Nameless Fear
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Incorporeal/Corporeal Form

Race: Nameless Fear, Augmented Nameless (x8) (???)
Class: Dire Nightmare 4
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: One of the very few beings other than Void encountered in the 'desolate future' which retained its ability to communicate (if erratically). It shares a common trait with the other inhabitants though… tis a terror to behold possibly taking the form of one's worst nightmare, feeding on the ensuring terror of its hapless victim.

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Unveiling the Beyond (part2) 10-27-2012 The party run into it during their exploration of the seeker base, its desolate future equivalent to be precise. The terror sought to feast upon Raital but switched to the other party members after experiencing her life-forced draining touch. A reality-shift ensured before the being could unleash its full potential.
2 Unveiling the Beyond (part 3) 10-31-2012 Encountered by the party again during their hasty escape from the hordes of nightmares given flesh within the desolate future equivalent of the seeker base.
3 Unveiling the Beyond (part 4) 11-02-2012 The party confronted the fear incarnate which initially appeared to prefer savoring the experience of inducing terror in his prey than going for a kill… but that soon changed as their resilience to its mental assaults proved to be more than extraordinary, the same true for their proficiency in general. The battle dragged for long and possibly if not for the appearance of more 'prey' within its hunting grounds then who knows what sort of fate would have befallen our heroes ? Few moments before the being embraced 'demise' and became one with the accursed environment it managed to utter a telepathic broadcast in which Yurika was mentioned whereas the site of its demise grew into a strange tower made of crimson, glowing deep crystals. Raital managed to recover the terror's 'heart' which proved to have quite intriguing regenerative properties.
4 Doomcape Exploration (Darntem Siege, part 5) 03/02/2013 Numerous beings similar to 'Nameless Fear' were seen in the ethereal version of Darnten Siege after the 'reality shift' occurring in the midst of the 'first' sortie with Arthur Uhsbane.
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