Description: 12 scattered around the continent that Dragon port is on. It is said that these monuments used to be where many creatures gathered to pray and meditate. So far Dracon found out that each monument has different symbols which gives different properties. Nightmare has successfully able to return the 3 of the monuments power return to its past glory. Now there is only 9 more to be activated.

Appearances: Very old stone monuments. With various runes written in front of it. Each of them written in different type of ancient language.


Overall: Overall the writing on each of the monuments were in different ancient language. But as Nightmare casted Miracles on each of those, the godless Monuments mentions a fox with 8 tail. The writing is started to change into ancient Rokugan language as well. The fully restored monuments has a beam of light that extends to the heaven.

Monuments of Healing: Healing monuments where the sick and the ill comes to get healed by the aura of the monument. Nightmare returned the monuments power to it ancient times and white beam of light shoots out into the sky. Which the ancient eleven language mentions a 8 tailed fox.

Monument of Might: A monument in ancient time , warriors and war bands would come to pray for there victory on there upcoming battle. Nightmare returned the monuments power to it ancient times and white beam of light shoots out into the sky. Which the ancient dwarven language mentions a 8 tailed fox.

Monuments of Nature: Lush green forest surrounds the forest. The monument of nature lies within the biggest tree in the forest. Mentions Nightmares name in it with her symbol do to her casting miracle on it and bringing back the Monuments power in full force. Green light shoots out into the sky. The runes are written in ancient Dryad language.

Monument of Wisdom: Located inside a shrine on top of the mountain. Ones who are able to get there is able to receive a blessing of wisdom from the monument. Place used to be where people adventured to find there own answer in life and there troubles. Blue light shoots into the sky through the roof of the Shrine. Nightmare was able to revive the shrine of wisdom and destroy the face Monument that cased the actual monument of wisdom. The fake casing was called the monument of the fools which played trick ont he part until the party was able to defeat there shadow self.

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Favor from an archaeologist. 5/26/12 Healing monument was activated due to party help of powering it with there divine spells.
2 Monument of Might 6/05/12 Activated monument of might. With Aegis yelling into the old war horn.
3 Monument of ??? 7/14/12 Party released the monuments of nature from its clockwork grasp and fell right back to where it should of been. Then Nightmare casted miracle on the stone to return its power when sudden explosion of aura from the monument out to the sourrounding area. Lush green forest filled up the rocky landscape and soon life returned to the place. Also the clock tower slowly turned into a tree, only the clock visible. Nightmare went to the other monuments thats already activated by the others and casted miracles on them. Which restored the powers of the monuments to the fullest.
4 Monument of ??? Part 2 7/22/12 Party entered the Shrine of Light on top of the shrine where Kilroy was able to solve the weird riddle. The party defeated the shadow version of the party and Kilroy was able to defeat Not so dark Bloodbeard in a dance battle. Nightmare then casted miracle where it destroyed the face casing around the real Monument of wisdom.
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