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Player: Nalei/Anerisa
Race: Advanced Hengoyokai (Fox, Outsider) Divine Rank 1
Class: Cloistered Cleric 10/Sanctified one 2/Contemplative 7/ Paragonistic Apostle 2
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: Pending on her form, but as a human she is roughly 5,5 with red hair and bright green eyes.

Personality: Playful, a little cold, rather easy going about anything. Dislikes devils and undead.

Background: There is sweet and then there is sour. This little woman earned her name on her home plane for just being handfuls of trouble and rather annoying. Setting out from her home plane now however after some choice misunderstandings she finds herself on the material plane. Untell feeling rather unhelpful with the curtain situation in Dragonport. Was caught up in a little planar travel and woke up much different, now she willingly and selflessly helps people against the undead where ever she can find it.

Character Development: Nightmare has been down a both long a hard road. Starting from just a tiny outsider she came to the material plane on both a whim and getting kicked out. For when she stumbled across Dragonport in her care free traveling she suddenly found herself caring about people here. A strange feeling to her at first however it built up until she wished to be able to affect things more around her and simply falling in love with the fluff tails of the kitsune she has met. Then one adventure she finds herself being granted what she desired a chance to effect and change the future.

Waking up it a full kitsune body and gifted a blade of unknown power she sets out into the world for the first time to experience it as a normal person would. Discovering food, drink, wine, and finally love. Meeting Amaterasu changed her life completely, having it turn upside down in simply one night. She could not but help to want to always be with this other kitsune no matter where she went. Ammy also had a terrible reputation however Nightmare saw right past it. She know inside she was just another woman desiring love and a family. Everyone does have their bad sides and she quickly accepted her's. Now they live a wonderful life together even with children on the way to be among the first generation to be born and raised within Nightmare's domain.

However family conquests were not the only mountain Nightmare has set out an conquered. Almost as soon as she discovered that should could grow more tails her dream at that moment was to have nine just like Ammy. In which she did help her long with the first few. Soon it was up to Nightmare to conflict powerful and deadly foes to prove her worth up until she has earned all eight. After which she learned to take a step up farther she need to come in possession of divinity and perhaps even join the court of kitsune gods and goddess. Nightmare followed such up until she received specific instructions from Inari, which she did not fully understand at the time. However now she suspects that it was more of what she needed to hear rather then she she needed to do. It sent her out to earn the divinity herself rather then just ask for it from the goddess.

And coming up to the most recent events. Nightmare has finally earned her divinity and almost as soon as she has earned it she began to attract followers. They very first to accept her fully as their goddess was Xavash, then after which both Light and Ahri also mentioned that they would include her into their prayers. She as well has included her names on a few monuments of power whom which people go to pray to for help or strength.

Worshipers/Known Shrines:
12 worshipers gained from The Dreaded Isle
151 kitsune worshipers. A fox ... among her kin
-The Monument of Nature
-The Monument of Might
-The Monument of Positive Energy
-The Monument of Wisdom

Membership: Kitsune Pantheon as Yume

Cohort/Symbiont: Genocidia

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 2/1/12 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 -40 light crossbow, 50 bolts
3 Unseelie Negotiations 2/1/12 10270 10000 Mythril Twight chain shrit Pulled into a war between the fae, made it out unscaved and better armored due to some sweet words to a treant.
4 Buying 2/7/12 -8000 Ring of Protection +1 Amulet of Natural Protection +1 Cloak of Cha +2
5 The Black Lions 02/16/2011 2330 1203 -- Rode along with the party, doing next to nothing. Any fight that showed up was mowed down before she could do anything.
6 Infested Necropolis part 4 02/20/2012 717 4811 - Was stuck in the back of the group unable to interact with the fight due to so many people being in her way. Left because of boredom.
7 Canine Business 02/28/2012 2713 0 - Braided kitsune fur and tied ribbons in them while the other two did the importian stuff.
8 Blood Calls to Blood 2/29/2012 11600 18600 - -- Played with a blink dog that paid no attention to her, talked to a woman at a bar and entertained slightly, got to see a lightning show she was not a part of. Then played in the moonlight for the rest of the night.
9 Possibility, probability... destiny? (Part 2) 3/12/12 15200 24823 Strange adamintine longsword - After some fun with planar travel and run in with deathcythes..and well maybe freeing an ancient being. She woke up as almost a completely differnt person then pulled a sword out of a wall.
10 Late night RP 3/13/12 0 0 Given magical Vestments and +1 soulfire breastplate by Mali Bought: seeking energy bow - 31500 Belt of Physical Perfection -8000 Ring of protection +2 - 8000 Large sheild +2 - 4000. Sold Ring of portection +1 +1000 - Mali Rav and Yanwoo Went shopping, Mali being very kind with her gold buying others useful magical items.
11 Those who seek (Prologue) 3-23-12 500 0 - Spend much time speaking with these crew members and such aboud the undead, and discovering booze!
12 Puppet Show 3-25-12 7800 5,000 - -- Honed her bow skills against a few evil puppets who attempted to murder in in a back ally.
13 Pwompy Terror 3-18-12 750 10,000 -16k Headband of wisdom +4 - Spend her time discussing with other kitsune about her new self and her weapon, as wel las watching an ooze bounce around.
14 Those Who Seek 3/30/12 1625 1663 - Went to look for some great weapon vs the undead, as much as everything screamed trap from the npc that guiding them to the place. Shot a few undead up.
15 Return of the Bloods 04/09/2012 2970 8000 - - Was drinking in a tavern before intrupted by a vampire and a few others, others died too quickly to do anything to was able to sneak a few shoots in on a weretiger and a vampire bat.
16 Those who Seek (part 3) 4/2/12 7509 21303 -- - Explored a tiny hopping frenzy area with giant robots. Seeing her friendly fox and tried to chase after! Also was nearly eaten after finding an insane deity and her sword freaking out on her.
17 Tabernacle Pwomps 4/16/12 4000 5000 -- - Was abodred into her most fav slime but after the slime taking in Arashi it went bonkers and tried to take everyone in. Kami waxed it and it spat everyone back out. Then was sad when her slime was gone.
18 Farris' Birthday Party 4/16/12 14650 5687 - - Got drunk, fought, kissed a girl and liked it. Then grew an extra tail form a boon!
19 Destined meeting 4/16/12 2312 - +2 inherit bonus to Cha, Sizing and Gravity put onto bow -13000 gold enchaning bow -25k ring of evasion After chaseing a silver fox down the well by the tavern nightmare went on a lengthy adventure though the planes meeting three very intresting people, doing something intresting things.
20 The 12 tails 4/16/12 4000 - - Spend another evening with the nine-tailed fox and Rayne playing games and drinking merrarly.
21 Tabernacle RP 2 4/17/12 3000 -- -- Spend a good long time talking and catching up with her friends at the tavern, meeting many new people as well. And got to see a giant walking mech!
22 Black Gate Brown Gate 4/18/12 1333 5000 Mythrilk twilight chain shirt, Headband of int +4. Given to Ksenia Beat up some poo golems and freed some poeple from their evil stench!
23 Crimson Trials 4.19.12 3500 0 - - Spend time with Karen and Rayne on Sigil. Rayne aking a nap after eating something that she really shouldnt of, the two spend the night bonding. Also Nightmare grows another tail as well as her fur color deepening.
24 Those who seek (part 5) 4/20/12 16 790 49736 Visitsed the future and fought some undead. Also almost got exploded by some explosive ruins and got to ride a giant purple worm!
25 Shooping 4/24/12 0 29700 Belt of mafincent +6, seeking put onto bow, Vest of restance +3, Cloak of displancement, minor Having Peace sell, headband of Wis +4, Cloak of cha +2, belt of physical prefection +2, -33993 gold Also bought, Cloakd of displacement, minor and a vest of a resistance +3. -33000 gold. Paid Peace to make and enchane more of her items.
26 The Disgraced Pharaoh's Tomb 4/26/12 39100 5000 -- Shot some golems and mummys pew pew! Also destory some bound lich and took his stuff.
27 Tri-Tar the reckoning 4/27/12 39880 21879 -- - Shot some trrasgue and ended them forever.
21 Ire of mine, purpose of yours 5/6/12 4550 - Sword is now friecebane - Climbed the mountain and fought the evil side of her sword to subdue it to her cause!
21 Crystalline Surprise 5/15/2012 7150 0 -- While attempting her jounry to Roukgun she was waylayed by a cystral cannon ball that later to puriftyed and somehow became a child.
21 The Tears from Beyond 5/29/2012 3000 - +1 flaming nagata, Bracers of the storm, Reliquary Holy Symbol (fox thingie) Sold seeking +2 composite longbow Gravity Spliting, Gloves of sizing, vest of resistances +3. Bought Greater Elemental Power onto nagata, Boots of the steadfast, Animated onto sheild, 2x nightsticks, lesser and normal empower metamagic rod. -140900 Found the portal oncem ore to Shonro's home which layed in ruins, found a listing of scrolls she she read. Ammy came back took the mto meet with her father, after a fightening exparance she woke up back home with Ammy holding a blue cystal which Azure quickly hate and turned into something much more powerful for a short her, and once again effected her destiny.
21 A tale of a dragon, fox ooze 05/30/2012 38525 92316 Pearl of Battle - Assulted a green dragon and took it down with the help of a new friend. Also got to test her new skills agaisnt many…many trolls and do what she lieks to call now 'the dance of ashes'. She also grew a new tail after deafting such a strong foe!
21 The Io's Blood Isles Part 4 05/30/2012 11,600 5800 - - Showed up just in time to heal a few people and try to save the dragons life, however she was six seconds too late.
21 Haven Plots: Haven Patrol 3 01/06/12 1625 - -- - Got to set out and battle some golems as was immune to her burnanation -.-
21 18 Tails 05/31/2012 450 - - Spent two days enjoying the company of Ahri and Ammy.
21 Planeshaping and ... reforging 05/31/2012 2750 -- Made her own demi-plane!
21 Foxy Callings 06/03/2012 3050 4 nightsticks -30k gold +5 to all stats besides Cha..+3 to Cha -24k gold Summoned creatures to her plane to both empower her and to live in her domain.
21 Monument of Might 06/05/2012 5200 15000 - - Blew the face of off a giant golem, and the rest of it's head!
21 The Hunt for the Orbs of Dragonkind Part 1 06/06/2012 21000 4000 - - Stood in the back, and blew up Kami's clone in one turn. Then was shoved aside and forgotten about the rest of the adventure.
21 The blessing of a curse 06/06/2012 - - Graft, dreamscape wings -1900 gold scroll of legend lore Went besrerk and grew wings out of her tattoo.
21 Coiled impact 11/06/2012 750 - A will - Aika came crashing int othe ground outside the tavern after being kicked out of Sygil, finding both her and a locked boc with a will inside Nightmare allows Aika to move in on her plane.
21 Continuum Unveils (Prologue) 12/06/2012 1000 - - Talked to a prohet that she is concived can only just read minds. Offering her very little in the ways of new information, waled out with knowelage of rituals and where to go to find the frist tear.
21 The Hunt for the Orbs of Dragonkind Part 2 06/13/2012 18200 13,800 Silver dragon orb (yes thats right..she kept it for now) - Burned a giant or two, and talked down a silver dragon, and walked away with the orb.
21 Phylacteries Phall pt 1 6/13/2012 111900 65000 -138k bought pearl of power (two spells), ring of protection +5, amulet of nat armor +4..sold ring of protection +2 Had a small war with ice and arifcat was producing, then ressed a young woman while watching one of the phylacteries get exploded.
21 Continuum Unveils (Part 1) 19/06/2012 33 590 68000 - - Went to the island finally and exploded some baddies finding the frist orb and purifying it, before getting frustrated at this night terror creature.
21 Continuum Unveils (part 2) 20/06/2012 4760 - - -- Talked to a bard for a very long time before heading to a lake to find the next orb to purify.
21 A fox among the tears 06/21/2012 3250 - -- -65 k, upped armor and shield to +4 Nomed both of the orbs and went to did the frist ritual for her tattoo for some intresting results.
21 Battle royale of your dreams 2 26/06/2012 50 100 30000 - Was in a game for the sick amusement for the blood haired one and was not happy about it.
21 Hunt for the Orbs of Dragonkind Part 4 06/27/2012 22,100 7393 - - Played some music, and silenced a Gato twin as her elemental form.
21 Rokugan beckons ! 06/29/2012 3500 - -- Made it to Rokugan with lack of impressive results as of yet.
21 Leftover RP Business 06/30/2012 1000 - -- Went and earn a place on the hall of honor.
21 Rokugan beckons (part2) 07/01/2012 23 497 - one imperial obligation Trying to expand her 'name' with small victorys now.
21 Liberation of Dragonport Part 1 07/04/2012 28, 320 -20k bought scales of diplomancy +10 Showed up in time to sink a battleship~ But not hurt anyone, no time to sink the whales however.
21 Hunt for the Orbs of Dragonkind Part 5 07/08/2012 188,800 35k -- Came in an helped advise the partys next course of action as well as help plan them
21 Dragon Prophecy 1 7/10/2012 20000 - +5 mythril soulfire ghostward breastplate - Followed light so a strange crafter helping the adventurers from behind the scences
21 Foxy Gambit 07/05/2012 2177 - -- - Spoke personly and privatly with a strange figure named the Gambler.
21 Foxy planning 07/09/2012 5125 -- Took some moditvation to get back into the swing of things as wel las getting some other aspects of her life back in order.
21 Rokugan plots: The Oracle-descended Princess 07/10/2012 8750 -- clone ioun stone Got the blessing of the orcale princess, with some mild humor on the side.
21 Lair of the Blood Lord 07/11/2012 192030 39,500 -5k Crystal of arrow deflection (greater) -18k ioun stone (spindle) -- Spend the frist part speaking her a diety of her race, then went with the other adventurers to find the next lich bottle. Found it easier easily and it was dealt with with little to no effert on Nightmare's part.
21 The Shadow... and the blade 07/12/2012 162 584 - Got thrown into a small war, got bored of incenrating every thing that tried to get into the gatehouse and went to help fight the 'king'.
21 Monument of ??? 05/27/2012 14000 15000 -75k cost for casting three mircales - Went around to preform three miraces onto the secured monumnets and etched a part of her story into each.
21 Important Destinies Part 2 07/011/2012 1000 - - Spoke with the kitsune goddess once more, and was prehaps pushed in the right direction rather then being told precisly what is helpful.
21 Phylacteries Phall 3 7/12/2012 -- 166666 Was given a large amoung of gold from Mali's vault
21 Eight-and-half-a-tails (part 1) 07/14/2012 210,650 - Divine Rank 0 -- Borrowed the assenced phoenix's divine rank with the promise to go attempt to cure a nogitsune that he knew long ago whome also has divine rank.
21 Eight-and-half-a-tails (part 2) 07/15/2012 186,620 150000 -242,000 gold Mantle of great steath Bought ring of freedom of movement -40k gold Sold ring of protection +5 and cloak of minor displacement +12k +25k gold Meet sace to face with Ying, and discovered Nightmare has been mislead by a cowardly phoenix. As she is hardly evil just slightly misunderstood as well as only half-nogitsune! She returns to the phoenix's home with her and give's him an ear full along with everyone else and keeps his divine rank as punishment.
21 The Dreaded Isle 07/18/2012 80200 23400 -- Went to dread island for a vaction gettaway. Found undead, vaction started then came across a horde of undead and when the group left she spend all her gold and power she could mustered ressing the dead and burning the rest.
21 Monumant of ??? Part 2 05/27/2012 23000 15000 -- Put another mountument under her belt
21 Return... to the Great Unknown 07/22/2012 313,500 - -40k 5 nightsticks - Tagged along with everyone else and was nothing more then a beatstick that had no idea what was going on.
21 A fox ... among her kin 07/20/2012 5875 - - Attacted many kitsune followers and took her first steps into gain power in the kitsune empire
21 Return... to the Great Unknown (part2) 07/23/2012 450000 100000 -30k orange ioun stone - Went and found the orrey of light, and got to completely burn a room.
21 Fox-firefication 08/02/2012 - - -30000 x4nightsticks -24500 2x greater rod of extend, -8000 hand of glory, -50k ring of mettle. -73k greater rod of presisent
21 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 1 08/04/2012 700k -8k 43k - Went raid-boss goddess of some undead, and scattered them before her overwhelming might!
21 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 2 08/05/2012 243000 73000 -100k gold 13 nightsticks Put a few droclichs back in their place.
21 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 3 08/06/2012 23,400 12,350 -- Took on some of the weaker people who have sided with Ra-man
21 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 4 08/07/2012 242,280 55,000 -- - More rooms.
21 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 5 08/08/2012 86 830 25 400 - - More and more rooms.
21 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 6 08/09/2012 342,700 100k - —- more and more and more rooms!
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