Race: 12 Headed Cryo-Hydra
Class: ????
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Description: This purple-colored twelve-headed monstrosity of huge size and an even larger ego that she seeks to have stroked. Unlike the giants that she made her minions she proved to be a far more troubling opponent that the party of adventurers had plenty of trouble dealing with. Notably one of her most obvious points is her pride and how she views herself, though quick to anger in some ways, shows restraint rarely seen in such beasts. She possesses an intelligence of an obviously greater magnitude than most of her kind it would seem and is part. With the skills granted to her as well as the intelligence that clearly surpasses her savage kind, it is unclear if she is truly what she appears to be, regardless she is a dangerous foe not to be taken lightly. It is with this power and intelligence that she rules over the Jarn Frost Giants.

Jarn Frost Giants


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Io's Blood Isles Part 2] 5/10/12 Leader of the Frost giants, she ordered the capture of Arashi, when confronted by the party she was left with two heads and heavily damaged before making her escape
2 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 6 08/09/2012 Demolished by one Divine 9-tail. Not standing a chance in spite of being aided by Ichiro.
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