from a buletteā€™s neck armor, this +3 heavy
shield is as hard as steel (hardness 10, 20 hp). Because it
is not made of metal, druids can use it without penalty.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, 1 intact set
of neck plates from a bulette; Cost 4,657 gp, 360 XP
Delving (Armor Quality)
Aura faint transmutation; CL 5th
Price +2 bonus
Wearing armor with this quality grants you a burrow
speed of 10 feet. This speed allows you to tunnel
through any type of soil, including rocky soil, but not
actual stone. This quality does not give you the ability to
breathe underground, so you must hold your breath or
use other magic that provides air. You gain a +4 bonus
on all saving throws against landslides, avalanches,
tunnel collapses, and similar effects. This armor quality
may not be applied to shields.
Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, soften earth
and stone, 25 lbs. of bulette armor plating
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): (Bulette armor :P nice, I could use a piece of it to improve my AC)
Sidhe: ((balt, fabricate into usable pieces, because survival takes too long!))
Baltasar: (( heh, forgot about fabricate ))
Baltasar: (( alth, mind carrying some in your haversack? ))
Baltasar: (( i've got balt and mali's to use, we can take out probably 100lbs or so ))
Baltasar: (( DM, how much is available? ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((I imagine you all can retrieve it from the second Bulette even if it is a mess))
DMSoft: (enough to make 2 sets of each of those things)
DMSoft: (the bulettes aren't the prize)
Baltasar: (( yeah, we'll give one set to ferg, and one of the other newbies will probably be interested ))
Baltasar: (( maybe someone in the cranes ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Much appreciated lol))
Baltasar fabricates the bulette plating into manageable pieces, stashing them in his packs.
Sidhe seeks to detour to the tree… without npcs other than companions in tow
Sidhe does this after we escape
Baltasar: "So, ready to go?"
Baltasar: "Keep an eye out, there's some lizardmen and kobolds around."
DMSoft: [1d20+17] => [5,17] = (22)
DMSoft: stealth
Baltasar: "In fact, we could probably get a bounty from the Slayers if we deliver the lizardmen i captured to them."
Baltasar: "Cause they're the black dragon cultists
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) puts his gun away over his shoulder, he tilts his hat up attempting to look around for Kobold and Lizardmen.
Baltasar: perception vs stealth: [1d20+27] => [9,27] = (36)
Altharid: (I have touchsight online)
DMSoft: you see kobolds in the swamp
Sidhe: "Perhaps a small one."
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): Perception [1d20+3] => [4,3] = (7)
DMSoft: (they are setting traps)
Baltasar activates Detect Thoughts vs the kobolds to see if they're after us.
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+15] => [16,15] = (31)
Altharid: (perception for range above 60ft)
DMSoft: (kill dragon slayers…they not dragonslayers…must make traps good)
Baltasar whispers, "Don't bother with them, they're not after us."
Baltasar: (( alth, are you capable of carrying a group of 5 small sized humanoids? ))
Baltasar: (( all extremely unconscious ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) spits out some phlem "Damn filthy false dragon loving heathens.If we had the time…"
Altharid: ((heh sure thing))
Sidhe nods to balt's whisper, trying not to let the priest's presence disturb her too much
Altharid: ((I can augment expansion to last 60 minutes))
Altharid: ((correction… 80 minutes))
Baltasar: "Righto, back to the camp."
Baltasar leads the way after loading Al up.
Baltasar keeps an eye out for nasties and monsters along the way.
Altharid: ((ok 3pp for augmented expansion))
DMSoft: *the trip is uneventful*
DMSoft: "Ah, you caught those nasty dusk lizard things!"-random slayer
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Also quite obnoxious with Father Ferghuson insulting more lizard-like creatures on the way back))
Baltasar: "They're not terribly bright. The five of them ambushed me before I'd even seen them."
Baltasar: "You'd think they'd have better survival instincts."
Sidhe ponders if her scales will trigger an insult somewhere here
DMSoft: "Well, we'll take them from here."-random slayer
Baltasar: "Well, I think I'd rather deliver them to your captain personally."
Sidhe: "Any bounty on them?"
Baltasar: "They're very disabled, so it'll be safe."
DMSoft: "oh, we have an honor system. You will be rewarded."-random slayer
Baltasar: "Oh I believe you, I do. But it'll make a better story to have everything together at the same time."
Baltasar grins winningly
DMSoft: "I see, maybe he'll let you kill them yourself then."-random slayer
Baltasar: Diplomacy to get my way: [1d20+22] => [18,22] = (40)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) blahs on "They be damn stupid, they like to hide under tables, boarded pannels, they do not really know what to do." He follows the four of them still grinning once more holding his gun up as he makes it near the dragonslayer encampment
DMSoft: *you make your way to Lightbringer's tent*
Altharid: "…" - obverves the surrondings carefully… trying to notice the creture with 32 int again
Altharid: *surroundings
Altharid: (buffs online
DMSoft: (nope not here)
DMSoft: *perception dc 25*
Altharid: Vigor, Expansion, Touchsight + Mindsight)
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+15] => [15,15] = (30)
Baltasar: (( i would, but my bonus is higher than 25 ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) yawns as he scratches his beard, clearly unaware of his surroundings, hidding deep deep inside the fears of wombat holes of the past.
Baltasar: (( so not even gonna bother ))
DMSoft: (you see a familiar claw on the table…it's the green wurm's)
Baltasar: (( mostly because i don't want o accidentally waste a good roll :( ))
Baltasar: "Oho. I see you work quick."
DMSoft: "So, I see you ran into those stupid lizards."-lightbringer
Baltasar: "Yeah, they tried to ambush me when we were flushing out the monsters."
DMSoft: "It was dead about a minute after you pointed it out…no lie"-lightbringer
Baltasar shows off the claws, "Turns out it was a couple bulettes, or landsharks."
Baltasar smiles and nods cheerfully, "I'm very glad to hear that."
DMSoft: "Oh, good, we can go find the dragon then."-lightbringer
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) decideds to not really say too much about the other voice, as long as the thing did not push or aid the heathens, he would not care…some Priest he was.
Baltasar: "Indeed. In fact, you might want to interrogate these fellows."
DMSoft: *he calls in some people and tells them to go out to teh swamp*
Baltasar: "We've run into their tribe before, they worship the dragon."
Altharid tossess the dragonblood creatures
DMSoft: "Oh, we don't talk to lizards or dragon worshippers."-lightbringer
Baltasar: "Not even to be more effective?"
DMSoft: "they will be executed."-lightbringer
Sidhe: (poison dusks are not typically dragonblood, dragon cultists though)
Baltasar shrugs, "Each to their own I suppose."
DMSoft: "They are known for their lies."-lightbringer
DMSoft: "You may have the honor."-Lightbringer gives balt a fancy masterwork dagger from his desk
Baltasar checks the dagger with Detect Magic, just in case
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) grins to the lightbringer "Seems the most logical and respectable thing to do, Lightbringer."
Baltasar: (( I've got it as a permanent spell ))
Altharid: "Heh honor in slaying… an unconscious foe" - to Balt telepathically
DMSoft: (just masterwork, but lightbringer lights up)
Baltasar: (( kk ))
Baltasar slits the lizardmen's throats, careful to not get any blood on himself.
Sidhe gets 20 bluff not to show that she is blushing under her scales at the 'known for their lies' part
DMSoft: "Very good, now for your rewards."-lightbringer
DMSoft: "200 gp per lizard, and 8000gp for the bulettes."-lightbringer
DMSoft: "0h, and 4000gp for the wurm."-lightbringer
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) looks at the slitting of the Lizardmen, flashbacks burn through his head of the old lizard's life flowing through his fingers, agony of torment past it digs through his brain to a cry rises up inside….then he flashes back to reality listening in again to the Lightbringer.
Baltasar glances at the others, "Sounds fair to me."
DMSoft: "that's a tidy sum!"-lightbringer
Baltasar: (( i take it that's 13k to be split 4 ways, not 13k each? ))
Baltasar: (( just making sure ))
DMSoft: (hold on just a second balt)
Baltasar: (( kk, take your time ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((I cannot believe I actually damaged buletts lol with a level 1 character))
Sidhe: (( I split the jewels I got (5k) between us also, though obviously not here))
DMSoft: (so that's 4500gp each)
Baltasar: (( cool ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Yeah to head back to the tree and all.))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Nice…))
DMSoft: (also, experience will be a river for father)
Baltasar: (( and ferg, you've got some excellent ranged attack, so it's not really that surprising ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Yeah lol even though I did chumpchanged damage, I need something to focus the damage dealing))
Baltasar: (( would have done more if i hadn't been more worried about your defence, cause i would have given you an offensive infusion ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((True say if I get hit ONCE I just blop.))
Baltasar: (( but i figured you'd rather have a 35% chance of survival vs the bulette than a 10% chance ))
DMSoft: (altharid's go grapple it would have been bad for his items)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((mhm))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((This was pretty fun overall a Chaotic Good working with Evil characters lol))
Altharid: ((errr acid damage vs items ?))
Baltasar: (( not only evil, but all three of us are Lawful Evil ))
Altharid: ((yeah I was about to say that))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Err Sidhe is Neutral Evil though))
DMSoft: (anyway, experience will be 6600 for the mains and 10000 for father)
Sidhe: ((no, I'm Lawful Evil more than any of those two, ah, apatheists))
DMSoft: *the dragonslayers don't find what they are looking for and move out the next day*
Sidhe: ((I actually actively worship a devil))
DMSoft: *they claim to have killed the black dragon but show the green dragon claw as proof*
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Ah lol I must have misread lol now this is something funny shit right here this guy just must be extremely obnoxious for your characters))
DMSoft: *the radu reward the party with 2000gp each*
Baltasar realizes why the Slayers were so VERY pleased to hear about the green dragon
DMSoft: (everybody is happy)
DMSoft: (except the green dragon…who died by factotum 12)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((lawl))
Baltasar asks Sidhe, "And you're sure Mali wasn't captured by the Slayers?"
DMSoft: *two days after the slayers leave, mali shows up in her bed in the guild…in fancy silk pajamas*
Baltasar: (( :| ))
Baltasar doesn't even want to know
Sidhe: "I am sure." *after two days*
Altharid: (The whisperer was sent to spy)
Altharid: (so Alth got the info soon)
Altharid: (1mile telepathy range is nice)
Mali: "What did I miss?"
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((I made it to level 5 already?))
Mali: (yes, in one shot father)
Altharid comes to the Guid Hall
Baltasar: (( holy assballs ))
Baltasar: (( seriously? ))
Altharid: (yes just from watching us fight :P)
Mali: (yup, he did)
Baltasar: (( you know, i'm very ok with that ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Yeah… HEY I SHOT SOME BULETTES))
Mali: (he shot it 2x and did some nice damage on the second shot)
Baltasar: (( cause to be honest, it sucks having so few decent leveled PCs ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Those things are like CR 7))
Mali: (CR for that encounter was 9)
Altharid: (yup indeed it does Balt)
Baltasar: (( and with the entire party being closer leveled, the encounters can bem ore interesting ))
Mali: (CR for the traps was 9)
Sidhe: "Ah… we missed you quite a bit, and Baltasar has your things."
Mali: (CR for the boss was 13, but you didn't fight him because balt scared him)
Sidhe: "And … a fair bit more. Where were you?"
Baltasar: (( been keeping them safe from Alth's creeping ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((May the hot asian looking chick from the library))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((*Mali))
Mali: "Some guys hit me with a ray and kidnapped me."
Baltasar: (( balt probably scared him because there ain't shit the boss could do to me ))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((I have been looking through the character rooster))
Altharid: 'Err you see I have…. a question' - to Mali and Sidhe after the Creeper comes into the guild-hall
Baltasar: (( and since the thing probably couldn't fly, i could very easily just kill it at range ))
Altharid notices Mali in pijamas
Altharid turns back
Altharid hides nosebleed
Altharid: "Excuse me… for a moment"
Mali: "then they were all like…write your book!"
Mali: "and they stole it!"
Mali: "The orphans will be so upset!"
Altharid: (ah I am so close to leveling up)
Altharid: (just 1080 xp more)
Baltasar: (( oh bitchin' ))
Baltasar: (( i just hit level 9 ))
Baltasar: (( :D ))
Baltasar: (( alth, guess what ))
Altharid: "Err ya see…. erm… seeing that Griswol has sold his… estabilishment… errr I have nowhere to go…"
Sidhe: "Ah… so that's what that was about .then …?"
Baltasar: (( i've got Bind Elemental ))
Altharid: (how the heck balt ?)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host) hangs back with the Dragon Slayers, possibly working on a small church, doing services for Heironious. Small charity and help with children's education (Even though he is probably less smart than a 5th grader)
Altharid: ((err you get some bonus xp or something ?)
Mali: "Yeah, and they said they'd be back. They were so mean…pampering me like that."
Baltasar: (( i had 40070xp, +16600 is 56670 ))
Altharid: (wait 16600 ?)
Baltasar: so unless father wasn't worth the 10k soft said he was…
Altharid: (wasn't it 6600)
Mali: father gets 10000, you guys get 6600
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Oh yes let me show you guys a sketch of Father Ferghuson))
Baltasar: (( ooooh ))
Mali: he gets more because he had more risk…and he did
Baltasar: (( confusion figured out ))
Mali: the 2 dragons would have instantly killed his ass
Baltasar: (( well, i'm 3k ish away now ))
Altharid: (you see balt I have participated in more sessions than ya… so … I should have more xp now)
Mali: darn, bill's next game then
Altharid: (1080 from 9 now)
Baltasar: (( also, why are you all calling him Father? ))
Baltasar: (( that's a title ))
Baltasar: (( not his name ))
Sidhe: "Ah, you want me to stay with the cranes Altharid? … Cook for us maybe?"
Mali: lol, just a force of habit
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((well you can call me Father, I am certified minister lol))
Sidhe grins slightly at the thought.
Baltasar: (( yes, but your name is ferghuson ))
Altharid: "I can…"
Mali: also, lol at shooting bulettes
Baltasar: (( so unless we're actually part of your congregation, that's what we should call you ))
Sidhe: *you want to
Altharid is still turned back… he does not want to get more nosebleeds
Baltasar: (( pansy ))
Baltasar: (( dude, you have eidetic memory ))
Baltasar: (( sure it's worth a little blood loss ))
Mali: so mali gets masterwork silk pajamas which give +2 to lucid dreaming
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Hey I heard you like bullets so we put a bullet on a bullet, so you are bullet time with bulletes inside bulletes))
Altharid: (( he has cought a glimpse … that is enough for him))
Baltasar: (( also, how come i never get female NPCs swooning over Balt, he's got 20 cha ))
Altharid: ((*caught))
Sidhe: (lol, I need those just to negate my wisdom penalty… know what I'm making next!)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((He be bald))
Mali: lol, charisma works in reverse for guys
Baltasar: (( though i suppose balt's charisma is more personality ))
Mali: games over btw, you can stop (())
Sidhe: ((because you've expressed a desire not to mix romance in too much actually. :P))
Baltasar: point
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((So I get more Action points…O.o))
Altharid: "So…. errr…. may I stay… in… here"
Mali: poor farris failed his quest
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Do my points stack every level or they reset?))
Baltasar: DMs, be glad i don't have balt try and seduce NPCs
Altharid: (the action points do not accrue)
Sidhe: ((reset))
Altharid: (you get a new set after lvling up)
Baltasar: cause he's got a hideously high charisma check
Mali: I'm eager to see what Bill does when he finds out I factotum killed his dragon
Altharid: (7 action points for a 5th lvl char)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((So 5+5 =10 then))
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Oh lol nmvd))
Altharid: (heh roc's gonna be pissed… he is 4th lvl)
Sidhe: "It'd be fine with me. Alright you think, Mali?"
Baltasar 's going to avoid leaving the library for several days, just to force Mali to come there for her stuff.
Mali: "In this room? Weird…you kind of creep me out."
Altharid: "…"
Mali: "Those clothes are scary."
Altharid: "They are good… for … err… business"
Altharid: (these are pirate clothes)
Mali: "Aren't you a cook?"
Sidhe: "They're very cool, but probably not to sleep in so much."
Altharid: "I was… till I was fired"
Baltasar: (( he got fired, so he's a pirate now ))
Mali: (and yes, he sold the water dragon inn, which is now Pork-Bucks)
Mali: (that's more for monday's game tho)
Mali: (those bulette things are pathfinder and should be in the srd)
Sidhe: "He should stay and be a cook for us. We can use the unused storefront as a men's bedroom if you really don't want to sleep with them in the same room, til we put dividers up."
Mali: "So, I should start saving money."
Baltasar: (( ahh, good ))
Sidhe: "There've been people asking about your paintings."
Baltasar: (( alth! don't do it. You're the Errant Venture's Chief Mate, you don't need to work for the girls ))
Altharid: (tell that to someone who is… attracted to someone)
Mali: "I should get back to that. Larry Dotter just isn't in me right now…also I don't want super wizards kidnapping me right away."
Altharid: (he can be a chief mate… and a cook at the same time I guess)
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Lawl, he be jealous no looks :P he just needs a hair growing spell))
Altharid: (you can conserve the cooking with ray of frost… yes I have it as an SLA)
Mali: (you can get some poor guy to drink man-tea and then explode him into a refrigerator)
Altharid: "Err… I …. liked… the …uhmm…. books"
Sidhe: ((lol. that sounds … entertaining … but … ))
Altharid: (recites few good quotes via autohypnosis)
Mali: (man-tea is an E6 problem now)
Mali: "Oh, I really don't want to think about it right now….they tortured me…with comfort and room service."
Mali: "The palm trees were too much."
Sidhe chuckles slightly.
Altharid mentally facepalms… and wonders in his mind what keeps him attracted to her…
Mali: (a jumplomancer jumped in and she had to write the book for them)
Altharid: (heh)
Sidhe presumes it is hard-wired, because it's inexplicable otherwise
Altharid: (thankfully it was not arseplomancer… yes that build exists)
Altharid: (*an)
Mali goes on to explain paradise as if it was torture
Father Ferghuson (Shadow Host): ((Thats how he looks like, sketched it quicktimes :P))
Sidhe is a total hypocrite because she fined the lass quite cute herself

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