Player: DrKarma503 - Zach
Race: Lamia
Class: Monk lvl 1
Alignment: True Neutral

Appearance: Green Wavy Hair, Golden Eyes, Tail is Red with spots down the back of it.
Age: 26
Height/Length?: 6'5
Weight: 165

Personality: Nesiphise while more comfortable around other people is still shy and a little skittish around them remembering the years of hatred she had to endure on her own in the wilds, hunted by her own kind as an outcast, wild creatures, and 'Adventurers'.

Background: Nesiphise Was born a cursed creature, (That is a Lamia) often despised by many of the other races for their dark and evil intentions. She grew up within their culture but was quite frankly terrible at everything that is typical of Lamia, she was a failure with the Scimitar and had no innate magic.

Banished from her village (Tribe?) she became a wanderer and was forced to fend for herself, often having to fend off wild animals and the occasional adventurer or two. Given time she begin to realize some of her own potential her abilities in hand-to-hand combat (with her fists) was unparalleled and her collection of weapons began to take shape as she collected what she could from fallen creatures and adventurers.

After having 'trained' herself for some time she felt comfortable enough to begin to show herself in some towns and reveal herself as an adventurer to others. Often despite peoples initial skepticism many began to recognize her martial prowess and the fact that just because her race is typically evil doesn't mean they all are.

Membership: None ATM

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation May 1 2016 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 -194 Sansetsukon, Double-Chained Kama, Potion of Mage Armor x2, Oil of Magic Weapon, Monk Kit (backpack, belt pouch, blanket, rope, soap, torches x10, water skin, rations x5, Monk's Spade)
3 Song of Whispered Dreams Part 1 May 8 2016 600 300 TeaPot of Vitality, 1x Potion of Cure Moderate wounds Responded to a Mysterious posters request. Ended up spelunking looking for Silver Leaf, Silver, and Mithral; Had to deal with numerous undead, shadows and… spider tick things. Almost died as a result of a Natural Gas Explosion.
4 Clearing of the Entrance of the Darklands May 15 2016 1200 225 Went into DarkShade Forest in order to solve a slew of pranks and a couple deaths that the locals were worried about, Personal Kill Tally: 2 Leprechauns and a Quickling.
5 The Underground Research Labs May 18 2016 1600 200 4x Luminous Grass Seeds (White, Light Pink, Yellow, Blue) 1x Potion of MageArmor Went into the dwarven workshop where she took part in the extermination of Violet Fungus and Oozes that had taken up Residence. Personal Kill Tally: 4 - 2 Oozes and 2 Violet Fungus.
6 Shopping (In Between Sessions) May 19 2016 0 -98 Double Chained Kama (One Side Cold Iron the other Silver) Double Chained Kama Had her Double Chained Kama Reforged one end made with Silver and the other In Cold Iron.
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