Mist Pendant

Description: Minor Artifact created by the ancient humanoids on Teki-nira-ria. The Pendant, made of combination of Jade and Pearl allows the wearer to convert the magical fog surrounding Teki-nira-ria into Kal-Maru. Up to 100 Kal-Maru can be created in this fashion. Every Kal-Maru so summoned removes part of the fog surrounding the island. If all 100 Kal-Maru are summoned, the fog surrounding Teki-nira-ria is completely depleted.

The Kal-Maru can travel for an unspecified amount of time to an unspecified distance. Regardless, Teki-nira-ria is currently too far away for the Kal-Maru to reach Dragonport. If the Kal-Maru travel too long or too far, they convert back into a fog which speedily returns to Teki-nira-ria to rejoin with the rest of the fog.

It takes time for the Island to rejuvinate the fog which can be converted into Kal-Maru.

Time to Rejuvenate per Kal-Maru # of Kal-Maru Slain
1 Day 1-20
1 Week 21-50
1 Month 51-90
1 Year 91-99
1 Century 100

Destruction: To destroy the Mist Pendant requires that it be tossed into Ki-ata Volcano. If this happens, the fog surrounding Teki-nira-ria completely disappears along with any Kal-Maru.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 To Teki-Nira-Ria 10-18-2011 A group of adventurers kill a few white apes, some spiders, and defeat a group of Kara-Kara hunters. They come to find out that Antonito Radu is controlling the Kara-Kara through the Mist Pendant. They defeat and capture capture him, and transfer the Mist Pendant to a young orcish woman.
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