Race: Kitsune
Class: Wizard (?)
Alignment: Evil (???)

Description: The former head-priestess of Yume who grew insane after receiving a mysterious letter, slaying all other temple attendants of the now-dilapidated temple and turning them into living dead. Appears to prefer a quite 'unlively' sort of attire made of animate bones and skin peeled of her victims (?).


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Temple of Events. 09/30/2013 The party stumbled upon the now… strangely-clad (and most importantly lunatic) Kitsune inside one of the chambers of the dilapidated temple. She let her ogre-zombie servant at them before getting invisible and promptly warping away.
2 Some Just Want 11/05/2013 Nyix had plotted her next scheme with Dragonport, burning down a city district as tribute for more power and tails to her growing villainy.
3 A race of the mind 11/14/2013 - 11/18/2013 The party run into Nyix and her minions, catching her almost red-handed in the midst of some profane ritual of which a fox child would become the sacrificial focus (though it was not clear whether it was still alive). AS it turned out, sadly, the child had died before the PCs arrived at the scene while the hectic battle which ensued between the forced of good and evil had the 'evil' represented by cohorts and a double of Nyix's (simulacrum ?).
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