Ni Malowa Temple


Ancient Temple with 3 entrances built into the side of Ki-ata Volcano. Has longed served the spiritual needs of the Kara-Kara. Contains a large and complex underground Necropolis.


Was originally built thousands of years ago by the ancestors of the Kara-Kara, much of the knowledge and original significance of the location has been forgotten.


Kara-Kara Clergy


# Adventure Date Actions
1 To Teki-Nira-Ria 10-18-2011 A group of adventurers kill a few white apes, some spiders, and defeat a group of Kara-Kara hunters. They come to find out that Antonito Radu is controlling the Kara-Kara through the Mist Pendant. They defeat and capture capture him, and transfer the Mist Pendant to a young orcish woman.
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