Niflheim spreads over 3 layers of the Infinite Layers of the Abyss (821st, 822nd, 823rd) being quite separated from the layers occupied or put under pressure of conquests undertaken by the other fiendish entities of greater power.
What makes Niflheim stand apart from the other abyssal realms is the fact that each of its native inhabitants experiences a varied degree of suffusement with negative energy and such grows only more pronounced over time. The results are as varied as the denizens themselves but the most powerful 'caste' of the realm ends up 'maturing' into a vampire-esque state while the less successful ones stop in the strange state 'inbetween', gaining only some of undead qualities.
Out of those, however, only 'trueborn' - vampirirc outsiders 'born' (the procedure of such happening in the first place remains one of the most coveted secrets of Niflheimian 'noble houses') as opposed to those created by the means of draining blood are deemed suitable and 'blessed' with growth potential potent enough to take the mantle of leadership… and they do so by the usual Niflheimian-fare - deception and subterfuge though brute force will likewise do, depending on the mood and if it is deemed 'stylish' enough.


Blood River


Latral Clan, the clan currently in power over the vast majority of the plane
Dirnvarn Clan, a clan opposed to the above rallying the minor clans under its banner to overthrow Latrals


Midna Latral
Kaleva Latral
Freya Latral



# Adventure Date Actions
1 Deposit Investigation (Bloody Finale, part3) 08/07/2013 Due to Raital's bad condition, and thanks to Edictum's assistance, a portal was opened to Niflheim. Raital was brought back by Seren Coltrane and Irthos Lorsvek, and Laos'Hes followed in behind them.
2 Return Long Due 08/08/2013 Raital heals up and takes a bath. Freya Latral and Midna Latral join their family in the bath. Seren tries to check up on her and gets himself into trouble involving a lot of demons and lingerie.
3 Niflheim Plots (part1) 08/21/2013 As above, now with 50% more Charlinia.
4 Niflheim Plots (part2) 08/22/2013 The event's setting. 'Real' Seren Coltrane is still to-be snatched by Raital and her servants.
5 Niflheim Plots (part3) 09/19/2013 The game's setting. This time the 'party' also run into the father of Raital's.
6 Niflheim Plots (who's your daddy ?) 11/22/2013 The game's setting. Kaleva Latral and his 'spawn' had a longer talk which turned out to end in a 'spar'… or perhaps spanking the 'unruly child' ?
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