Nightmare's Domain


Nightmare made this plane using proto-matter and her mind (with a tiny help of one nine tail)!

Then was been the setting for many deals and summonings she has casted and done.


Resembles closely Rokugan. Contain a large dedicated temple to her beliefs as well as a small city surrounded in a lust forest and plane. As well as containing three moons white, blood red, and purple. There is very little in the ways of technology seeming to be set in ancient ways without even the hint of lightning rails of steampunk.

The temple is largest structure in the plain. Containing a large courtyard with many cherry blossom tree's as well as a large pool in the center. Out from the temple there begins a mountain behind it while in front of it lays the small city. It is for the most party very nondescript as it lays waiting to be populated. From there out lays into the lust forest-filled with springs and water falls as well as many natural beautys and wonders.



1 9-tailed kitsune (Nightmare))
4 Eight-Tailed infants (Ameruty, Maithera, Lithiena, Reausare)
1 6-tailed kistune (Ryu)
2 Lillends (Siliestrel and Tellistri)
6 Lyrakiens (Lyrakien Six)
1 Naga (Aika)
1 Kitsugate (Kimonto)
1 Changeling (Atre Cut-tah)
1 1-tailed Kitsune (Shinji)
1 Fire-Cat ! Rayne-Kitty
Kamigawa Family, (Kamigawa, Ahri, Kaguya)
1 ??? (Damaskh)


Fire magic is bolstered.
Divine magic is bolstered.
Night last 16 hours.
Moon's never fade to new moons.
Conditional time passing increase effects.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Planeshaping and ... reforging 05/31/2012 It's creation!
2 Foxy Callings 06-03-2012 Creatures were summoned to live within the demi-plane!
3 The blessing of a curse 06/06/2012 The tattoo of Nightmare's spreads and the kitsune berserks for…a while.
4 Fox-Fired 06-12-2012 Served as the setting for the … fiery events.
5 Foxy reunion 06-25-2012 Served as the game's setting…for some time.
6 A fox and her mark 06-26-2012 Served as the game's setting.
7 Coiled Surprise 06-28-2012 Aika asked Nightmare to do her a favor and have her plane host the 'date'.
8 Foxy Gambit 07-05-2012 Nightmare returned to her domain after dealing with the Gambler only to witness Amaterasu and Aika] arguing with each other… a bit.
9 Foxy planning 07-09-2012 Served as the game's setting.
10 Eight-and-half-a-tails (part1) 07-14-2012 Nightmare plotted with Amaterasu… in this domain of fluffy doom !
11 50tails 07-24-2012 The plane's population increased !
12 Fox-firefication 08-02-2012 Visited by Hikaru in order to discuss Nightmare's courtly matters.
13 Important Destinies, Side-plots 08-03-2012 Nightmare solved few issues with Cause and Ying there before heading for the Nine Tail Enclave.
14 Foxypotheosis (part 1&2) 09-03-2012 Some of the domain's inhabitants used the place's 'inner sanctum' aka the 'Dream Island' for the very first time.
15 The 10-fold scroll 09/04/12 Visited by The Bloodhaired One in order to uncover the supposed location of the "late wedding present" of Kamigawa's.
16 Foxy comet 09/25/12 A comet-alike celestial body struck the plane's surface. As it later turned out a strange being was inside it and… in the end bolstered the ranks of the sentient entities calling the domain their home.
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