Old Castle Darnten


Ruins of an ancient citadel that once resided within the lands that now lay in swamp fog and forestry.
The site itself is located not so far from Avalon, eastwards from the city to be precise.

Current state: The fortress has been largely repaired/renovated by the means of co-operation between Azure Savant… and Rick Dodger (who funded the venture mostly


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Rokugan Civil War (Preparations Part 1) 12-28-2012 Lumen had left a hidden message in his lecture of this meeting place to those who would have felt as he felt.
2 Doomcape exploration (part1) 01-28-2013 Mentioned more than few times in the rumors heard by Seren Coltrane. According to those many who ventured there… never returned back.
3 Doomcape exploration (part2) 02-07-2013 Frozt's map was apparently guiding him towards the castle.
4 Doomcape exploration (part3) 02-10-2013 The party finally made it. They also met Beatrice Erisdotr, who wanted to purify the place from something dating back to the Bloodstained Age.
5 Pamela Ibis pc creation 02-10-2013 Pamela Ibis was the daughter of major military commander. Both her and her parents were slaughtered back in the days of the castle's demise. Recent disturbances on the area caused her to come back from the dead.
6 Doomcape exploration (discere arcanum) 02-12-2013 Kimonto and Rick Dodger reached (unintentionally) a floor full of various arcane circles, some of them were responsible for powering rather unique sort of golems.
7 Doomcape exploration (part4) 02-13-2013 After making to the the castle the party, explored the castle with the aid of Beatrice Erisdotr. They found a Abyss gate being used by the infamous Chaos Caller.
8 Doomcape exploration (part5) 02-15-2013 Once the orbs were retrieved, the party went back to 'when' the castle was last attacked.
9 A bad fox's... bad day ? 02-25-2013 A ghostly procession of at least few armies, varied in composition, marched towards the the fortress.
10 Doomcape Exploration (epilogue) 03-24-2012 The castle, at least within Darnten Siege, was able to launch high into the skies as … tis was a great flying isle since the beginning, grounded for some reason. In such an empowered state, however, the fortress' mythalar-powered defenses were more than enough to make the attacking forces retreat… after all one of the rays fired from the central tower was able to reshape the nearby mountain range…
11 Magic in my belly~ 03/26/2013 Azure Savant gains some sort of permit or paper work relating to the old castle. Before that he landed with Azure Fortress embedding the structure into the sunken flying isle core of the fortress.
12 Elemental Issues 04/19/2013 Mentioned during the conversation between Isaac and Rick Dodger.
13 Foxy ingredient 07-22-2013 Azure Savant proceeded with his mysterious experiment (which involved using Kimonto as a… catalyst) in grand, spherical chamber of the castle where a renovated mythalar was operating.
14 Webs of Vanity (part3) ~ 08-20-2013 Yagiuma and Miyu witnessed the whole, renewed fortress setting of for the skies above ! A characteristic *Eyooooooo* of Kimonto's was from the very same direction.
15 Darkened Enlightenment 02-07-2014 The negotiations between Rick Dodger and Lumen took place there. In the end Lumen left there, a peculiar reminder of his presence - a crystallized statue of the double he sent for the negotiations, still standing there in the castle's courtyard.
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