NPC Template

In order to use this template, copy the contents in the box below. Add a new page with the option to the left and paste the information. Update as necessary. Be sure to add your NPC to the NPCs page.

[[image paste the link to your picture here. Please upload the picture to this server and link to that height="200ppx"]]

**Race:** the race of the character goes here
**Class:** the class levels of the character goes here, please us a / to separate multiple classes
**Alignment:** []

**Description:** Place information describing the NPC's looks and purpose here.

**The header that deals with the businesses/organizations the NPC runs goes here:**
Links to the various organizations/businesses go here


[[table style="align:left"]] [[row]] [[cell]]
||~ **#** ||~ **Adventure** ||~ **Date** ||~ **Actions** ||
|| 1 || every time the NPC appears, they need to have it logged here || || ||
|| 2 || || || ||
|| 3 || || || ||
|| 4 || || || ||

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