Negative Energy Plane


The endless night of the everconsuming void of darkness and vileness.
No light nor living flesh can escape the infinite plane's pull… without aid of potent magic.
The dimension itself seems to power all undead beings in existence as well as fuel magic related to manipulation of life force… at least according to some theories (with the manipulation often resulting in crippling or simply snuffing life if not souls from the subject).








# Adventure Date Actions
1 Terror of the Endless Night 06-21-2012 In spite of luring the party here… the Night Terror was (supposedly) defeated.
2 Return to the Great Unknown (part2) 07-23-2012 After fighting off potent guardians of the abandoned research complex (both of the Hive and the Seeker design) the party entered a planar vortex leading to the portion where… the Orrery of Light was hidden.
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