Mikkail Coppercoin

Player: [http://www.wikidot.com/user:info/TheMany]
Race: Human
Class: Rogue 1/Artificer 3

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Appearance: Ridiculously Average Looking

Personality: Always looking for opportunities. Not much for fighting. Very much the Trader. His driving forces are: Profit, Power, and Pretty Women. A follower of Zagyg, he hopes to one day become a priest of his beloved Deity.

Background: An odd childhood. Neither bad nor good. His bland exterior and mild attitude led to him not quite neglected nor quite beloved by his parents. Thankfully, when the plague hit his home village and wiped everybody out it was just after he was apprenticed to the leader of a merchant caravan. There he learned the ropes (and rogue-ish skills) of the trade. From one of the Ranger caravan guards he learned to track for the hunters and the reason of using every scrap of a kill in the wild. The senior merchants taught him the profit that could be made from each and every item or piece of information. The caravan drivers and teamsters taught him how to handle the animals. So he learned a little of everything and became quite self-sufficient. It also helped he was quite the able-learner.

It was halfway through his apprenticeship that he discovered the wonder of his Deity, that of Zagyg. Forever the outsider due to how people perceived him, barely acknowledged at the best of times, it was through his God's humour and unpredictability that he was able to finally gain attention in a way he never had before. He learned quickly to not be TOO ascerbic in his jokes but it opened him up to the entire world of socialization that he never knew.

But with no village left to go back to, he worked to gain wages in the caravan and now ready to strike out on his own he's spent the bulk of his profits rigging out. Now using his wagon as a poor gypsy substitute he heads to Dragonport to try and strike it rich, become a powerful lord… or at least get a decent bed-partner.

Running Inventory:


Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 6/11/13 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit Hey! I exist now!
2 Character Creation (buying) 6/11/13 0 -173.55 http://tinyurl.com/MikkailCoppercoinItemList Leaving the caravan with my own full rig.
3 http://blackmarches.wikidot.com/forum/t-661068/coppercoin-odd-n-ends 06/30/2013 0 55.05gp
4 Tavern RP 07/21/13 450xp 0gp Met a suspected Lizard-folk person named "Xaz". Will hire him for the upcoming boar hunt. Invented a new game called "Coppers". XP: 150 for 1hr rp, 150 chatlog, 50 for updating Tabernacle(entry 23), 100 for summary.
5 Tavern RP 07/23/13 675xp 0gp Met another Lizard-folk person named "Saneme" and a human "Seren". Failed to hire for the upcoming boar hunt. Played Saneme in the first game of "Coppers". XP: 375 for 2.5hr rp, 150 chatlog, 50 for updating Tabernacle(entry 24), 100 for summary.
6 Inbetween: Prologue 07/28/2013 900 -81.25 Scrolls: Open/Close, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Detect Secret Doors RP reward + a little shopping + Wiki update Gonvirn, Dragonport Undercity, Captain Blackhart, Elric's Bay, and Summary.
7 Inbetween: Part 1 07/30/2013 1050 RP reward + Wiki update Gonvirn, Elric's Bay, Fey Mound Lake, and Summary.
8 Inbetween: Part 2 08/04/2013 1700 1 Alchemical Frost, 3 Alchemist's Fire 1 Alchemical Frost, 3 Alchemist's Fire RP reward + Wiki update Gonvirn, Elric's Bay, and Summary.
9 Inbetween: Part 3 08/13/2013 1094 RP reward + Wiki update Gonvirn, Elric's Bay, Malrick, and Summary.
10 Inbetween: Part 4 08/19/2013 2040 RP + Wiki update: Gonvirn, Malrick, and Summary
11 Downtime Scrolls: Comprehend Languages, Feather Step, Hydraulic Push, True Strike, Hide from Undead, Ant Haul, Keep Watch, Wartrain Mount using Crafting Reserve for Artificer lvl 1; Potions: x4 Cure Light Wounds [1d8+2], Disguise Self, Shield, Enlarge Person, Expeditious Retreat, Jump, Endure Elements, Prestidigitation using reserve from Artificer lvl 2. Goes to Level 4
12 Mercon Diplomacy 10/17/2013 1100 RP + Summary
13 Mercon Diplomacy 2 10/24/2013 RP
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