Necro Frog

Race: Awakened Undead Frog
Class: Wizard (Necromancer) 7
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: Though he had always been a frog, he aspired to be something more. But the world is cruel to amphibians without mouths or hands who aspire to anything. But that all changed on that fateful day when one of the tall people killed him. So cruel, to live a life with an impossible dream, and to have it cut short. But then, life was breathed back into him. He felt great power surge through him. He was no longer a frog. He was… THE NECRO-FROG!

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Three's Business Unusual: Into the Mire 11-12-2011 Was born… AGAIN!
2 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 2 8/6/12 He returns, to try to stop the party from reaching Ra-men. He is intimidated into fleeing while the party murdernihilates his undead toads.
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