Race: Human (?)
Class: ?
Alignment: ?

Description: A being of truly mysterious origin and equally eerie power. Initially appeared to be some sort of a sentient orb made of an amalgam of both scarlet and azure crystals (the former were scrapped off after a healthy dose of positive energy) . So far it has grown attached to his benefactor, Nightmare to be precise. The 'child' was unable to communicate with anyone (verbally at least) … besides of sporadically releasing purely empathic signals.

True Form (???): D.E.I.M.O.S


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Crystalline Surprise 05-15-2012 Arrived in Sigil in a form of a comet which struck a statue of an ancient, long-forgotten deity… utterly destroying it in the process. Moments later a trio of Retrievers arrived to collect it but Nightmare and Johannes were not eager to allow them to do so. After experiencing few visions during her sleep Nightmare found herself surprised to…see the Orb sleeping besides of it in a child form.
2 Sigil Plots 05-21-2012 Nightmare established a ..strange relation with the being (whome she called 'Azure'). The latter revealed a vision for the kitsune while returning to its 'older' form.
3 The Tears from Beyond 05-28-2012 The portal leading to Shiro's Domain was reopened in the well when the 'child' arrived together with Nightmare and Amaterasu. After the latter returned from her perilous (albeit short) visit from the Halls of Blood the being consumed … a large chunk of crystal given to her by The Bloodhaired one only to reveal himself to be D.E.I.M.O.S who referred to himself as 'Tear'. The whole conversation appears to have taken place in a sort of dreamscape… the being still exists in child form as it turned out.
4 18 tails 05-31-2012 Showed up briefly in Amaterasu's residence.
5 Mysterious Gift and Revisit 12-16-2012 Was the one who 'delivered' Dreamer's Memento to Ophelia St. Laraine before the Rokugan civil war.
6 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, part2) 01-01-2013 Appeared briefly at the St. Laraine Estate as Charlinia was waiting for Ophelia to change for the meeting with Siegfried de'Carde. The being's mere presence made Charlinia's symbiont suffer grevious wounds as it apparently could not stand the 'purity' of its.
7 A bad fox's... bad day ? 02-25-2013 After Yagiuma consumed a strange orb beneath the old, bombed Ergothian embassy located in Doomcape the being dragged the unconscious fox on a small cart resembling a toy to the hills east of the city. Played shortly with the kitsune after her awakening and later led her to a strange cave with pictographic depictions of a group of shamans summoning something from the moon in order to slay a great beast rampaging through the lands. Azure wasn't specific enough (due to the nature of the way he communicates with the others) on the orb's source as it was clear that it was either a shard of the dark celestial body which slew (???) the monstrosity… or the monster in question. It was unclear whether the being was the one who hailed Yagiuma back to her as she fell asleep… or not.
8 Corruptive Alteration~ 04/07/2013 Doomcape appeared to be rather lacking in gem-cutters adequate in skill for tinkering with the crystal she acquired. Lithian was still able to acquire one… that being a mysterious child she met during the eclipse. The child grew a bit after … literally chomping on one of the crystals and then rather vividly opposed Yagiuma's idea for using them to corrupt herself further. Azure proved to be weak to the promisses of being spoiled like a kid he appears to be and manufactured the crystals if only to escape this pit of vanity intact.
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