Nightmare, Tad Martin's Time Displacement

You find yourself in a dark room 30'x30'. Around you are statues, many many statues. Most are armored, some wear wizard robes, others are nude. All the statues are of humanoids…men, elves, dwarves, halflings.

You see a statue of someone you know. It's Tad Martin. His hand is outstretched as if opening a door.

"I am displeased by your interference in my plans. However, I feel you have potential."-you hear a voice from all directions.

"Expect a sign!"

*you awaken in cold sweat. That was a vivid nightmare you just had.

The dream ends differently for Sidhe:

"Expect a sign"——Sidhe sees Mammon's hand close around her….."This one is beyond you."-says another voice.

The dream ends differently for Baltasar:

"Expect a sign" - Baltasar finds himself in the Floating Library, A tiny white cat with wings is handing Baltasar a book. The cat says "You are in trouble now, but I like you, so take this." *you awaken holding a book entitled Greater Demi-Liches.

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