Nine Hells


Also known as 'The Nine Hells of Bator' or simply 'Bator'.
Tis the realm of ultimate, premeditated cruelty where the Batezu (aka devilkind) reign supreme and the mortal souls of similar outlook experience endless agony with very few capable of surviving past the petitioner level which opens the gates for promotion into higher forms of evil.
The plane itself is divided into 9 distinct layers, each with its own supreme overlord.


Avernus, the 1st layer where the Taanari invasions almost continuously sweep over the barren battlefields
Dis, the 2nd layer
Minauros, the 3rd layer
Phlegetos, the 4th layer
Stygia, the 5th layer
Malbolge, the 6th layer
Maladomini, the 7th layer
Cania, the 8th layer
Nessus, the 9th layer






# Adventure Date Actions
1 Through the fire of the Hells 05-06-2012 Fulker was sent to Avernus, in the midts of some Blood War encounter to boot after insulting Amaterasu.
2 The Second Step 06-01-2012 Aegis divined The Blade's current location and promptly warped to the hells only to face some of the taanari invading force.
3 Evil Oozey Business (Part 2) 06-17-2012 One particularly gooey overlord ventured there when she was given the opportunity to use the Blade of Souls for once.
4 Foxypotheosis (part 1&2) 09-03-2012 The First Nogitsune was warped there moments before unleashing his terrible maho death throes. As a result the invading tanaari force was decimated. The same true for a substantial part of the defending baatezu forces. The implosion made the 1st layer collide with the 2nd one damaging the city of Dis in the process.
5 The Seeds of Conflict 2 08-26-2012 During the time skip the first layer is in greater chaos than ever which forces the baatezu to change their tactics while at the same time the pressure of the Abyssal forces becomes so much greater.
6 A consultation... or two 03/26/2013 Visited by Raital together with Alexandrite de'Carde. The vampiress appears to had gained there enough INFAMY to allow the otherwise Abyss-descended Raital to roam safely.
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