Midna Latral
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Race: Vampire Succubus (?)
Class: ???
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Titles: The Eternal Matriarch, Jafnh√°rr Freyr, High Matron

Description: Queen of Niflheim and Raital's mom!~ The most beautiful, luxurious, indulgent, and buxom-bosomed succubi queen the planes have ever know. She has a strong fondness for her two Trueborn spawn Freya and Raital. She is married to the king of Niflheim, Kaleva Latral. She enjoys the idea of being the eternal matriarch of Niflheim, and would prefer to keep her pride-and-joy spawn 'in the nest' for as long as possible because her role as a mother-figure helps fuel her sense of importance, pride, and legacy.

Latral Clan Matron


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Return Long Due 08/08/2013 Ended up having a bath and a more serious talk with both Raital and Freya. According to Midna the situation within Niflheim was pretty grim considering the fact that the majority of 'neutral' (actually opportunistic) factions ended up flocking around the Dirnvarn Clan, Latral Clan's bitter enemies.
2 Niflheim Plots (part1) 08/21/2013 As above, now with 50% more Charlinia.
3 Niflheim Plots (part3) 09/19/2013 Left to her own devices after allowing her daughter to pick up whatever servants from the 'inverted palace realm'.
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