Nova… before growing 2 additional heads

Race: Multiheaded (x2), Cryo, Learnan Tarrasque
Class: RHD 52
Alignment: Neutral

Description: Nova used to be a quite nice… pet…

till it grew bigger.

And since that moment it was safer to keep in quintessence-induced stasis.

Currently 'owned' by Ying which is possibly seen by it as 'mother' due to some obscure imprinting which happened ages ago.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Eight-and-half-a-tails (part2) 07-15-2012 Employed by Ying as a her 'trump card' against the party whom she saw as assassins/nine-tail court 'purifiers'. The 'poor' creature was dealt with indirectly… with the combination of potent magic and psionics. Worry not Nova is all well >_> ready to be petted.
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