Mr. Pardu

Race: Human (?)
Class: Aristocrat 10 (?)
Alignment: Unclear

Description: A slovenly and disgusting man, Helveticus Pardu is a self-made man of great wealth and power. Little is known about his history prior to a few years ago, and almost nothing is known about him on a personal level. Has hired an adventuring group to obtain two scrolls from a dangerous location. His foe, Mr. Chathran is currently working with him on this endevor.


Lerriek, Mozief, and Curly


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Scrolls part 1 7/10/12 Ruined an event
2 Scrolls part 2 7/20/12 Hired the Party
3 Scrolls part 4 8/18/12 Made a sculpture, Gave some scrolls
4 Scrolls part 5 8/18/12 Hired more party members, launched Longboat
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