[BM Character Sheet]

Player: Rayne Kitty
Race: Magic-Blooded Silver Dragon
Class: Silver Dragon 7 / Sorceror 3 / Paladin 2 / Warmage 5 / Archmage 5
Alignment: Lawful Good

Appearance: Nina appears to be a young Elven girl with blond hair. She stands around middling height at about 5' 3" tall. Gorgeous plumes of dark hued purple and lavender wings sprout from her back, while her eyes shimmer a brilliant green. She's of a petite build, and one could guess that she weighs between 115-135 lbs.

Personality: (Still being developed via RP). So far: Nina is typically naive, though she has a strong heart and a good spirit. She enjoys helping other people, and likes to heal other people's hurts.

Background: Nina is new to the region of Dragonport, originally drawn here to explore the floating library, she's now caught up in adventures with new-found friends.

Membership: None

[BM] Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 3/26/2012 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 3/26/2012 0 -100 Elven Thinblade
3 The search for the glowy duck 3/27/2012 4,500 'river' XP + 700 RP XP 6,957 GP 0 0 Nina visited dragonport for the first time in search for the legacy of Pewey Melville (AKA floating library). Instead she got caught up in the misadventures of kamigawa and several other adventurers who managed to persuade her to go with them on a treasure hunt!~
4 Donwtime: Buying 3/27/2012 0 -7,000 GP Adamantine weapon, +2 weapon enhancement (thanks to peace) - Upgraded equipment, paid Peace, whom nina adventured with earlier, to help enhance her equipment!
5 The Black Scaled Terror 3/28/2012 28200 XP 5,000 GP 0 0 We headed to the marshes to recover a black dragon orb of dragon kind. We encountered blackscale lizardfolk which we disposed of before defeating the black dragon wyrm and retrieving the orb. The orb was then given to the protective custody of the hobgoblins.
6 Those who seek 3/30/2012 2418 XP 1663G 5S 0 0 Nina was out wandering the city and ran into Ravsimedar who was hurrying to meet his friends. She decided to tag along and got dragged on an underground adventure before finally succumbing to claustrophobia. :P
7 Downtime: Buying 4/1/2012 0 -4,400 GP Mithral Breastplate (crafted), +1 Twilight (enchanted), Stunning Surge Nina gets more custom work done thanks to peace whom she met on her adventures :D
8 Blood in Blood out 4/2/2012 5100 XP + 700 from DM 5536G 6S 3C 0 0 Nina was passing through and an execution went bad. She helped defeat a criminal revolt, and then got money from ravsimedar later!~
9 Assault on Lion's Pride Keep 4/4/2012 25,860 XP 8,000 GP 0 0 Fought the undead Uhsbane. Nina took a support role and buffed her party while debuffing enemies.
10 [[[calendar:152 | Those who Seek pt. 2 4/5/2012 11,230 XP 28,857G 3S 2C 0 0 We fought weird robotic creatures! Nina was pretty confused about what was going on during the encounters other than she was being attacked. She's never fought robots before.
11 Liberation of Dragonport Part 1 7/4/2012 28,320 XP 0 0 0 Nina managed to help convince the party to avoid trying to take back the final dragon orb, hoping to help protect dragon kind from a party who only cares about money and not the far-reaching influence of her actions. She participated in sea warfare where she used to her power over winds to create windstorms to stop the enemy ships and prevent them from launching volley's of arrows.
12 Liberation of Dragonport Part 2 7/7/2012 362,040 XP 100,000 GP 0 0 Nina and Aegis spent a lot of time telling the party that invading dragonport on a hunch was a bad idea, but they didn't care and everyone was rushed into a war. Nina was able to neutralize about half of the enemy forces encountered by conjuring powerful storms to make them ineffective before she eventually opened the city walls while everyone else was busy, using a fabricate spell.
13 Hunt for the Orbs of Dragon Kind: part 5 7/8/2012 188,800 XP 35,000 GP 0 0 Nina worked with the others to rescue Ravsimedar from the Red Dragon King. They had originally intended to take the red orb form the king, but Nina had doubts about that. Working with Aegis and studying with the others Nina was able to piece together Ramen's plan and tell Mykel who then agreed to avoid using the power of the Dragon Orbs until the adventurers could plan their next step.
14 Important Destinies: Part 1 7/8/2012 1,000 XP 0 0 0 Nina met Selene, Aegis, Roc, and Nightmare at the Io Blood Isles. They didn't seem very interested in socializing with Nina, who was sad, but didn't give up hope. Eventually Nina broke through to Selene, who she ended discussing magic with and taking out into the wilderness to teach about Dragon Magic. Aegis also came, and the three became friends.
15 Shopping Spree 7/8/2012 0 -230,850 GP 0 Nina went on a huge shopping spree and had items crafted for her by various BM Artificers!~
16 Light's Redemption 7/9/2012 44,790 XP 13,300 GP 0 0 Nina perma-poofed an oni… oops. And she also helped Light come to terms with his past, offering verbal assistance, and then also having a private discussion with him via MAGIC, when she told him that the only way to defeat sin is to forgive and accept it. Once light did that he was able to redeem himself.
17 The Fey at the Forest 7/10/2012 2,000 RP XP 0 0 0 Nina was out on a lovely stroll with Light and Aegis when they encountered a weird war-forged woman hybrid thing. Nina had to struggle to keep her cool at the rudeness of the woman, and then finally stood up for herself and told the girl to grow up and act her age, at which point the girl quickly shaped up.
18 Lair of the Blood Lord 7/11/2012 192,030 XP 39,500 GP 0 0 Nina and the others sought out a phylactery and encountered a blood lord! Nina was last in initiative, and Xavash and Bor and some others did some cheesy white-raven tactics to the point that the DM had to tell them to shut up so others could take their turn. Xavash blood boiled the blood away, and then Nina destroyed the phylactery with her Frost Breath-Weapon
19 The shadow and the blade 7/12/2012 174,951 XP notlisted on adventure 0 0 Nina played a game of capture the flag and helped Ita defeat an Oni and recover motes for an artifact.
20 Eight and a half Tails Part 1 7/14/2012 119,075 XP 0 0 0 Nina went to help Nightmare defeat a demon fox!~ She helped work through the ice caves, enjoying her immunity to ice along the way!~
21 Eight and a half Tails Part 2 7/15/2012 205,282 XP 150,000 GP 0 0 Nina helped the party get to the end of the ice caves!~ Nightmare then engaged ying in a conversation and found out that we had all been tricked by the dastardly ascended phoenix! what a jerk!
22 Return to the great unkown part 1 7/22/2012 344,850 XP 0 GP 0 0 Nina and others adventured into the hive to attempt to recover the artifact of light!~ They fought an evil bor brother wannabe and then took a break!~
23 Return to the great unkown part 2 7/23/2012 544,500 XP 100,000 GP 0 0 Nina and the others finished their trek into the hive and successfully recovered the artifact from a hidden negative energy plane!~ It was awesome. :P
24 The Shackled Monarch 8/01/2012 614,717 XP 233,333 GP 3 SP 4 CP 0 0 Nina and the others adventured into the hive and successfully recovered the Ivar Heavychain from a hidden negative energy plane!~ It was pawesome. :P
25 Downtime: Buying 8/04/2012 0 -125,750 GP evasion, mettle, Favor of the Martyr, Delay Poison, Parrying 0 Nina did some last minute shopping!
26 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 1 8/04/2012 700,000 XP 43,000 GP Nina was busy doing a character Audit so she arrived to the action about 2 hours late, but just in time to jump into the fray!~ She wasn't really sure what exactly was going on because she was late, but together the heroes killed a lot of ra-minions!~ Woot!~
27 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 2 8/05/2012 243,000 XP 73,000 GP The party encountered a group of Falazure's black dracoliches. Nina dispelled two of their antimagic fields, and then barely managed to dimension door away in the nick of time before they could retalliate. She continued to support the party, healing gatog before he could crater into the ground below once he had been taken out. She also healed him.
28 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 3 8/06/2012 23,400 XP 12,350 GP The party continues to travel through the nexus of souls as quickly as they can. They encounter old bosses and enemies which had been previously slain but now are undead. The party manages to breeze through them quickly, working through 14 rooms. The party also encountered a strange merchant, but when Nina began to press him for information on Ramen he was scared away by another party member exposing her plan, which then made the merchant leave. Nina and everyone else were properly annoyed.
**29 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 4 8/07/2012 242,280 XP 55,000 GP
30 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 5 8/08/2012 86 830 XP 25 400 GP
31 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 6 8/09/2012 342,700 XP 100,000 GP
32 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 7 8/10/2012 218,000 XP 36,333 GP
33 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 8 8/12/2012 140,770 XP 29,000 GP
34 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 9 8/13/2012 105,310 XP 20,000 GP
35 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 10 8/14/2012 166,400 XP 62,000 GP
36 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 11 8/15/2012 282,800 XP 89,000 GP
37 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 12 8/16/2012 93,810 XP 48,000 GP
38 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 13 8/17/2012 105,000 XP 59,000 GP
39 The Final Battle Against Ra-Men Part 14 8/18/2012 2,215,000 XP 300,000 GP
40 date XP GP
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