Nexus Of Souls


The Nexus of Souls is a transitive plane that the souls of mortals who die on the material plane go through during their final journey to the outer planes to join the plane of their deity of choice during life or the outer plane that best matches their alignment.

As a transitive plane, it has aspects of both planes that it connects to, in this case the Material Plane and the Outer Planes of the Great Wheel). Here souls occasionally morph the landscape as they pass by to mimic a place they held a strong connection with during their lives.

At the epicenter, one can see hundreds of thousands of points of light which represent the planar barriers which allow many many souls of the uncountable worlds of the Prime Material Plane to pass to the appropriate Outer Plane.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 2 08-05-2012 Party entered the Nexus of souls through a gateway left by Ra-Men on Io's Blood Isles… was it a retreat or lure ? They found themselves in a web of interdimensional chambers which emulated the scenery from the days of long gone… days in which the party confronted the the college's minions… agent's and whatnot. The first adversaries (Antonito Radu, Wulkir, Necro Frog, Jenlar Temlin, Gethras) proved to be nothing above the gnat level… at least threat-wise inducing more amusement (or possibly annoyance) within the party members.
2 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 3 08/06/2012 Slim Biggins was turned into undead… bacon. The Murat Brothers (3 of them undead, one alive at that moment) failed miserably at their try to stop the heroes… the same could be said about the rest of the College cast from this time (Imbrudar, the Executioner, Daemon, Gelis Jalin, Derek the Skeleton, Stamper, Burk and Brak, Belak, the Outcast). Other than that tis was proven that business opportunities exist even (or perhaps especially) in such times of turmoil… tis materialized in a short-timed, but still surely beneficial, visit of the Mercane Merchant Lord Peradane who later deemed the team unworthy of his attention due to …slip of tongue on one member's part.
3 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 4 08/07/2012 Orphiterion of the Claws of Orcus found 'fiery' fate sooner than he expected. Dryakra became a nice … campfire thanks to a well-placed application of 'Gato-ken'. Sakatha found his doom (once again, still the soul is very unlikely to rest in piece for long). Schrick and Caddus were no match for a barrage of beholder-alike rays. Only Wulfir and Kranimatraxius (with her son Rynskald) proved to last long enough to make their threats from beforehand not sound… so utterly unprofessional to say the least. Galtin on the other hand was convinced to ignore the team in exchange for being resurrected later (owing it mostly to the fact… that he cannot enjoy alcoholic beverages in his now-undead state… which unnerved him greatly)..
4 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 5 08/08/2012 Ignarkus was ,due to his undead state, forced to fight on the College's side. Mack the Knife and Dirty Dan of the Blood Brothers could not help but be obliterated by a large dose of… disintegration. Jhanae did not manage to warp in time as… the party had one 'expert' in their ranks as far as that variable is concerned. Rakaar and his undead minions obliterated. The doppleganger team (Doppleganger Marco Delgado, Doppleganger Farris Blackclaw, Doppleganger Kamigawa Light and Doppleganger Garun) almost managed to sow confusion in the team's ranks but their deception was uncovered nonetheless. Red Roc is no more… hopefully for good.
5 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 6 08/09/2012 Rathmas Loken proved to be the greatest adversaries faced by the heroes this time. The Mortician found himself burninated… Ichiro and Minaruja chomped on by one divine 9-tailFlaviare Radu … oversaturated with lethal sonic vibrations. Only Marrogan (being a noncombatant) 'survived'.
6 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 7 08/10/2012 Zargon perished again… right after another of his resurrections (El-Harkem and Enardum Hadan being the ritualists in this case). Lady Droga's 'tea party' was somewhat crashed… Demon King being not enough to stop the team. The same was true for Kaleem Vorloi and his allies… in various state of life/unlife.. (Sannam, Arguz, Al-Rashid, Zaeem Vorloi).
7 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 8 08/12/2012 Sindri proved to be a minor obstacle compared to Ziare's potent vampiric illithidae.
8 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 9 08/13/2012 Velmus Valed most likely sought destroy the heroes together with himself … albeit tis not clear. Nhim found himself burninated by divine fox-fire.
9 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 10 8-14-2012 Party met with the Dragon Slayers and Juju-zombie-turned… former (and as it later turned out) future allies: Bayushi Ita, Fredrick Uhsbane
10 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 11 8-15-2012 Velvec Valed and Barbita were the adversaries this time. The team managed the latter to 'co-operate', avoiding the confrontation altogether.
11 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 12 08/16/2012 Grixis, the Soulrender, Deathscythes and the pinnacle of those (Night Terror) experienced… overwhelming power… not much left afterwards.
12 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 13 08/17/2012 Ra-Men appears and proves to be actually capable of backing up his arrogance… with the overwhelming spellcasting ability of his. If not for the party's ability to warp time back then their demise at the lich's hand would be their fate.
13 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 14 08/18/2012 The '2nd' and '3rd' battle with Ra-Men takes place within the nexus… and FINALLY the undead overlord finds his ultimate doom !
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