Mister Hand

Race: Albino Human
Class: Urban Ranger 2 / Rogue 4 / Guild Thief 4
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: A long-time member of the Dragonport Thieves Guild, the nameless man known only as Mister Hand serves as a tracker. Finding people, places, and objects that otherwise don't wish to be found.

A solitary figure, he tends to speak little to members of his own guild and even less to the outside world. However, he does care for the guild, fearing for its recent loss of members and loss of prominence, and is willing to risk some safety to return it to its former glory.


Dragonport Thieves Guild - Tracker


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Blood Calls to Blood 02-29-2012 Spoke with Kamigawa and remarked that he felt he was a good choice to join the guild due to his people skills. Remarked that alcohol has been a cause in too many guild thieves to grow a big mouth that later got them killed.
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