Around the same time The Lost City was built, so too was Mercon. It originated as a stopping point for travelers before they entered the Red Desert, and was ruled over by the Asherati. Eventually, it grew large enough that it gained it's own limited sovereignty, and the status of a city unto itself.


Just before Ra-Men usurped the old Pharaoh, Mercon's government made a declaration that any mention of him would be considered heresy, an offense punishable by banishment. When it came to the ears of the government that the Old Pharaoh had been overthrown, they chose to continue not acknowledging him, and thus kept the Old Pharaoh alive in the minds of the people. He remains so to this day- the common people believe that the Old Pharoah is still alive and well, and that many of their laws come straight from the mouth of the Pharaoh himself. During Ra-Men's rise to power, Mercon was largely overlooked, as they had no large armies or other resources of note at that time.


The Mercon have shared an uneasy truce between the Red Lizard Kings and the Dunesturm tribe, with minor skirmishes here and there, but they have never been involved in war with them, nor any real alliance. All but the highest order of the government are completely oblivious to the fact that The Lost City ever fell, and have had no relations with the Asherati for centuries (though the common people think they have).


The Mercon favor architecture similar to that found in the European middle ages.


The government is a farcical monarchy, but is truly a theocratic council, elected from within the clergy of the various major religions.


Mercon primarily trades in various crops, glasswares, and (recently) magitech (it is the primary supplier of magitech to Nexus.


The Merconians have a religious system based on the public worship of the Old Pharoah (pre-Ra-Men), Wee Jas, Olidammara, and Ehlonna. They revere death to the point of obsession, and believe that heresy is the worst crime imaginable.
Owing largely due to the fact that that they worship the gods of revelry and fertility, they have a much less restricted view on sexual matters than most, and various professions that are illegal in other parts of the world are actually difficult fields to 'break into' here.
They have a peculiar view of the undead, pitying them for having been denied death, and welcoming any of them who are not hostile.


The population of Mercon consists primarily of humans and the Undead
88% human, 10 % undead, 2% misc. others


None yet.


Mercon Magitech factories


Jim's Jamboree
Festival Favors
The Long Road
Maces n' More
Arcana Ltd.
Bertha's Bulging Bags
Divine Incantations
Marianne's Pharmaceuticals
Unlucky Livery


The Shackled Unicorn


Old Pharaoh
Wee Jas

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Mercon Diplomacy 10/17/2013 A group of travelers/adventurers ended up becoming an… impromptu advisory body of the government. The nature of the mission given to the party proved to be equally daunting and… intriguing for -it would appear- the fate of the city depends mostly on their decisions.
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