Monkey Grip

Monkey Grip [Combat]

You wield weapons so big you could legally change your name to Cloud.
Benefit: This is a combat feat that scales with your Base Attack Bonus.
+0: You can wield weapons up to one size larger than normal with a -2 penalty to attack rolls.
+1: You no longer sustain penalties to attack rolls for wielding a weapon because of its size (you are still limited to the size of weapon you can wield). In addition, you may now add one and a half times your Strength modifier to the damage of any one-handed oversized weapon you wield and twice your Strength modifier to damage for a two-handed oversized weapon. Lastly, you may always choose to deal bludgeoning damage when wielding an oversized weapon.
+6: You may now wield weapons two sizes larger than normal, and you gain reach equal to that of a creature with the same size category as your weapon.
+11: You may now wield weapons three sizes larger than normal. Whenever you make a melee attack, you may also choose to attempt to hit a square adjacent to the target struck, with the creatureā€˜s AC measured against the same attack roll. A creature cannot be hit more than once with a single attack roll by this ability.
+16: You may now wield weapons four sizes larger than normal. As an immediate action, you may also use your weapon to shield yourself, gaining total cover from a single attack or effect of your choice.

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