Obscured Isle(s)


Located 2 days of sailing to the south from the Unmarked Island. For reasons unknown… only plant live thrives on this land-mass in the middle of the ocean…or at least tis appears like that.

According to the recent discovering one should actually consider that part of the seas to contain… a whole isle chain as opposed to a single one. Each has its own, distinct environment though all still share one trait - being covered by fog of great thickness and very likely supernatural origin.

The White Witch
Tiger Lord
Leopard Witch

Sunken Temple
The Grotto of Guilt
Kython Hive


# Adventure Date Events
1 Into the Great Unknown Part 3 01-03-2012 After confronting few essence reavers the party discovered another teleportation beacon placed in the head of a destroyed statue of Ilseline.
2 Into the Great Unknown Part 6 01-22-2012 The statue was found… rebuild…by who-knows-who.
3 Continuum Unveils (Prologue) 06-12-2012 According to the Prophet an old temple dedicated to … what is not of this world housed a portal to the location in which the answers and solutions for what creates 'void' in the many were to be found.
4 Continuum Unveils (Part 1) 06-19-2012 Served as a setting for the game. It appears that the whole location is inherently infused with a sort of memory-sapping atmosphere.
5 A fox among the tears 06-21-2012 Served as the game's setting.
6 Quintessential Essence 06-25-2012 Served as the game's setting.
7 Return to the Great Unknown (part1) 07-23-2012 The party returned here to reach the Abandoned Research Complex.
8 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, part2) 01-01-2013 Siegfried de'Carde provided information concerning one … rather very possibly lucrative expedition heading towards the isle chain.
9 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, part3) 01-06-2013 The party arrived to the isle chain after week long voyage from Dragonport onboard Horizon Splitter and proceeded with exploration almost immediately discovering the first isles to be inhabited by strange birds but otherwise … pretty much deserted… with the sole exception being some half-rotten remains of a camp as well as a structure resembling a desolate lighthouse. Later though the team stumbled upon an abandoned ship on shore of the 3rd isle only to be attacked by its construct guardians (???).
10 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, part4) 01-12-2013 The team, thanks to Ophelia's arcane expertise, deducted possible locations of more of the great gemstones they've found before. Later they used a smaller kind of an elemental-bound raft to arrive to the southernmost isle which whose fauna and flora was… as if afflicted with some supernatural sickness. Prior to that the team finds freely floating barrels containing quite recently barreled wine.
11 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, part5) 01-13-2013 Before more could be determined on the southern isle, however, the party found a deserted camp supposedly established by survivors of an undetermined ship's crew (possibly the wine-barrel-containing one), a chest with a rather mysterious kind of contents and… rather unexpected group of troll skeletons led by an elusive sort of a necromancer (???).
12 Rokugan Civil War (preparations - coils of doom) 01-17-2013 Charlinia Coaldragon learned the …. 'coily way' the dangers of the isles after venturing deeper into the fog.
13 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, part6) 01-19-2013 The southernmost isle serves as the game's setting. The party defeats a platoon of the Claws of Orcus elite minions while at the same time discovering the location of the base of the aforementioned.
14 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, part7) 02-02-2013 Morrigan 'acquired' another commander of the local detachment of the Claws of Orcus. Keritsidorv it would be… this time.
15 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, solo-scouting) 03-07-2013 Charlinia Coaldragon did a bit of a reckon of her own on the southern isle only to discover presence of few aberrant beings co-ordinated by one illithidae mind it seems. The mind-flayed opposed the Claws of Orcus while at the same time pursuing its own mysterious agenda, performing minion acquirement and similar. All clues gathered so far led Charlinia to believe that the psionicist was a thrallherd. Later the half-dragonness stumbled upon both Tiger Lord and another feline shapechanger in the midst of an argument the latter of which… was tracked.
16 Doomcape Exploration (epilogue) 03-24-2012 In the vision of the actual happenings from the Bloodstained Age, as opposed to the events from the dreamscape, Orochiko ended up being 'sentenced' by the Wandering Saint to serve as one of divine guardians of the isles eventually turning into a being currently known as 'the White Witch'.
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