Race: Drow (???)
Class: ???
Alignment: ??? (evil ???)

Description: Till recently, little was known about that charmingly corruptive and manipulative female besides of her participation in the undead purge purification along the Wolf Guard mercenary company… but it appears that the (now) former owner of the Vermillion Charade is a servant some greater (and very knowledgeable at that) power which is supposedly chained beneath the Serpent Mire and constantly working on possibly reshaping this land (if not the world itself) into a form 'he' desires. A form which it to transcend simple 'fleshness' and corporeality that is. Her true motives and agenda is otherwise remains shrouded in mystery.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The New Veil 08-31-2012 Mentioned by Gar-Kir and accused of being the one responsible behind both the domination of the Wolf Guard and infestation of the hapless prostitutes who became vessels for the fungiform egos.
2 Unveiling the beyond (epilogue) 11-10-2012 Gar-Kir supposedly acquired intel concerning the trail leading to her.
3 The trappings of ... (???)(part1) 11-16-2012 According to the intel of Tranquil Shade's the woman might be the one with which Zirgoyv had an affair… or the result of such illegitimate union.
4 The trappings of ... (???)(part2) 11-23-2012 Sent a proxy of hers (a-Garguantan-beetle-LARGE one) to find out what was the source of the great uproar on the arena level of Vermillion Charade after the Black Lions team led by Inquisitor Sigmund was defeated. Invited the remaining party members to the bath level of the establishment.
5 The trappings of ... (???)(part3) 11-30-2012 Raital, Charlinia and Tenshi Hinanawi chatted a bit with the woman who appeared in a form of a bewitching drow-female and as a result they agreed to co-oporate with her for the sake of mutual benefits. The woman asked the party to remove one obstacle which was apparently making her incapable of leaving Vermillion Charade.
6 The trappings of ... (???)(epilogue) 12-02-2012 Revealed quite a number of interesting details related to the Reaver, dragonshard deposists and similar… especially when pressured a bit with the threat of 'ending' Claude Torenscu's existence (apparently she found him to be quite… charming though he's her mind-slave). Left Vermillion Charade and Dragonshard Throne in the care of Ophelia's before leaving for… who knows where ?.
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