Race: Cat Hengoyokai (???)
Class: ???
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Description: A teen (for her… 'racial' standards at least) 'curse cat' sort oni. Rebellious and tomboyish. Inhabits Doomcape together with a pack of similar shapechangers living of thievery, minor burglary and scavenging. Their activities haven't been noticed so far due to their form-shifting abilities… and the fact that it is not that hard to satisfy their needs with what is not truly all that precious to the locals.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Fox meets cat 03-02-2013 Was kind of coerced by Yagiuma into co-operation after a series of confusing and somewhat amusing events. The feline and her stray cats would be spared some dire consequences if she were to form a sort of spy-network… issuing the information to the fox and only the fox that is.
2 Feeding time... long-due 03-13-2013 Lead Yagiuma to the Fungal Cavern where she struggled to not end up being a not amused (as in drenched) sort of cat. Cooked the gathered fungi later which resulted in … quite a random set of outcomes.
3 2-tailed plottingness 03-15-2013 Lots of confusion ensured due to the last set of random outcomes. In the end it was all sorted out between Yagiuma and the cat burglar.
4 The hatchery of plots~ 03-20-2013 Conversed briefly with the fox and had mixed feelings about relocating to the Fungal Cavern preferring the safe (and dry for starters) conditions of her house.
5 Webs of Vanity (part3) ~ 08-20-2013 Was snatched by Lithian and brought before Yagiuma. Provided some intriguing intel concerning movement of Ergothians stationed at their Doomcape Embassy. Apparently the imperials were hellbent on excavating whatever they deemed of utmost importance west of the Old Castle Darnten.
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