Dark Elf
Fighter 2 (Hit and Run Variant from Drow of the Underdark) / Rogue 4/ Dread Fang of Lolth 2

Membership: Black Lions

He is out for one thing, gold. He needs it to get better gear, mounts and poisons. He is useually the silent type except when he needs to negotiate his cut of the treasure or a job. He is cold and distant to non-drow and doesn't really care about doing the right thing. Pays good and he is in, that simple.

Background: Nil is a mercenary. He worked for the dark elves below surface but decided he should go make some easy money from the suckers on the surface since they are not as good as drow. He grew up learning how to take care of spiders, stab stuff and shoot things with his hand crossbow.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 4-12-12 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 -163 Rapier, Hand Crossbow, Studded Leather, Backpack, 50 ft hemp rope, 50 bolts and sunglasses
3 Pull the Bull's Tail 1 4/12/2012 1717 1717 Went with Roc to kill some goblins for money.
4 purchasing mw rapier, mw hand crossbow, drow poison x3, drow poison crafting materials
5 Enter Jikjon Cavern! 4/24/12 12000 12000 Watched the high level people kill everything.
6 Maximu...m Villainy 05/29/2012 4600 5000 Boarded a boat and collected a bounty on a traitor drow in the name of the Spider Queen.
7 Haven Plots: Haven Patrol 2 31/05/12 2975 2900 Killed stuff in a cave for money.
8 purchase/sell Mithril chain shirt +2 + mithril attachments, sold studded leather +1
9 Ranks in line (part 2) 11/22/12 4700 3847.7 Worked to secure some resources for the Black Lions.
10 Ranks In Line part 4 1/8/13 1200 2000+13325 -armor of soulfire Ensured mission success.
11 Sharp Dressed Men (Part 2), The Ravenica Job. 9/14/13 7000 0 Got hired to do a job, teleported somewhere and fought giant badgers.
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