Nameless Employer

Race: Changeling
Class: ???
Alignment: ???

Description: He's a guy who wants deep crystals.

The Sanctified Minds - rank unknown


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Enemy Unseen 1-13-2011 Gave the silver cranes a job
2 Wednesday Night Fever 01-18-2012 [before the adventure fell in love with the facto during a random RP event] Was approached by Mali and told about her encounter with the party's would-be employer.
3 Sweet Revenge 01-24-2012 Met and flirted with Mali Ohba in the 'Under-Dark'. Later the party learned from Karen about his (?) connection with the Sanctified Minds.
4 Into the Great Unknown part 8 02-11-2012 Mali Ohba learned that he and Enigma were the same person.
5 The Search for the Glowy...Duck (?) 03-27-2012 Employed the Dream Team to investigate the Haunted Mausoleum…that didn't exactly work out, and the downtrodden team was quick to tell their tale to whoever bought the next round.
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