The city was founded roughly 200 years ago, mostly built upon an old, often ravaged by the 'barbarians', yet still fortified village. It is yet unknown if such decision was more related to the former emperor's vanity…or other reason as back then the Empire contacted the outsiders in a very reluctant manner.


The city is a vibrant mosaic of each inhabiting clan's style, those accents are especially prominent in the clan enclaves. Relatively recently (~10 years ago) when the city expanded one part was turned into a 'Western District' where the 'gainjin' traders and similar would conduct their businesses. An intricate web of channels allows the city to send the goods further mostly with the use of barges, deeper into Rokugan.


The location is governed by a council of 10 high-ranked imperial advisors with a governor directly chosen by the Emperor himself.
Clan-specific influence is vaguely present.


Trade with the 'westerners' makes up for the majority of the city's income. Fines, customs and taxation brings profits that are beyond scope of less lively locations of the empire. Recently with the Vorloi's re-formation of their mercenary army many ronins (and higher ranked ones) used the city as a mid-point between Rokugan and Dragonport


The population is not as xenophobic when it comes to the Westerners as most of the Rokuganian population, still one has to be especially careful while dealing with the noble caste as the laws highly favour the locals, should any sort of conflict occur.


The city boasts an impressive population of roughly 100 thousand people mostly of the human ancestry with around ~10% being descended from spirits (also known as 'Spirit-folk').


Toturi Government
Crab Clan
Crane Clan
Dragon Clan
Lion Clan
Phoenix Clan
Unicorn Clan
Scorpion Clan
Western Ravens
Lunar Clan


Government District
Crane Enclave
Crab Enclave
Scorpion Enclave
Dragon Enclave
Lion Enclave
Unicorn Enclave
Trade District
Foreign Headland


Mention prominent shops and shop owners where PCs and NPCs can buy items here.


Laughing Spirits Inn


Only the Rokuganian religious practices (mostly related to the cult of the Kami as well as honored ancestors) are allowed to be performed in public. Besides of the 'main' temple a fair share of shrines was built to honor worthy of the past, such are placed mostly within the clan enclaves.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Rokugan beckons ! 06-29-2012 The party arrived to the frontier city.
2 Rokugan beckons (part2) 07-01-2012 Served as the game's setting.
3 Foxy Gambit 07-05-2012 One Ambitious kitsune ventured to Foreign Headland in order to meet the Gambler.
4 Rokugan plots: The Oracle-descended Princess 07-10-2012 A month-long festival of art and life began with the arrival of the 'Oracle-descended Princess'.
5 Eight-and-half-a-tails (part1) 07-14-2012 Visited by Nightmare in order to consult her plans with Miyuki, the Snowflake Oracle.
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